1. S

    Excel 2019 Appearance Changed - can change back

    My version somehow changed in appearance, I have Excel 2019 Home and Business. I want it to go back to the way it was default, its not a theme change ( I don't think) it is something else I just cannot work out. I am creature of habit and like how it was. The Green bar use to be green behind the...
  2. C

    strange result - Nested IF statement

    A B C D E F G H Reporting Date Invoice ID invoice payment id invoice header id invoice terms date vendor number po/non-po flag supplier name 23-Apr-20 1900057573_5430_2020_0001064077 1900057573_5430_2020 0001064077 NON_PO GT TRANSPORT 2012 CO LTD 23-Apr-20...
  3. M

    Strange behavior for Excel 365 when deleting pictures

    I have run across some strange behavior, and am wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I have a worksheet where the user can import pictures via VBA code. I also have a couple of checkboxes (form controls) on that sheet. I have a button that allows the user to clear the sheet of all...
  4. C

    A very Strange ":"

    Dear All, my friend came across a very strange formula, when you imput in any cell=-" :", you get a number:416.666, anyone can tell me why? hope some one can solve my issue. best regards! calvin
  5. jim may

    Anything Look strange with this - using in Office 365 = It is Displaying $0.00 but shouldn't

    <tbody> =SUMPRODUCT((YTD_GOOG_2019_CyberSource!$A$5:$A$500='Monthly Recons-Google'!C$4)*((YTD_GOOG_2019_CyberSource!$M$5:$M$500="Settlement")+(YTD_GOOG_2019_CyberSource!$M$5:$M$500="Card Credit"))*(YTD_GOOG_2019_CyberSource!$I$5:$I$500)) </tbody>
  6. S

    Pattern Not Applying to Cells

    Hey All, So a friend of mine has a workbook that is acting up. When he selects a range to fill the cells he has to click twice. The first time he clicks nothing happens, and the second time he clicks the pattern is applied. I thought this was curious so I recorded a macro when he did this and...
  7. W

    Excel file opens with strange characters

    How can I convert my excel spreadsheet from these strange characters into words and numbers?
  8. P

    Column "E" not unhiding

    Hi all This is very strange. I have hidden columns D, E, and F. When I go to unhide them, Column "E" does not unhide. It is a very large program with many macros. I even tried to unhide column 'E' with a macro but that still did not work. Any thoughts on what is causing the problem? I am...
  9. G

    Index & Match gives strange outcome

    Hello, I tried to do an index match on the same column (the image below is an simplified example). Unfortunately, I tend to get strange outcomes but cannot see why. Only the '4643358' at Q9 seems to be working. The formula I used was: =INDEX($B$2:$B$14,MATCH(P2,$B$2:$B$14)) Anyone got an...
  10. E

    Pivot Table put column side by side

    Hello, I have a problem on my pivot table, when i add several fields in the columns they are display with a strange way. And i would like it to be like this. How can I do ? Thanks.
  11. M

    IF Function strange bug

    Hi all, Iam trying to autofill an Excel and the following code gives a strange fault: ActiveWorkbook.ActiveSheet.Range("T2:T50").FormulaR1C1 = "=IF((RC[-9])>(R[-1]C[-9]), RC[-2], RC[-1]) The formula isn't correct on row 10, 20, 30 and so on because it uses row 1, 2, 3 and so on. Any one of...
  12. RobbieC

    VBA Vlookup to return value LEFT of table

    I posted this up a few minutes ago, but for some reason the post fails when you click on it...I didn't put anything spurious in there...very strange I'm basically able to do a VLOOKUP in VBA using: filetype = Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup(filename...
  13. B

    i have seen some strange code what is it for?

    a = (Target.Row - 11) / 3 Mya i know what is it for?
  14. H

    VLOOKUP with multiple results RETURNS text if multiple return values...? No vba...

    :eeek: Possible? Trying to get a non-vba solution to have a vlookup return the word "MULTI" if there are multiple RETURN values for a lookup values. Example: <tbody> <tbody> A B C D 1 lookup values Array 2 Holga 小非 9854 3 Doña 3023 4 Doña 3023 5 Holga 2 6 Holga...
  15. S

    Strange behavior in some of my formulas

    Hi guys, I have the strangest behavior in an Excel worksheet I have ever seen. I have uploaded a small portion of my worksheet to my dropbox. Strange behavior 1 The first formula calculates the age from a date of birth. Works fine, no...
  16. C

    Excel changing " to two ' by itself.

    Basically whenever I enter " (quotation 1 symbol) and follow it by a Cyrillic text, Excel automatically changes it to two apostrophes ('' 2 symbols) and my formulas start trowing up errors. It also happens when I edit only the text of a previously working formula, as demonstrated in this short...
  17. C

    Macro acting funny

    Hi, I have a macro that imports a text file, cleans it up, and transfers the information to a printable data sheet for processing. It works great for %99.9 of my users. I have one guy who just transferred from excel '14 to '07 (which is the format my software is formatted for). When he runs...
  18. C

    xlUp not working in For loop

    I have been tasked with debugging some code at work and have found an easy fix for it, but don't understand why it works.. The original code: For x = 6 to Cells(10000, 1).End(xlUp).Row The "repaired" code: last_row = Cells(10000, 1).End(xlUp).Row...
  19. J

    strange currency format behaviour

    My default currency is £. I have a column of numbers formatted to £. the next column is a formula that multiplies the £ column by the exchange rate for Brazilian reais R$. When i format that column to R$ the first column changes the format to £$,that is a pound sign followed by a dollar sign...
  20. T

    Excel behaving strangely

    Just recently when i use excel whichever action i choose ie. highlight column, cell, start formula, flip between sheets, seems to lock the pointer to this function and i can't get out of it. thus i end up highlighting the whole sheet, rows etc. i simply become locked into whatever i have...

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