1. D

    Place Text String to Specific Row Number Identified by Number + Match ID to Same ID Embedded in String

    I need a formula that will place a text string in a row specified by the number from an adjacent column within a look-up table. Additionally, I also need a formula that will return a text string based on the same row number described above, plus a match of the ID number with the same ID #...
  2. S

    Extracting all numbers from a string

    Hello, I am attempting to extract data from a string. I have employees copying tabular data out of another software. The software got updated, so now copied data only gets pasted as a string in one cell. I was hoping someone is able to assist with a VBA code or a formula to extract any numbers...
  3. L

    VBA Selenium / string Query

    Hello, Many thanks for taking the trouble to click on this thread. This is my first time using Selenium / VBA to interact with a webpage, so apologies in advance. I have a large number of fuel gas compositions which I wish to calculate the methane number and propane knock index of using the...
  4. A

    Extracting numbers from text string and including units (mm)

    Hi all! I am working on a project in which I am pulling data from pathology reports regarding skin cancer. The text reports are quite lengthy and contain many numbers (i.e., dates, cancer stage, and the number I am interested in, which is called Breslow thickness). I have managed to use formulas...
  5. Jyggalag

    Make email macro send out separate emails

    Hi all, I currently have this setup in Excel: Sub send_email_complete() Dim outlookApp As Outlook.Application Dim SendEmailTo As Outlook.MailItem Dim source_file, to_emails, bcc_emails As String Dim i, j As Integer Set outlookApp = New Outlook.Application Set SendEmailTo =...
  6. A

    Lookup: If a cell contains a string, return a value from an array

    I'm curious about the best way to search a cell, and if a specific string is found then return a specific value based on an array of outputs. Here's the current formula that I'm trying and I'm not sure what the issue is (I'm on Excel 2019 for Mac if that is a potential issue)...
  7. H

    Display VBA msgbox when cell contains text

    Hello, apologies for any errors this is my first post and I am relatively new to VBA. I work in a lab and we use a spreadsheet for recording some tests that need to be sent away. I need a msgbox to appear when a specific test is recorded "HER2" to remind the user to check if another test is...
  8. L

    Set range according to active sheet name VBA

    Hello there! I ran into some issues using VBA with my limited knowledge. I am trying to combine a code to delete pictures in a range, which works as it should: Dim pic As Object For Each pic In ActiveSheet.Pictures If Not Application.Intersect(pic.TopLeftCell, Range("A8:T35")) Is Nothing...
  9. C

    Insert column based on cell string value

    Hi, I have been working on a VBA formula to insert columns to a table based on an integer entry in one cell. So far I have managed to get it to work but as there are multiple categories of columns to add, I need to input the column numbers in a certain order as the columns are inserted based on...
  10. M

    Optimizing function for comparing array elements

    Here is the function. It works. It runs hundreds of times during some VBA procedure. Can the function be optimized? It accepts temparray as an array and identifies the first occurrence of "O", "A+" etc. in elements of array. I think it can be optimized as it compares tempArray(i) in every...
  11. N

    Create Single Cell Lists from Text Strings With ';' Semi-Colon Delimiter

    I would like to build a list within a single cell from a sting stored another cell. The string has a semi colon delimiter ';' to separate the string SMTP, smtp, X400, FAX. Unfortunately the x400 portion of the string also has semi colons which need to be kept. Its delimiter is a second semi...
  12. C

    Function to find index of Strings in an Array

    Greetings, I have a set of IDs, stored in a 1D-Array A. The IDs are already sorted alphabetically and all of them are unique. Now, I want to find the index of said IDs in another array B, where the IDs are although sorted alphabetically, but many of them are duplicated (E.G. ID...
  13. A

    VBA String in cell to check box value

    Hello, I am trying to make this code work: Private Sub commandB_Click() If Cells(ActiveCell.Row, "G") = "Výtah" Then realita.vytah.Value = True End If If Cells(ActiveCell.Row, "G") = "Konstrukce" Then realita.konstrukce.Value = True End...
  14. A

    Check if cell text contains value in specified range of values

    Hi guys, I've been struggling with this for a few hours, not certain if I'm dumb or not lol. Assume I have a cell with text. I need to check if any of the values within a specified range are inside that cell. Ideally return that value within the range. Example: Cell content = "I have this...
  15. A

    VB - Queued data into separate workbook

    I'm working on VB file that determine specific content based on cell value, queue it, update in separate tabs copy&save those tabs into new workbook. Workbook name is define by cell and for every data individual. Everyting works for me perfectly correct, but new woorkbooks (even when they have...
  16. B

    Complex IF formula

    Hi everyone, I hope I can explain in detail, what I need. Cell J12 reflects the required date of drawing 101 for PO 123456. For this I used the formula: =IF(ISBLANK($B12),"",$B12+14) Cell J13 needs to reflect the required date of drawing 102, based on the date drawing 101 was sent back to the...
  17. S

    How to split numbers separated by semicolons in a cell?

    I have a number string in cell A1 that looks something like this: 12; 34; 56; 78; 90 I would like to extract each number into cells A2, A3, A4, A5, and A6, respectively. After extracting, cell A2 should contain 12, A3 34, and so on. Thank you very much for your help.
  18. A

    Count string in each text cell of a column

    Hi everyone, I'm given an excel sheet to analyze. There is a text column and people used checked boxes to enter the data. So many cell ended up with many text strings in them, like this: "String1String2String3". And I have to get the most occurring string in the whole column. Do you have any...
  19. T

    How to insert string into an if formula?

    Hello users on MrExcel. I am still a Newbie at VBA, so this question might seem a bit dumb, but i have tried to find a solution for the past 2 days, on and off. Lets just say, for the ease of it, that i have a Cell with the symbol ">", and it can change to "<" The cell i defined as "s" and...
  20. W

    How to extract number is a string of text?

    Greetings, This is my string; LANTUS 24 Units in the Morning, 18 Units + HUMLOG at Dinner Time. I need to extract the numbers, 24 and 18. I've seen all kinds of answers, including VBA, which isn't for me. W. Kirk Crawford Tularosa, New Mexico
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