1. S

    Using a helper cell to return a month value

    Hi, I have a column of date windows formatted as "mm/dd--mm/dd" (so, not in an actual "date" format recognizable by Excel), and I want to use a helper cell to pull the first two numbers from that column, and then another column to pull that number, and return it in "mmm" format. For example...
  2. F

    How to find special/weird characters in Excel?

    I attached below some rows I have which you can clearly tell have some weird characters in the text. Is there a formula to find which rows have any of these characters, and which don't. I think that these aren't all of the special characters in the texts, meaning there might be other that I...
  3. P

    VBA strange behavior of comparison result between String and Variant

    Hi friends, the other day, someone posted an issue on the web asking why the statement "i < ActiveSheet.Rows.Count" returns False, in which the variable "i" is declared as a String and is assigned an integer value 3. I have been thinking about this problem for two days and still can't figure out...
  4. M

    Automatically tagging text for data analysis

    Hi everyone and thank you for reading this. I have tried to play around with IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH... but I did not obtain exactly what I needed. Please, use the pic below as reference. Column D is the input. Column E is the output. Normally I fill in column E manually depending on what is in...
  5. K

    Remove second part of hyphenated word

    Hi there, Trying to convert text within one cell to a simplified version. For example, I have a cell that reads "UK Fund Mid-Cap Blend" but I want to convert this to "Mid Blend". Right now, I am using the below formula to strip "UK Fund Mid-Cap Blend" down to "Mid-Cap Blend". cell C9...
  6. H

    Trying to create a TextByColor function

    Hello, I'm trying to create a function called TextByColor using VBA. The purpose of this function is to read through one of my sheets called "JOB CODES" and the return all the cells with a white or yellow cell background to a sheet called "TV". The function should read through all of "JOB...
  7. S

    SUM numbers in row with leading string character

    I want to SUM the numbers in a row which represent the worked hours in a month. The numbers in the cells have a leading string character like V8 or S8 or H7,2. How can I do that. See the mini sheet below for layout and desired results. Thank you very much...
  8. A

    Conditionally Extending the Reference of a String

    Hello everyone, I am currently working with a sheet that extracts data from a pdf that i upload using queries & connections. the string looks like this in cell B2 B2=IF(LEN(INDIRECT("Page002!C12"))=11,INDIRECT("Page002!C12"), IF(LEN(INDIRECT("Page002!D12"))=11,INDIRECT("Page002!D12")...
  9. G

    (VBA) Range.Value = String still returns numeric

    Hi all. I have simple question but couldn't solve it. I want to return a Variant array with String data (Variant/String) into sheet, but it keeps being written as numeric in the sheet. I could actually use text conversion function in sheet, but it would be great if the vba could return it as...
  10. A

    group multiple values from a single cell which are comma split

    have the output in Column A. Want to get COLUMN B and C. How do i do it? A B C apple: RT, banana: TR, banana: DS, apple:PL apple: RT,apple:PL banana: TR, banana: DS need an excel formula
  11. O

    cut off words (or replace by "") in list from strings

    Power Query: I have a column with strings and a list of words I need found in that column AND (this is the difficult part) when found these words need to get cut off from the string (or replaced by "")? How? A sort of textual substraction... have been trying so long... list.accumulate etc...
  12. 2

    XL VBA - filter column based on parts of string in a remote cell value

    Remote* Cell values in a named range "MyNamedRange"** have following structure: "U. HeaderName - KeyWord"*** Filters and HeaderName row is in row 10 Objective - Upon Right Click on a cell in above named range: - Filter in Column U using the "KeyWord" * Remote - as in it is not part of the...
  13. R

    Randomly pick string element from array

    Hi, I have the following code which creates an array "Ary" with string elements from a table column that match value "x" from another column in this table. I would like to have cell E6 display a randomly picked string element from this array "Ary". How would I have to alter the VBA code? Sub...
  14. R

    Store matching values in an array with VBA

    Hello, Column A is filled with string values. Column B is sometimes filled with the value "x". I would like to write VBA code that returns all the string values from column A into an array if they match the "x" value from column B. Anyone knows how to do this? Thanks
  15. A

    Search for text in txt file and copy the words to excel sheet

    Hi, I have a particular software which contain my client user name and it's password along with other misc details like address full name etc. Client password going to expired after every three month. I have sheet which column A contain user name and column b for password. Client password in...
  16. E

    Referencing text that have quotation marks in formula

    Hello! I tried searching for this in google but it seems I'm being led to something else. I'm writting this formula and need to reference a string that have quotation marks in them. Formula looks like this: =IFS(A2="Yes",0,B2="What he said was: "Mr.Excel.Com" (website)",10) Excel won't let me...
  17. V


    Hi All, I am new to MRExcel and this is my 1st Post. I am looking for a help regarding a mid function. For example :- EBA//92X:RATE:0.99999A://92X:RATE:0.667766B://92X:RATE:9898.18544444A:// I want to extract 0.0667766 in this example but the number can be different for other cases. I open for...
  18. I

    Nested For Each Statement: Identifying Key words from Range within a Range

    Dear Mr Excel I would be so grateful for some help with this. I have 4 Sheets that contain data that i am trying to write a code for. MessagesSheet (Which is named "replies" followed by "date" and "time"): This contains text messages received. The data is organised as follows: Each row...
  19. D

    Dynamically update for sheet name

    Good Afternoon I have a vb statement in my excel macro that I need to dynamically change the workbook sheet just created as the macro loops. the current statement is [Sheet1!A1:J1].Resize(N).Value2 = S after that i have a line that adds a new sheet to the workbook...
  20. D

    Place Text String to Specific Row Number Identified by Number + Match ID to Same ID Embedded in String

    I need a formula that will place a text string in a row specified by the number from an adjacent column within a look-up table. Additionally, I also need a formula that will return a text string based on the same row number described above, plus a match of the ID number with the same ID #...

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