1. C

    How to count cells looking at the first 3 characters of specific text and excluding cells with strikethrough?

    I’ve been able to make macro’s to do one or the other but have struggled to combine them. I need it to be able to check if the first three characters are a match and check if the cell has strikethrough before counting.
  2. C

    Max Excluding Strikethrough

    Hi, I have a data set where randomly things have strikethroughs in it due to errors in that data collection. The strikethroughs are put in manually. I'm trying to figure out how I could code a max of a set of 10 numbers excluding the numbers that have had a strikethrough applied to the set of...
  3. E

    Strikethrough Data not appearing in Pivot Table

    Excel Gurus, Lets say that i have a column that has text data (some of which have strikethroughs). When i create a pivot table using that data, the strikethroughs are not coming through. How can I resolve this issue? Eg. Address 1004 N. Josey Ln. 1200 S...
  4. Phil Smith

    VBA - format specific characters with strikethrough

    Hello Excel expert people! I have a string "165 / 168 / 170 / 172 / 68" that is present in a number of cells throughout my worksheet. Dependant on certain criteria, my aim is to format the text so one or more of either 165, 168, 170, 172 or 68 within those cells are formatted with...
  5. J

    How to extract info based on a strike through

    My spreadsheet has rows that have strikethroughs for the formatting. I need t do some sort of macro or formula that says something like, if the formatting in A1 is strike through, place an "X" in column Z. How can I accomplish this? Thank You!
  6. S

    Macro to update spreadsheet from cover sheet

    Hi, I'm looking for assistance on the attached workbook. The objectives are listed below and the requirements too. Sheet 2 = Form Sheet 1 = Code List Sheet 2 has 4 boxes to input data from Sheet 1. The top 2 boxes work as required. The bottom 2 boxes are for adding or removing data. I...
  7. H

    Recording past value with strikethrough on the same Cell

    Hello Everyone, Need some help with the following hoping someone can help with this. I have A, B, C Columns where A1 have a date such as 9/1/2018 where B1 have a number such as 5 and C1 have a formula which is =A1+B1 , so I can see the final date. What i want is everytime A1 changes, I would...
  8. M

    Strikethrough if a Cell Has a Strikethrough Anywhere on Another Sheet

    So I am trying to strikethrough a cell in SheetA if there is anywhere on SheetB that the same word has been conditionally formatted to strikethrough. Make sense? :)
  9. M

    Copy Conditional Formatting to Another Sheet

    1. I am wondering if Conditional Formatting by formula can be copied like a formula can to multiple cells. The reason I ask is... 2. I have conditional formatting to strikethrough a cell in SheetA when it equals another value in SheetA I also have a master list of all possible options in...
  10. G

    Delete rows if

    Hi everyone, Which is the VBA code to delete in the Active worksheet, all the rows that contains in Column D words in strikethrough format? Weird thing: when I try to find words strikethrough format through "find and replace" button, I have no results. I am really struggling. Thank you
  11. F

    Vlookup value then find if has strikethrough

    Hi I am trying to search for a value, then find if its formatted with strikethrough. I have VBA code to return the confirmation that its strikethrough: Function StrikeThru(rng As Range) StrikeThru = rng.Font.Strikethrough End Function =StrikeThru('BAU List'!A58) -- Comes back...
  12. B

    Applying a strikethrough effect to results generated from 'find' function

    Hello, Was wondering if any of you lovely people can help me out at all. I have a workbook which I use for scheduling purposes; Sheet1 is Sunday, Sheet2 is Monday etc. Each sheet is set up like this: <tbody> Name Start Finish Notes Boots Paul 10:00 - 14:00 Collins William 12:00 - 18:00...
  13. A

    Why strikethrough font in part of cell content changes font size?

    Hi, I wonder if it does only to me (using Excel 2007): I have e.g. three separate words in one Excel cell, cell being formatted to Arial size 10. I decide to strikethrough one of the three words, which is done, but at the same time the font size of striked-through word is suddenly 8.5 instead of...
  14. V

    Listbox Strikethrough

    In a listbox, how can you strike set the strikethrough property for individual rows? I can see how to do so for the entire box, but not for single items. For example, if displaying days of the week, weekends might be crossed out while others remain visible. Thanks
  15. 9

    Concatenate dates with strikethrough

    Hello! I hope someone can help with this. What I am trying to do is concatenate 2 (or more) dates, and apply a strikethrough to the first date (or all but the last date). I can successfully concatenate two dates with a alt-enter by using: =TEXT(A1,"m/d/yyyy")&CHAR(10)&TEXT(A2,"m/d/yyyy")...

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