1. Jaafar Tribak

    Monitoring the Windows Shell ___ [Files and Folders activity]

    Hi all, I have been toying around with the shell notification apis in order to be able to monitor file activity in folders such as creating, deleting , renaming, copying, updating files & folders etc ... I thought I would post here what I have come up with in case someone finds it useful. The...
  2. J

    Modifying VBA Code to Include All Used Rows (Dynamic, Not Static)

    I import daily data into Excel for a morning report and the data does not always take up the same amount of rows. One day, it could go down to row 79 but the next day, it could go down to row 90. How can I modify the VBA below so that the code looks at all used rows instead of this static...
  3. B

    VBA Beginner Question

    Hi all - I imagine this is very elementary but I can't seem to get it right. I'm very experienced with Excel but very new to using VBA. Appreciate all help: I have a table called Table1. I would like to copy from another worksheet on the row below the final row of the table. The macro...
  4. K

    Autofill Filldown issue VBA

    Hi, I have 'Master' formulas in I1:Q1, all are formulas except col. O which has a static number that I wish to be copied down. The vba copies the 'master' formulas and pastes formulas into I9:Q9 to then populate to end of data based on data in col G. Autofill is working well for the formulas...
  5. R

    TODAY or NOW as static

    Hello, Is there a way I can use TODAY or NOW in a formula but make it static so that when the calendar gets updated the formula will return the same results? Thank you
  6. L

    Static time upon data entry

    So, currently I'm using the now() function to pull current time based upon a data entry in another cell. Ex:=IF (a1>1, now()). I need the time to be static instead of volatile however and not update upon new data entry in the sheet. How would I go about writing that in vba to automatically put...
  7. F

    Power Query: Saving result as static workbook to new folder - refresh daily then save to new folder as static document

    I feel the answer to this question is real simple but I'm VERY new to power query and haven't found a way to do this yet. I have built a few queries where I save reports to a folder, it pulls the files consolidates and re-formats them when I click refresh. This is wonderful. But now I need to...
  8. R

    Excel Static Date

    Dear Sir, I am trying to format a date cell to return todays date if a cell in the same row is marked "Received" using the IF formula. =IF(F1 = "RECEIVED", TODAY(),"") But the issue in the above formula is when I open the file the next day the date changes, I want the date to be static, how...
  9. E

    Copy dynamic data into another static cell

    Hi Folks, If you look at the screenshot you will see a column "B" for entering my daily sales, column "C" for remaining units for the quarter and I want to add a third column "D" for Daily Trend to Quarter target. My question is that I simply want to copy the data from cell "BC9" into the new...
  10. S

    VBA to change computer settings

    Is there a way to use VBA to change the LOCAL ip address of the computer from dynamic to a static IP as stated in a cell in the sheet (i.e. Thanks
  11. B

    Delete macro

    Hi Everyone, I have been running a delete macro on a sheet we import where the first 10 rows, Column C:K have been static however I needed to change the import sheet's structure. Unfortunately the rows I need to delete are no longer static so I'm wondering if I can "Delete by Criteria" instead...
  12. M

    Excel VBA for unhiding rows in logical order

    I have code for Hiding and Unhiding rows in Excel sheet. Current problem is: 1) Running twice NewUnhideJobs (position of second section) 2) Running once HideAllJobs 3) Running NewUnhideJobs As the result we have position of third section and not first as it should be. So NewUnhideJobs does...
  13. P

    Static Date

    I have a work sheet that collects data that I enter in progressive order. I need to record the date and time that each entry was entered. Unfortunately, using the formula below it recalcs every time I reopen the sheet. How can I make it static. =IF(C7<=0,"",TODAY()) Phil
  14. D

    create staticrand function that uses (for example),choose(randbetween(1,6),0,0,1,1,2,3) ?

    Hello I require a 'static' function for 'choose,randbetween(1,6),0,0,1,1,2,3)? Thank you in anticipation David Wale
  15. S

    Address columns in Power Query

    Hi, Is it possible to address a Column in Power Query M-code with a dynamic ID-number instead of a static name string?
  16. S

    VBA- Rounding a static value to closest increment of a Loop/Array created from another static value

    <tbody> INCREMENT STATIC 1 STATIC 2 VALUE .25 100 100.35 .45 200 201.55 .65 300 302.75 </tbody> I'm struggling to figure out in VBA the most efficient way to create a loop/array within the value in the STATIC 1 column using the increment in same row, and then rounding the STATIC 2...
  17. R

    Capture cell data into other cell

    Hi, Im sure the title is like others, but I couldnt find a solution and couldnt think of another title. :0) This is my dilemma. I pull a value into a cell everyday by way of formula. I need to start collecting this number in a historical way, so I can identify the change patterns. Example...
  18. Z

    Formula for Creating Static Datestamp/Timestamp in a Cell Relative to a Value is Added in Another Cell.

    Hello, everyone. I know you can help me on this. What I am trying to do is create a formula in one cell so that when I put the value "Yes" in another cell within the same row it creates a static date (a datestamp, essentially). Now, I want to make sure that the date doesn't change when I update...
  19. A

    How to create a static column or row headings in a table in power bi

    Hi, Is it possible to create static column or row headings in a table or matrix visual? I'm trying to convert an Excel spreadsheet to Power BI and am missing some of Excel's functionality in Power BI. In my Excel spreadsheet I have all of the column/row headings setup and then reference...
  20. R

    Formula is not dragging down properly

    Hello, I have a formula that links a cell from another WB. The formula works fine but when I drag it down the column in order to link other cells it doesn't copy correctly. It actually copies identical without adding the next row as a reference. I know by placing a "$" in front of either letter...

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