1. J

    VBA: Query refresh always runs first regardless of where it is in the code.

    I'm trying to create a macro that does the following: On theButton was clicked set theButton style =msoShapeStylePreset12 Run the query Query refresh completes set theButton style = msoShapeStylePreset14 end But, the button doesn't change until after the query has refreshed. I eve...
  2. G

    Finding each cell where a style is used

    Hello, I am trying to find each location where a style is used and SELECTIVELY replace that style (one by one, manually) with another style. I am not trying to replace all usages of one style with another style, blindly. Is that possible? Many thanks. Keith
  3. J

    Add a new style to the default excel styles

    Hello All This should be easy but I can't get it to work. I made and style in a workbook called Full Date Time. I want to have this be available in all Excel sheets I open from now on. I saved this workbook as a template file, called it Book.xltx and put it in the XLSTART file but it...
  4. kweaver

    General style question

    Wouldn't it be advisable to avoid using a lower case "L" for, say, a loop when it (l) looks too much like the number 1?
  5. G

    Macro to edit styles.xml file of workbook

    Hey pro-team! Our company has a problem with copying and pasting data dumps from our ERP system into workbooks over-and-over, resulting in compounding workbook styles to the point where multiple workbooks each month hit the excel style count max (~64,000), which causes workbook crashing and an...
  6. P

    Change the Pivot Table Style from Classic to Table Style Light 20

    Good day All, Hope all is well. Could you please help me on how I can change the pivot table style being generated by the below macro. Currently, it generates "Classic" view, and would like to change it 'Table Style Light 20'. Sub CreatePivot() ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Pending...
  7. J

    Slicer changing chart styles

    Howdy, I am an expert in a lot of things Excel, and this is driving me nuts! I create a chart and format it the way that I want. However, when I add a slicer, it changes the chart to a built-in style. I even save the chart as a template but that doesn't work. Is there a way around this...
  8. W

    How to make a user defined table style available in all Excel workbooks

    I have a medical vision issue because of which I am able to only use a dark background. Sometimes I get Microsoft Excel workbooks which are designed to be viewed on a light background. In those cases, I have to change the colours usually using the table style feature available in Microsoft...
  9. G

    Matrix SUMIF

    Hi, What formula would be best for a "3D" style SUMIF, to allow a matrix of values to be summed, as in the example below (sorry I can't get the image function to work, so it's a link instead). James.
  10. A

    Get the contents of column A and put it in Column B overwiting a tag

    I am working with just 2 columns. I am writing a macro to get the value from column A and put it in column B, overwriting the tag style, so that row 1 appears like the following: The Regency Straight Back is a traditional ....., and do this for all rows Column A...
  11. C

    How do I apply a style like this to a pivot table?

    I have been trying to build out a spreadsheet that will digest key data from a sales report then generate a form that will identify wins and opportunities for each sales consultant individually. I have been able to sort them using splicers but it doesn't look this good. How do I apply a style...
  12. W

    How To Force: Specific Cell Text To Scroll and Style

    Hey all, new here and excited to ask questions and learn. I was searching the net and all and couldn't find any specific answer to the question as the title implies. So far I was able to learn, that if you want scrollable text in specific cell, I need to use under the Active-X section, choose...
  13. B

    Changing the font color in Normal style

    I'm trying to change the font color in Normal style. I have been able to change the default font and default size but not the default color.
  14. T

    Can I check if a Pivot Table Field is Bold?

    I'm using Excel 2007 Hi All, I want to use VBA to check if a Pivot Table Field is bold. This is the code I am using: For iLoop = BottomOfPage To TopOfPage Step -1 For Delay = 0 To 20000000 Next Delay CellSelect = "A" & iLoop MsgBox CellSelect Range(CellSelect).Select...
  15. J

    VBA comparison operator not working

    Hey all, A little background on my vba project: When the date in a cell is a past date, the cell style changes to "Bad". I am trying to code this logic: If you change a past date to today's or a future date, then change a cell in another column, but same row, to the style "Neutral". For some...
  16. E

    Shrink To Fit not working when applied through a Cell Style

    I have a worksheet that has a large amount of cells using a custom cell style to apply a number format that I change through VBA. I would also like the cell style to include the "shrink to fit" option. When I modify the cell style to include "Alignment:Shrink To Fit", nothing happens in the...
  17. M

    Digital Signature in Excel

    Dear all, My boss asked me if it is possible to insert PDF style digital signatures into an Excel file. She wanted each of those to represent "approval" of a request, for example: expense reimbursement, etc. A PDF style digital signature takes the place of a person's personal signature. I...
  18. L

    more than one preset printing style for one worksheet

    is there a way to make more than one preset printing style for one worksheet? ex: style 1 = print 'landscape' style 2 = print 'portrait' (that is - to arrange the styles, save the presets...then just select which style to print - without re-arranging them again each time) many thanks
  19. A

    Index match on multiple criteria with multiple sheets

    i have a workbook with 4 sheets 1st three are Jan, Feb, Mar and 4th one is home. Columns are style no., qty and unit price. i want to check index match the unit price of mentioned style number from all three sheets. Like i want a formula in HOME sheet in cell C2 which see style no. in cell A2...
  20. I

    IF Function more than 64 levels of nesting

    Hi all, newbie here, don't know what else to use besides IF function for this. Reaching nesting limit doing it this way. Any alternative ideas are appreciated! Formula in B5 of image attached: =IF((AND(C2=1.5,D2="L",H2=0.625)),'[1-MASTER.xls]A & LH SINGLE ROD END'!$M$10, (isolating this on...

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