1. R

    VLookup and change output

    Hello. I have a vlookup function looking up American citys/towns and returning the full state name that they are located in. How can I pull in the full state's name (how the data comes in), but then have it display the abbreviated state's name. Example: Florida -> FL. LEN( doesn't always...
  2. willow1985

    Help with COUNTIF / OR formula and SUMIF / OR formula

    I need help with a formula or possibly another way to figuring out this problem: I want to count everything in 'WO Report'!$Y:$Y that states: TRUE Only IF 'WO Report'!B:B Matches List!B2 However only if there is no match between 'WO Report'!B:B and List!B2 I want to count everything in...
  3. M

    Excel Conditional Format / IF Statement

    In the below example I have a list of open invoices sorted in alphabetic order, Column C, and customer number, Column A. I want to have the color of Column: C - Rows: 4,5,6 and 7 changed to RED because M4 contains the letters NR. My spread sheet has 6,000 to 20,000 rows and column A and C are...
  4. K

    Not Sure What I'm Asking

    Hi all, So I have a raw data table on one tab in a worksheet. Its got about 30,000 rows - Column 1: 50 Unique values (US States) - Column 2: X Unique values (Counties with those States) - Column 3: Short amount of text entered into a cell (I know, but its done now). I want to create 5...
  5. J

    VBA: Return first 10 values with criteria

    On SHEET "States": I have column B with a list of states, Column D has a list of corresponding dollar amount already in descending order & column A is a list of zip codes. On Sheet "Highest": I have a state listed in cell A1, for cells A6:A15 I want to return the first 10 values that appear in...
  6. D

    Missing linked data file

    I am trying to help out a coworker who has an excel file embedded in powerpoint and when she tries to edit her graph that's in powerpoint she gets a pop up error that states, "The linked file isn't available". She states that she has always accessed the data via this route and has no idea where...
  7. B

    IF(AND(OR multi step fx help needed

    <tbody> A B C 1 23 -145 1 2 -71 140 3 35 130 1 4 -22 -127 </tbody> How do you write a proper IF(AND(OR fx in cell C1 that I can drag down thru C4 that states: if the number in cell A1 is >0 and <50 AND the number in cell B1 is >-150, <-109 *OR* >109, <150, then cells C1 populates...
  8. U

    VBA IF Then Statement

    Hello Guys, Is there any way where I can copy the whole row if the country is United States and the State is "N/A" ? <tbody> Code City State Country 001 New York N/A United States 002 New York NY United States </tbody> I want to copy the data in another tab like this and header will be...
  9. P

    how to debug.print datepicker value

    As the title states, how do I get the value of the date picker by debug.print. Thank you
  10. N

    VBA to delete text based on defined start and end text

    Hello Community! I come to you again in my hour of need. I have a task to update roughly 30,000 medical consent forms in Excel. I have been putting together scripts to automate the process, but I am stuck. I need a script that I can give it a couple of words to start a search and then a...
  11. C

    Power BI Maps

    Hello All, I am trying to create a map that shows Unique territories. These territories are typically multiple states, but they could be a whole country. These territory are then assigned an industry and a sales rep. That sales rep is then in charge of all sales for that territory. So for...
  12. detriez

    Merge two SUM(COUNTIFS( formulas

    These two formulas work independently but I cant figure out how to put them together I'm trying to count the status values AND Countries =SUM(COUNTIFS(Table6[Lead Status],{"Open","Suspect","Working - Attempted","Working - Connected"})) =SUM(COUNTIFS(Table6[Country],{"United States","Canada"}))...
  13. H

    Dynamically listing results from an array?

    Hello, On the tab 'Sheet1', I have the following table: <tbody> New York Yes California No Alabama No Texas Yes </tbody> On the tab 'Sheet2', I would like to only list the states with a 'Yes' from this table. In other words, is it possible via formulas to dynamically list...
  14. L

    State Level Dynamic Count

    Hello, I will do my best to explain what I am looking to do. 1) Column A has a person's name 2) The top columns have all 50 states 3) The states that the people have licenses in will have an "x" in them. So it would look something like this <tbody> CA AZ FL OR NV Betty Sue X X X...
  15. T

    States being approved

    Hi all im creating a chart for the 50 US states, what i would like to do is have some states match up and others wont, example , CA to NY is fine but NY to CA is bad , CA to AZ is fine and AZ to CA is fine the NY to AZ is bad and AZ to NY is bad
  16. R

    Sorting Data in Dropdown Menus

    Hello. I’m trying to create a sorting table in excel using drop down menus. For example, column A has a list of college programs. Column B has a list of states and column C has a list of colleges. If I select Master’s Program in Column A for example, it will only give me a partial list of the...
  17. S

    VBA Function to return Multiple Values

    I have some code and it works for returning single values but I need to modify it to bring back multiple results Public Function States(s As String) As String Select Case True Case InStr(s, "Alabama"): States = "AL" Case InStr(s, "Kansas"): States = "KS" Case...
  18. S

    Find and Replace with VBA?

    Hello, Trying to do some advanced find and replace. Would normally use index match, but there's a few reasons I think there may be a better VBA solution. I have the names of United States Regions in Column A. Sometimes there are multiple regions ... I.e., Cell A5 could say "U.S. Midwest" and...
  19. S

    Pull State from Non-Uniformly Formatted List of Addresses

    Hello! I have a massive list of addresses, and I'm looking to pull the state (and the state alone) out of it, and into a separate column. Here's a few rows as an example (not real addresses, to protect identities): <tbody> 2000 ARLINGTON OAKS DR S; MOBILE Alabama 36695-8739 978 VIRGINIA ST...
  20. T

    not sure which formula to use for this ...

    Hello all, I'm stuck trying to figure out if this is even possible in excel. Basically what im trying to set up is a chart that will give me a yes or no answer. sounds simple enough but where i'm struggling is this. in cell A1 there will be a drop down list of all 50 states. same goes in cell...

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