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    DSUM() with multi-criteria in single field

    Hi! I have the following DSUM() code with multi-criteria, BUT I need to adjust it so that I can 1) filter for more than one criteria on [Shift Info] and 2) so that the criteria for [FR_Date] range works? For Example: And [Shift Info] = 'Day' And [Shift Info] = 'Night' And [Shift Info] =...
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    Sub Total, Filter

    I have problems what to filter first before executing a Sub Total: I have 6 columns: I want to have a subtotal per Customer per Brand showing the highest amount of per Customer Like : Gas Total 1,450,000 Diesel Total...
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    Code for Sub-Total command with rows changing in Macro

    Dear Sir, I am trying to have a code (to be written for macro) for performing Sub-Totals in the column I excel sheet as a part of automation. The rows will be dynamic and No. of rows for each sub-total changes every time. The sub-total shall be based on certain criteria which will be in other...
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    Inventory Aging by Purchased volume and inventory on hand.

    I have seen some similar threads on this, but most deal with dates, not volumes. I am trying to write a formulate that will track volumes purchases, and by comparing to on hand volume, show me unsold inventory. Example A B C D E F G H I J K...
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    Subtotals with Pivot Tables

    With Excel 2003 is it possible to stop a pivot table from automatically adding in subtotals. Thanks
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    Highlighting alternate subtotals and the preceding values

    Hi there, I am using subtotals on a daily basis to get batch totals of money that a supplier has banked on our behalf. For clarity, I want to highlight every alternate subtotal and its preceding rows so that when printed each group of values that make up a subtotal and the subtotal line itself...
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    Progressive Sub Totals

    The following is a simplified version of a spreadsheet using Microsoft query to populate columns A and B. I need a formula that can be copied down column C that will recognise if the row is a Sub Total and apply the relevant total using the rules below: <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...

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