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    Excel 2010, data validation - strip - on peoples names obtained from sharepoint

    I am trying to validate user names against another report. In my current excel report I have names obtained from a sharepoint name select. such as MCCARTHY, Sam;#1100;#JOKIL, Ricke;#1346;#OMARA, Jill;#4111 these are all contained within one cell. If I attempt to use Text to columns, it is...
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    How do I strip out all non-numeric characters?

    How do I strip out all non-numeric characters? I have 10,000 phone numbers, of which people entered in different formats, such as 212.123.1234 212 123 1234 212-123-1234 (212)123-1234 How do I strip out ALL the data/characters that are NOT numbers so the result is 2121231234 I want all...
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    Best way break apart Character String

    Hi guys, Here is my problem. I have a .csv file that has thousands of entries of car makes, models, year etc. Unfortunately my customer has given me the file from their DB and each entry with all the data is in a SINGLE CELL for each record. I need to break apart each of these and place them...

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