1. W

    Struggling with nested functions

    Can someone please help me to write the following formula? Conditions: if A1 and B2 are blank and A2 and B1 are NOT blank If True: = A2 If False: (leave cell blank)
  2. G

    Array Formula Question - Condition An Array by Itself

    Hello! I'm trying to solve the following issue using an array formula but I'm struggling. I'm fairly versed with arrays but can't figure this out. Thank you in advance for the help! Using the example below, I'd like to pull the max number associated with each individual text in the first...
  3. R

    Formula problem counting blank cell.

    Hi All, I am running a football tournament and want to automate the data as much as possible. I have created a spread sheet to show the table, but I am struggling to get the Win/Lose/draw to work correctly. I am using the following formula in K3, where J3 is the home score and J4 is the away...
  4. P

    Extract value between parentheses

    Hi, I have the following string in Cell A1: 1. First Name (5). I figured out how to extract the first and last name. I am struggling on how to get the value between the parentheses. The values will range from single-digit to triple-digit. Forluma to get the name value: =MID(A2,FIND("...
  5. S

    Paste Value Syntax in VBA

    Struggling with this one... currentRow is a Range destinationWorksheet is Worksheet How do I copy with values and format by modifying this statement: currentRow.Copy destinationWorksheet.Cells(rowNumber, "b") New to VBA and struggling with Syntax....thanks!
  6. S

    feet and inches and fractions

    Hi folks, I have been struggling with converting decimal feet inches and fractions and I am at a stand still. I have managed to convert to metres, and inches, but I am struggling to get to feet, inches and fractions. I am having 3 issues. 1) it is displayed something complex like 4' 3 51/71" (I...
  7. A

    Comparison Failing

    I feel this should be a very easy solution, but I am finding myself struggling. For p = 70 To 73 If tpgo = "<" Then pdd = format(ws_sbase.Cells(p, 2), "h:mm am/pm") If pdd >...
  8. R

    Struggling to learn Excel VBA

    Hi I know this isn't a unique question but I've been dipping in and out of Excel VBA for over 15 years and not learned much. Most of the role I currently undertake uses Clas modules, collections, dictionaries, arrays etc... It takes me an age to get even the simplest basic tasks done and...
  9. P

    Count Query Excel 2010

    Hi - Would like to know how you can count names in column please as I am struggling. Thanks
  10. S

    Mode calculation if there is blank cells

    I am trying to calculate the most reoccurring text in cells that contain blank cells Code I tried =INDEX(A2:A20,MODE(IF(A2:A20<>"",MATCH(A2:A20,A2:A20,0)))) but I am struggling to find what condition to use to remove counting the blank cells. Any suggestions Thank
  11. A

    COUNTIF range is blank

    Hi, Looking to count all the numbers in range H:H but only if A:A contains the value in cell V28 & G: is blank. COUNTIFS but struggling with correct syntax.
  12. DEllis

    Conditional formatting

    Hi everyone, I am struggling to conditionally format column D if column A has an "x" in it. Can someone help? So if there is an "x" in column A, I would like Column D to be green. Thank you, Deborah
  13. M

    help clicking link in VBA no ID

    Hey guys Im trying to write somehint which fills in a webform for me from my excel file, I amamanaging to get the data i want into the fields however im struggling to click two buttons as the dont have an ID The first one is: input type="submit" name="terminal_group_search" value="Search"...
  14. W

    INDIRECT help

    Hi I have the following but would like to change the $A$2 the same formual as the second cell reference ie $A$"&MATCH(S3,Summary!A:A,0) but I'm struggling =AVERAGE(IF(WEEKDAY(INDIRECT("Summary!$A$2:$A$"&MATCH(S3,Summary!A:A,0)),2)=M2,INDIRECT("Summary!$E$2:$E$"&MATCH(S3,Summary!A:A,0))))...
  15. S

    Indirect and Match

    Currently have =IF(ISNUMBER(MATCH(A22, 'C:\MyDocs\[Test.xls]Sheet2'!$A$1:$A$5000,0)),'C:\MyDocs\[Test.xls]Sheet2'!A$1,"") What I want to do is instead of using pathname above, create a path name in a cell then use indirect to refer to the path name but I'm struggling with it Thanks
  16. M

    Mashup going bananas help!!!!

    I've been working on excel based powerpivot model for a weeks and suddenly my pc has been taken over by 3 or 4 Micrososft Mashup evaluation containers using 100% of the CPU. Excel is not doing anything as not touching model no pivot table refreshing. struggling to type this post. Never ends so...
  17. Trevor3007

    auto rename tab

    good day, i have the the following code:- Private Sub Workbook_Open()If MsgBox("Do You Need To Insert Name ?", vbYesNo + vbQuestion) = vbNo Then Exit Sub Dim myValue As Variant myValue = InputBox("Enter Name") Sheets("2").Range("D1").Value = Application.WorksheetFunction.Proper(myValue) End...
  18. J

    Macro to delete row dependant on value of cell

    Hello! How would I go about setting up a macro to delete certain rows based on a value in cell I for example So like: IF Column I = "Cancelled" THEN DELETE Row (Then go on to next row until every row is checked) I'm new to macros, trying to learn but i'm struggling a bit, help is appreciated! :)
  19. C


    This property issue when in use with Excel 2013/2016 has been discussed many times but there does not appear to be apublicised solution to the screen flicker that now occurs in these versions as opposed to Excel 2010. I am wondering how all those macros developed with Excel 2010 (or earlier)...
  20. P

    If row is even then

    Hi All I'm struggling with this code. I don't know how to do it in VBA. Here is what I want the code to say: If row is even then Code goes here End If Thanks.

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