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    Error - SpecialCells Property of Range Class

    Hello All, I'm trying to paste some values in a column removing any blanks that are copied with the following code shown below. I figured I could using special cells with xlCellTypeConstants to do so, but keep receiving the error "Unable to get the SpecialCells property of the Range class"...
  2. H

    Modifying CVS File

    I have the following code to open up a csv file I am trying to autofit all the columns and then save and close the file However when opening up the file, the columns are not autofitted to the length of the largest item in each column Kindly amend my code below so that the columns autofit...
  3. S

    Outlook VBA: Save attachment, open excel and run a macro.

    Hi I'm relatively new to VBA. Trying to use a script in Outlook that will save a specific excel attachment when it arrives, then open it and run a macro contained in the workbook. Here is the code I have now. It works but the problem is that it will not overwrite the file in the save...
  4. F

    Import csv-file

    hi! My code aims to import a csv file and make certain modifications, but I keep getting a 'Sub or Function not Defined'-error. Any ideas why? Sub allofit() Dim ws As Worksheet, strFile As String ActiveWorkbook.Sheets.Add After:=Worksheets(Sheets(2)) Set ActiveSheet = ws strFile =...
  5. O

    Import CSV's to Excel file and inserting constants in rows - VBA

    Hi, The code below imports csv files from a folder into an Excel worksheet and then moves the files to a different folder. The csv's individually contains only two values seperated by a semicolon, Value1 and Value2 (e.g.: File1 = 773463;CT778884343, File2 = 544543;GH832539371) The Excel sheet...
  6. P

    Having Trouble with Formula Array VBA

    Hey Guys, I seem to be having some difficulties getting a formula array to work in VBA. I'm not quite sure what I'm doing wrong, but could someone lend a hand? The way I currently have it set up it does nothing. Thanks very much! Sub Template() 'Turn off warnings and popups Dim StrFile...

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