1. S

    SUMIFS Statement

    I need a formula that is using the data from the table named "Costs". I need to sum the Hours column IF the Concatenate column has any of these values...162FOL, 392FAL, 392FGL, 392FFL, 392PFL, or 452FGL AND the date is before 6/1/2023. This is what I currently have and it is returning a result...
  2. E

    VBA Loop for inserting data

    Hi all, I have raw data that I want to convert to be read easier. There are lines open between each statement. 1. I would need the payment date(M67) to be pasted in every row in column K(In photo - K75 and K76) for the transactions 2. I would need the Internal code(C68) and code(C69) to be...
  3. W

    VBA Code next line continuation

    Hi one and all, I am trying to use VBA to put a very long formula into a cell, why such a long formula? Don't ask! When the code is entered into the cell as a formula, manually, it worked fine. But after coding the formula into VBA using multiple next line continuations " _" (because it is such...
  4. T

    IF statement = the second occurrence, then paste that corresponding row's second column

    Can someone help me find a shorter formula. I would like the corresponding row's first column to appear in successive columns in a second sheet. Each F number (ie F1, F2, etc) refers to a person. the cells to the right of each person refer to a job that they will be doing (ie Team 1, Team 2...
  5. F

    Combining Invoices to Vendor on one Report

    I am sure that this has been asked, but I cannot come up with the right search terms to find it, I'm sorry. I have a simple database with two tables (a "vendor" table, and an "invoice" table). Any vendor can have one, or any number of invoices. I want to make a report showing all invoices...
  6. A

    Trouble getting a Nested If statement to work

    Hi there First post, hopefully I've followed the rules. I've had a good search but can't find anything specific to the issue I am having. It's very basic so I'm surprised it isn't working. I've attached an image that hopefully clearly explains the issue I am having. Basically I'd like to...
  7. M

    Simplified IF statement

    Good morning Demigods, Can the following IF statement be shortened at all...
  8. B

    Nested IFERROR/ISERROR statement

    Trying to write this formula and keep flat lining. If G2 is a error (always #VALUE ), return blank...otherwise run the below if statement IF(ISNUMBER(G2),"1","0") Can anyone help I am really struggling.
  9. H

    IF statement Help

    =IF(C7="Rosemont University",E7*$P$28,IF(C7="Clayborn University",E7*$P$28,IF(C7="Branch College",E7*$P$28,IF(C7="Eastern Wisconsin University",E7*$P$28)))) My issue is that I can seem to remove False from my cells. Any help is appreciated
  10. A

    working with hh:mm:ss formats and IF statements

    Hello I am trying to write an IF statement using date/time/hh:mm:ss data and would appreciate some help. I have ~ 150,000 rows of data so am keen not to review line by line. I have an extract of data with a date time stamp and I have calculated the difference between two times. eg: I have...
  11. JTL9161

    If then statement?

    I am looking for a IF statement that will: In cell A9;Compare Cell D9 with K9 and show the greater number in cell A9 BUT If D9 & K9 equal each other then compare E9 with L9 with the greater number showing in A9 BUT If E9 & L9 equal each other then compare F9 & M9 with the greater number showing...
  12. JTL9161

    Sumproduct with an IF statement

    I have this formula below. I need to add and if statement to it that if the total is less than 4 (<4) then just put an 0 but if 4 or greater (>4) then show the number. =SUMPRODUCT(COUNTIF(R2:U2,B$192:Q$192)) Thank You, James
  13. A

    SQL statement VBA : need to ignore blank values

    Hello, I have a VBA with an SQL statement. I need to ignore any values that are blank Below is portion of VBA: "SELECT * FROM Data.dbo.Contract_Summary_Workbook as w WHERE w.""ProjectNo"" " & _ "like '" & Lists.Range("C4").Value & "%' or w.""ProjectNo"" like '" &...
  14. K

    Programable Print Area?

    Is it possible to adjust the print area program-ably? I have a print area of say Cell A1 to Cell E50. This will do for 80% of my needs. Occasionally the table may extend another 15 rows or so. For this I would like to add a column F and use an "If" statement like If(E51 <>"", Set print area A1...
  15. E

    VBA - If statement, Clear contents, add data

    I am having multiple problems: I created an if statement that first clears out any pre-existing content and then adds new data to the cells from a Userform. The Userform has 5 tabs within a Multipage and when I set the first page as active I want the data to be exported into a BOM. I have a...
  16. C

    VBA If Statement Evaluating After True

    Hello: My workbook has 2 sheets, "Numbers" and "General". I have an If statement that runs at workbook close. If Sheets("Numbers").Range("BA2") = 0 Then Sheets("Numbers").Range("BA3") = "Correct" ElseIf Sheets("Numbers").Range("BA2") <> 0 Then...
  17. D

    Capturing if anything is in a cell

    I want to verify how to properly enter a formula that captures if anything is in a cell. currently I have something like this =COUNTIF(F:F,"*?") Is my statement accurate?
  18. I

    If then statement failing

    Hello all, I'm having an issue getting an IF then statement to work within VBA. I'm trying to have my spreadsheet format a text to columns if A2 is blank. (meaning if it hasn't been text to columns already) I've tried a number of different formulas. It's not skipping if A2 has data and redoing...
  19. J

    FALSE instead of null in cell

    Hello gang! Quick question hopefully with a simple answer. Why would I get a FALSE in a cell that I set = to ""? This is in a Select Case statement. TIA
  20. P

    conditional formatting help

    Hi, I need to have rows highlighted that have to meet 3 criteria in a table and was unsure what statement would be best, two have to be a specific text and one has to be above a certain number.

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