1. L

    How to create a stopwatch with pause function in VBA

    I'm trying to create a stopwatch with a pause function in VBA for my excel document, but I have little to no experience in VBA. The other threads I have found didn't work for me (probably because of my lack of knowledge). I just want a simple stopwatch without using user forms as I want the time...
  2. P

    Need Excel Support

    The requirements are that I will send a school an excel spreadsheet so the school can copy and paste a class register into column A and B (first & last name). In column C, I need a stopwatch linked to each cell from rows 1 to 35. This will enable teachers to take scores/times for sports tests...
  3. A

    Adding Stopwatch Time Laps

    Good afternoon, I am working on a project that required me to gather almost 150 stopwatch laps using the Windows 10 stop watch feature. In the past I would use the stopwatch feature on my phone and then send the data to my email and copy it to excel where I would use the "text to columns"...
  4. I

    Stopwatch that starts when a checkbox is ticked and resets when checkbox is unticked

    Can you put a stopwatch in Excel that starts when a checkbox is ticked and resets when the checkbox is unticked? And finally, stops when another checkbox is ticked?
  5. Y

    Vba macro [stopwatch] stopping when inputting cell

    Hi, I have a stop watch running in my Excel spreadsheet, I need it to running continuously throughout my session. Currently it stops when I input new data into cell. Can anyone help to make this run no matter what? Here's the code: [Code] Public StopIt As Boolean Public ResetIt As Boolean...
  6. M

    how can I sum stop watch time

    Hi all, I have an access stopwatch form that records the stop watch result in a table and I want to sum the table results to give me the result per day and then the result per month for all time recorded in this table from the stopwatch .. the time count is in this form 00:00:00:00 Please I...
  7. B

    Help with a stopwatch on a userform?

    Hi - So I'm trying to get a stopwatch on a userform that has a bunch of other fields as well. This is the code that I'm using: Dim StopTimer As Boolean Dim Etime As Single Dim Etime0 As Single Dim LastEtime As Single End Sub Private Sub TimeReset_Click() StopTimer = True Etime = 0 Etime0...
  8. R

    Stumped on Stopwatch Timer

    Hey guys, A couple of months ago I found an extremely amazing VBA code for a stop watch that starts, pauses, and clears by clicking on 3 different cells instead of using buttons or shapes. The company that I was working for was bought out and I (and no one else that I sent it to) was able to...
  9. J

    Stopwatch with Lap Function in Excel

    I am completely new to this, but I'm looking for some help in inserting a stopwatch into an Excel document. The document is used for tracking entrances/exits in a theatrical production. Here's what I'd like to do: I'd like to be able to start a stopwatch that starts at 0:00:00 and keeps a...
  10. P

    Add Pause Button to Stop Watch

    Hi I'm trying to add a pause routine to the following code; each part of the code has been assigned to a button for each routine, so what I would need is an extra code with a pause instruction so that it will pause / restart the timer without resetting back to zero. Thanks in advance for...
  11. C

    Stopwatch / Timer w/ pause function

    I'm looking for a way to create a stopwatch/timer that can be paused and restarted without resetting. What this is doing is calculating how long it takes an employee to complete certain tasks. Whence the timer is stopped I need data in specified cells to be logged on another sheet along with...

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