1. A

    Macro to Summarize Address Data

    Hello, I'm looking for help in creating a macro to summarize a member database by Address. This is to get our mailing address list from our member database. Any help on how I can accomplish this would be greatly appreciated! Example Data (Sheet 1): <tbody> First Name Last Name Address City...
  2. K

    Tax Data for employees

    Trying to write a sheet to track employee pay for about 10 employees. I can figure out the hours worked easily enough. What is the simplest way to figue the employee share of fed and state taxes? All of our employees will earn less than 100k per year, but may have different with holding numbers...
  3. Penguinducky

    Extracting City and State from a cell without commas

    Trying to extract the City and State from a cell that has the Name of the Company, City and State in it and I only want to show the location. Problem scenarios I'm having: City and State are mushed together (example: MissssaugaOntario) Company name and city have a / or - between them (example...
  4. E


    Hello, I'm trying to use a sumproduct formula to pull in data from a table with 3 criteria, but I need one criteria to reference a table. Here's an example of what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to pull how many apples Chris sold in each state. Sheet 1 <colgroup><col...
  5. Z

    Excel IF Function with AND and empty cell

    Hello all, I'm trying to write an IF state for a situation i'm looking into. I have a Cell AQ3 in which i'm entering an if state. Here is the criteria for the if state. 1) It checks if a date stored in S3 - Today() date <> 0 2) It checks to see if cell AG3 is empty Now the issue here is...
  6. M

    Finding the Min and assigning to that category

    I have a spreadsheet with 2 separate sheets set up as follows List Department Shift State Home Health Nights Toys Nights Toys Days Sporting Goods Days Grocery Days Toys Nights Furniture Days Pets Nights The goal of this is to look at the summary sheet below and...
  7. Dr. Demento

    Reference table using cell value in INDEX/MATCH formula

    I'm putting together a master list of phone numbers across the US. In order to keep things neat, each state is on a different sheet. Rather than change the formula 50x, I'm curious how I could adapt this formula so that it reads the cell that indicates the state...
  8. J

    SUMPRODUCT working in some cells but not all

    Hello, I have two formulas; one is doing what I need it to do for the first 6 rows but for the rest of the rows it is returning a 0 and I cant figure out why. The second formula provides a total count for all of the rows but is less dynamic and I need help adding in some extra criteria to...
  9. A

    Multiple conditions to throw up a comment

    <tbody> ODE FTE Temp Total ODE Change SR Variance Comments 80 40 40 80 0 All in Sync 80 38 40 78 -2 Negative HC, please state reason 78 38 40 78 -2 0 Negative ODE change, please state reason 80 38 40 78 2 0 All in Sync 80 42 40 82 2 Positive HC, please state reason 82 42 40...
  10. D

    Search function + results based on results of search

    Hi Excel Masters! I have a situation here. I've created a search function where I can search a data set by typing in a client name (or partial name), and my table will return all entries with at least a partial match. I.e. search "Ohio" and it returns Ohio State, Ohio State University, Ohio...
  11. T

    Formula to extract City, State & Zip from address

    I have a series of addresses that are in the following format: 273 Winding Road Boyertown OH, 19512 16 Penn Lane Wayne PA, 19087 519 Conshocken State Rd Happy Valley PA, 15208 What separates the city from the address line is two spaces. I'm trying to figure out how to pull the City, State...
  12. N

    vloop or code - entire row

    Hello All, So I have office locations in sheet 1 as follows: <tbody> Location Address City State Zipcode Chicago 243 W Jackson Chicago IL 60605 New York 505 W 50th St New York NY 10019 Los Angeles 20 Calabasas Road Los Angeles CA 98490 </tbody> Now I m looking to auto populate data...
  13. S

    VBA Clear Cell if

    Hello, I'm new to VBA and need some help. Im bascially trying to say - look in column C, if the value is "State ID" then clear contents <tbody> Sub ClearRowWith_ID() Last = Cells(Rows.Count, "C").End(xlUp).Row For i = Last To 1 Step -1 If (Cells(i, "C").Value) = "State ID"...
  14. L

    COUNTIF statement

    Hello, Looking to do a COUNTIF statement I believe. We are looking to find a particular salesperson in this instance Caitlin which is located in column B and then looking for STATE in column E if this is TRUE then total the values found in column H against all the lines found. The formula...
  15. A

    Default web browser fully loading web page

    I'm using the piece of code to open a webpage on the default browser on a computer. Currently I'm using application.wait as part of coding, but the timing is off sometimes. I research ie.ready state, but from my understanding its only for Internet Explorer. Is there a way to code something...
  16. W

    Help using INDEX MATCH with Wildcards

    Hello, I am currently trying to clean up contact information at my firm. The goal is to search client names on sheet A [e.g. Waltham City of (MA)] for state abbreviations in parenthesis. If an abbreviation exists, match this to state abbreviations in parenthesis listed on sheet B and pull (via...
  17. D

    Help moving data from one column into multiple columns

    MS Office 2016 / Window 10 PC So today I was given a excel spreadsheet with one column of data Column A has the the following info in descending rows Name Street Address City, State, Zip Code Phone # Then the next row down starts over the process with the next name, etc. So I have a...
  18. C

    Combining similar data across multiple rows!

    Good evening! I am working on combining several rows of data with similar ID numbers. I have a small example below. For reference, my data set is every possible combination of an origin/destination for the contiguous US, so 2,401 rows total. Also, I will need to do this several times in the...
  19. J

    Count distinct rows with multiple criteria

    Hello everyone! I am struggling with a pretty simple problem at the moment. I have the following two tables in the data model (power pivot) tblGeneral ID - Date - Value - Typ: tblWO ID - Date Start - Date Finished - Value - State - Typ ID: ABC Date: DD.MM.YYYY HH:MM:SS Value: 250 Type: X...
  20. N

    Move a row to another sheet based on cell value

    Hello, I've been using this site for awhile now and it's been very helpful. Thanks. In most cases, I could find what I need or at least find something close enough that I could modify it to work. I've tried the same approach this round, with no luck. My excel document has 2 sheets that I'm...

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