1. darrenmccoy

    Help to split address into columns

    Hi Experts, Could you help me with formulas to split addresses? I need to count the spaces from the left and split the street number into column B, then split the street name(s) into column C, then count the spaces from the right and split the the street type into column D...
  2. L

    Find A Word in A Column and Replace it With Text in other Columns Using VBA

    <tbody> Name Address Description John 2nd Street, NY A1A1 is 35 year old, A1A1 is NewYork .... Kevin 4th street, FL <tbody> A1A1 is 35 year old, A1A1 is Florida .... </tbody> Manly 5Th street, NY <tbody> A1A1 is 35 year old, A1A1 is NewYork .... </tbody> <tbody> A1A1 is 35 year...
  3. L

    split address using split in vba

    Hi I want to ask user to enter address for example 100 main street, and then my code will split the number and street name. I tried the following but got error message. I am thinking of array must be use or do you think there is easier way to do that thank you very much Sub myfirst() Dim...
  4. M

    What is the best way to create a kit list

    Hi I have 2 sheets in a workbook. The first sheet ‘kit list’ has a table with a drop down boxin B12 to B210, so I can select a product from the drop down, then in C12 to C210,I can put the number of each of the products I want. There could be multiplevalues that are the same in column B...
  5. S

    Import CSV Problem with single row multiple records for each entry

    I have a huge csv file when I import it into Excel I have discovered inaccuracies in the data integrity. The name, address, city, State and Zip Code are followed by another Name, Address, City, State and Zip code. I need a formula of VBA to search for strings beyond the zip code to move them to...
  6. D

    Help moving data from one column into multiple columns

    MS Office 2016 / Window 10 PC So today I was given a excel spreadsheet with one column of data Column A has the the following info in descending rows Name Street Address City, State, Zip Code Phone # Then the next row down starts over the process with the next name, etc. So I have a...
  7. M

    How can I check a string against the Proper version of a named range?

    Hi all, I have a list of Suburbs, and a list of street names. I want to identify where someone uses a lower case version of these. Basically I want to say, if you find an item within the string that is in the named range, let me know if it is the lowercase version...
  8. B

    Please Help

    Hi I need to move data from 5 rows in one column and to separate columns. The data looks like this <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Infinity Auto Import 20 Puriri Street, New Lynn, Auckland 09 9512882 View dealer listings IV Cars 90...
  9. B

    Transposing Dat

    Hi Can someone help please. I have this massive document to process and I wish to move data from one column like this: <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> Infinity Auto Import 20 Puriri Street, New Lynn, Auckland 09 9512882 IV Cars 90 Portage Road, Otahuhu, Auckland...
  10. D

    Transposing non-uniform set of data from one column into rows

    Greetings, First off I want to thank all the people in this forum for all the great help and knowledge with Excel and VBA over the years. This is the first time I've had an issue I couldn't find the answer to though so I finally made an account. Here's my issue: I have a large contact list I...
  11. L

    reverse lookup - multiple criteria - multiple results

    Hi I want to do reverse lookup (multiple criteria - returning multiple results). In this case user will enter Address in H3 and dept in H4 then excel will return ph# in cell H6 and name in cell H7. I highlighted cells H6 and H7 and then wrote the following formula in cell H6...
  12. T

    Macro to Split After "Apartment [0-9]"?

    Hello, I receive address files from clients that are rarely formatted properly and usually have all their data pasted in 1 column. (See example below) I've made a macro that adds "|" at the end of Street, Ave, Road, etc and then splits into different columns but I can't figure out how to split...
  13. E

    Concatenate and If together for Carriage Return

    I am trying to create a formula for a table that contains two street address lines, City, State, Zip. If there is one street address line, I wanted to suppress the Carriage return. If there are two address lines, I wanted to incorporate both lines. I can conceive using the Concatenate and If...
  14. L

    flash fill 2 or more columns at same time

    Hi I want to use Flash fill to separate street number from street name. I know how to do it column by column. For example I type 1000 in b1 and the Ctrl+E and that will Flash Fill all the column. I can do the same thing with column C. I type main street then Ctrl+E My question can I fill both of...
  15. B

    Cleaning Up Addresses in Excel

    I've got a data dump from a freight carrier that has columns for ship to /receipt to addresses. The issue I have is that 1 address can be listed multiple ways. For example, 123 East, 123 East St, 123 East Street. I have a list of the proper addresses. How can I go about populating the...
  16. D

    Rows to column according to specific text

    Hi, I've a serie of data with this configuration: Column A STREET NAME 000000-U-0000 000000-U-0000 000000-U-0000 <empty cell> OTHER STREET NAME 000000-U-0000 000000-U-0000 <empty cell> AVENUE NAME 000000-U-0000 000000-U-0000 000000-U-0000 000000-U-0000 000000-U-0000 Is it possible to...
  17. L

    clean() break lines - creating space after

    Hi I used alt+enter to enter the following in one cell. John Smith 123 Main Street MyCity, 12345 Then I used Clean() to clean break lines. But I ended up with a text look like this John Smith123 Main StreetMyCity, 12345 How can I create a space between "John Smith" and "123 Main Street" and...
  18. R

    Sort/order a list by an existing one

    Hello, I have a customer list with approx. 200 addresses, each in a separate line, that are ordered according to my needs (shortest trip with my car). Every day I receive a new list with customers, but this new one is not ordered according to my needs. Please tak a look at a sample; My List...
  19. S

    Drop down Lists to pull data

    I would like to be able to pull and combine data using drop down for example, I want to analyze financial information on my properties all combined as well as individually. So in my drop-down list say I have these to choose from: ABB LLC (combined) Apple Street Gold Street Blue...
  20. F

    Global procedures

    Do I have to dimension a global variable as string, integer etc.? I Have: Global my_age , Continue, Street Should I have: Global my_age as interger, Continue as string, Street as string Would the second way use less memory?

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