1. C

    Problems with Power BI data import from SSAS

    Hi I have a data model in SSAS. I can connect to it happily using 'live connection'. I see all the tables, and their relationships appear to be in place (I can't see this directly in 'live' mode of course, but reports join as expected). However, if I try to load some of the tables in 'import'...
  2. Jerry Sullivan

    Enabling Query Folding for Power Query of SSAS Source

    I'm using Power Query to access data from an OLAP source. Some queries work, but are extremely slow. Other queries timeout after 60 minutes before completing. I've found several articles that discuss query folding, which allows processing of the query to occur on the server instead of the local...
  3. iknowu99

    Excel Pivot Drill Down from SSAS

    Hello All, When drilling into a pivot table that pulled data from SSAS cube not all the columns are being brought in. There are relationships with many tables but how to choose other columns?
  4. G

    Using "Power Query" in SSAS 2017

    Hi, Does anyone have any experience with using the new Get Data functionality in 1400 compatibility level SSAS models? I was quite excited to get access to it but now that I haven't been able to work out how, or if it's even possible, to edit Queries once they have been created. I'm working on...
  5. G

    Good resources for SSAS

    We are looking at rolling out a Power BI Report Server connecting to SSAS tabular (which I believe it has to). I'm pretty familiar with Power BI / Power Pivot and was able to create and connect a model without much difficulty. What I need to learn understand is how to maintain / update the...
  6. A

    Change pivot column with drop down or combo box

    Hi All, I am trying to replace a column in a pivot table using a drop down or Combo box. When recording a macro and doing it manually I get this Sub Macro2() ActiveSheet.PivotTables("MainPivotTable").CubeFields("[ETO].[Site Manager]"). _ Orientation = xlHidden With...
  7. R

    Pivot connect to SSAS OLAP cube - Dimension properties causing same value to display twice

    In my pivot table that is connected to a SSAS OLAP cube, I have a dimension with several values that are the same, but have two different values defined for the same property. For example, dimension value "ABCD" has a property 1 value of both "123" and "789". As a result of this, the pivot...
  8. E

    SSAS Tabular Security Issue

    I've literally run out of things to try. I have cubes deployed to an SSAS Tabular instance. They have Dynamic Roles set up to limit data to only data they should have access to. This Role has Everyone assigned to it. It seems to be functioning fine for everyone at the company so far except 1...
  9. R

    Need users list who are refreshing cube data using Ad-hoc reports

    Hi, Hope all are doing well, I got a requirement from my client that, they need users list who are refreshing cube data through ad-hoc reports(Power pivot). In detail,Every users had assigned a role in cube to access appropriate data through ad-hoc reports by connecting to the SSAS source.Every...
  10. T

    "Include new items in manual filter" for Report Filters and OLAP

    Hi, I have a cube backed by an SSAS database, and when I have fields in the Report Filter section, the "Include new items in manual filter" option is greyed out. Does anybody know why this is and if there is a way to get it to work? When they are in the Row Filter or Column Filter section, the...
  11. K

    Get SSAS cube last process time

    In excel I make an Analysis Services connection to a data cube and create pivot tables, charts, and whatnot. I would like to be able to show a user how current this data is by showing them when the last cube processing time occurred. Making an analysis services connection to the cube in SQL...
  12. L

    Show a Column from Fact A table inside a Fact table B

    My primary question is: How should I enable to make column "name" from table fact_B to be displayed inside of table Fact_A by with support of DAX code only? Additional info: - In this context, I cant use SQL code - The relationship is one to may between fact and dim table in the tabular...
  13. L

    Different column into one Column

    I have a table with column: table A (int) (int) (int) (int) PK_g cost FK_a FK_b 123 5 23 55 454 5 234 58 I need to create a superkey as an additional column in the table A by using DAX code. How should I do it? It would be a calculated column...
  14. L

    Possible to increase more Rows?

    Is DAX:s one of the purpose to increase more row in a table? For instance if you have a table named H with 20 rows. If you inner join table H with table T and you will retrieve 200000 new row. Again, is DAX code is built to go dealing with this task?
  15. P

    Add Calculated Members in Pivot Table from SSAS OLAP Cube

    Hi, I use Excel to query a SSAS OLAP Cube, the return of which I then model into various outputs. I do not have access to amend the cube. I am hoping it is possible to be able to add custom calculated members to some dimensions in excel rather than on the server, but I'm struggling to find...
  16. S

    Unrefernced dimension members in Excel Pivot Table

    Is there any way in which dimension members which dont have any associated facts can be hidden? For example lets say that I have 1000 Products which are in my Product Master (dimProduct). However if in my fact table there are only say 250 of these products. yet the Excel Pivot table (reporting...
  17. S

    Excel Olap Pivot Table

    In a non-olap pivot table, the page field drop down shows only those values for which there is data available. For example if I have sales for only 1st april 2010 and 2nd April 2010, and i have connected the sales data to a date dimension table showing dates of last 25 years, then the drop down...

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