string comparison

  1. R

    EXCEL: Find name and return multiple values

    Hello all, I am a newbie with excel, so I'm hoping someone can help out. in the workbook I'm working on, I have multiple tabs with data spread out. Tab 1 contains a list of resources and the dates they will end support. Unfortunately, some list the full name, and others list just the first...
  2. S

    Find text and replace based on the values of the two columns.

    Hello friends, I have a question about finding the word "pear" in a string I need to write the result in column C ... In column A there is fruit with "Pear" Column B contains other fruit, but also "Pear" If there is a pear in column B, then write the result without "Pear" in column C. The...
  3. M

    UDF - Custom Split and Remove

    Hey there, I've created a custom function which compares two text strings, and removes any duplicates. For instance String 1 = "Bob; Sally; Tom; Beth;" String 2 = "Sally; Beth;" Resulting String = "Bob; Tom;" I have two issues. One is that my function is being recalculated needlessly. For...
  4. L

    VBA - Read a list item, check if it matches any previous ones - if not, write it in cell below previous, otherwise skip to next one.

    Hi guys, Currently the simple code below reads two values on a row, one from column "C" and one from column "D". It concatenates them and writes the new string in column "B". Sometimes the list in column C will contain more than one string exactly the same. I don't want it to write a value...
  5. T

    Comparing Strings with VBA code

    I have a large data set with multiple columns and a significant number of rows. Each column has a string with a number in the same place but the number is different for each column. Due to typo errors I want to compare each column to the first column, which I know is correct. Is there a way for...
  6. P

    Unifying List of Strings Using Approximate String MAtching

    Hello, I am sorry in advance if I have picked the wrong words for the title of thread (which i think is the case, since web search returned no relevant results). Basically I have a column with company names where the company names were not standardized. Meaning you will see for example...
  7. P

    String Comparison Help

    <tbody> CompanyCode CompanyCode Result 112 New York asq 442 New York abd Pass 334 San Fran wws 252 Kansas 1saq Fail 210 St.Louis qes 088 St.Louis abc Pass </tbody> Hi there, I am looking for help on creating a string for my spreadsheet. The table above is a small sample...
  8. M

    Comparing Alphanumeric Strings

    Hello Everybody, I got a simple sheet in which I got some columns of data representing certain grid-line i.e. A-25, B-35, C-41 etc and I got another column in which the data is like B-25.5, C-26.5 etc. I want to compare the both columns and know for each item that which item is bigger or...
  9. S

    String testing in VBA returns wrong result

    Hello, I am working on a function that should compare a String originalName to a list of names. I use a While loop with an if statement checking at every line of the list whether or not the content is identical to the string in argument. However, when I run the function step by step, when I...
  10. 2

    string comparison

    Hello Frieds I need some help in comparing two columns having text strings. I have two columns containing text strings (item descriptions). I am trying to compare these two description columns so that I can identify match and mismatch. In addition to that I also need to do compare the two...

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