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    Stop overlapping of stacked columns in chart (Excel 365)

    Hi; I did see this question asked before, but I couldn't find a thread with a posted answer. I'm mostly frustrated because I'm 90% sure it's a stupid simple fix, but I can't seem to get it... I'm trying to copy a graph format from previous reports so that it's consistent. I've got a stacked...
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    Stacked Column Pivot Chart Plot Grand Total as a Series

    Hi all Is it possible to create a Pivot Chart like this? The line is the total of the other series. I can create this by inserting a normal chart then choosing the total series as Stacked Line with Markers. Using a Pivot Chart you don't seem to be able to add the Grand Totals to the Pivot...
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    Pivot Table and Chart Issues

    Hello All, I am having a problem that I am sure can be easily fixed, I just can't figure it out!! I am trying to make this pivot table <colgroup><col><col><col span="3"><col><col span="7"><col><col span="3"><col><col span="3"></colgroup><tbody> Count of Rating Column Labels...
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    Linking dynamically allocated row offset to stacked column chart data range variable

    Hi, Thank you for looking into this problem. I have a workbook in which I have a summary sheet of all the data/calculations I need to refer-to/make-use-of in order to analyze some key pointers. I am using VBA to dynamically allocate a certain number of rows (ModuleStability) in that summary...
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    Office 2010 - Stacked Column Totals Legend Issue

    I needed to add data labels containing the totals for a stacked column bar graph. I used both the line chart strategy and the x-y chart strategy. Both gave me totals. The problem now is that my legend reveals a third series which I do not want to show up. I do, however, want the other 2 series...
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    Excel 2003 - stacked column charts

    I am trying to generate a chart to compare 12 months budget and actual data. Each months data is made up of several values and I want to show these as a stacked column chart so that the relative percentages of actual vs budget can be compared (with actual on the primary axis and budget on the...
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    Is there a way to add Percent Values to a stacked column Chart?

    Is there a way to add the % values that each section of a stacked column represents that is easier than individual text boxes?

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