1. J

    MOVE files from list found in folders/subfolders to same folder structure in another folder

    Hello, I have this script that move files from one folder to another based on a list in Excel. However, I have to go folder by folder to get the files. I wanted to modify the script such that it searches for the files from the main folder (that contains subfolders) and moves the respective...
  2. W

    Appending Files in subfolders with inconsistent names

    So I have this folder structure. The MainFolder (let’s call it level 0) has any number of folders (Folder1, Folder2…). The names are not in any sequence. At level 1 (i.e. inside each folder) there is a ‘summary’ DTA file (xyz.DTA) in the case shown but the name of this file changes randomly...
  3. Y

    Resave all files in folders and their sub folders

    Please, what's the fastest code that can resave (perhaps through loop) all the files in a folder and its subfolders and it will maintain the folder and subfolders structure in their destination?
  4. K

    Search copy paste.

    Hello everyone, I need some help, im looking for a vba script that can loop through one specific folder and all of its subfolders located on a local network, in each of the subfolders there will be one or several .XLSM files, in each file there will be a tab named DATA with a range from A1:K1...
  5. A

    vba:convert text files into excel workbooks, open them, and then call a macro on another module. Then do the same thing, looping through text files in

    Using VBA, I am trying to convert text files into excel workbooks, open them, and then call a macro on another module (Call DataCleanBehfMRI). Then do the same thing, looping through text files in other subfolders. Folder structure: V:\Behavioral\Twin_behaviorTry\19510196-1\WorkingMemory.txt...
  6. M

    VBA for consolidating data from excel sheets in subfolders

    I have Folder name 2019, inside that I have subfolders in the name of months like "01-2019, 02-2019" so on.... in that I have further subfolders named as date like 01-01 for 1st jan, 02-01 for 2nd jan, 03-01…. and so on and inside each folder there is a excel sheet with name 'Excel Report'...
  7. N

    Backup workbooks without formulas in all folder and subfolders via VBA

    I want to create an archive of all my workbooks that are in the top folder and subfolders in one go (all the information must be presented as a values, therefore no formula). - Top folder contains multiple subfolders and some workbooks. - Each subfolder contains multiple sub-subfolders and some...
  8. S

    replace file names characters "_" with " " in folders and multiple subfolders with more subfolders

    Hello All, I'm new in the forum and after exploring the multiple (great) threads in the forum i have managed to create VBA code to: - list all files in folder, subfolder and more subfolders using FSO function and loop calls of the same to get all files captured from path in designated Range...
  9. E

    VBA - Searching for EXCEL files in various folders help

    Hello! First, thank you for reading. I've used VBA tons of times in the past to make my life easier, but now I'm actually studying Programming to get a degree in it so I know what it is that I'm doing instead of recording macros or modifying code. The issue is that at this point in my studies...
  10. A

    make a list of all xlsx files & their sheets in a folder & its subfolder

    Hello, I am new here and not familiar with VBA so i would like some help if possible. I would like to make a list in excel to include all "xlsx" files and its sheets that will find in a specific folder and its subfolders. Until now, i came across to 2 possible solution but both are not...
  11. D

    userform treeview to view files within folders and subfolders

    Hi everyone, I have been banginf my head on this for quite a while and can't figure it out. I want a userform which lets me select a folder, and then once i select it, it shows me all the files not only within that folder, but all the subfolders as well. i have it so it shows me all the files...
  12. D

    UserForm to list all files within folder and subfolder

    Hi everyone, im trying to get a Userform which allows a user to chose a file and edit it from the form. I was successful in having it be able to edit from the userform, however the only thing left is that when I select a folder, it only shows me the files within the folder, I want it to display...
  13. D

    Importing Multiple Text Files Into One Sheet. Text Files are in different subfolders but are the same name

    I am trying to write a vba code that automatically pulls text files with the same name into one sheet, pasting across columns. The files are in a subfolder of an other subfolder. Each file is in a separate folder. My code can find the folder and locate the file, however I can't find a function...
  14. W

    Copy worksheet from workbook in multiple sub-folders

    Hey guys! I found this vba code posted by Alan Murray and edited for what I need it to do but when I run it, I get the windows blue doughnut for a second and that's it. It doesn't error or hang, it simply does nothing. The task I am trying to accomplish is to: 1. Go into each folder and...
  15. M

    Sort Files into Subfolders Based on First 6 Characters

    Hi, I tried searching for this on the forum but I was not able to find anything similar to what I am trying to accomplish. I have a bunch of files that have the file name structured as follows "C_1000xxxxxxxx", "C1001xxxxxxxx." The length of the file name changes based on the part after the...
  16. T

    Can anyone advise on macros for pc rather than excel

    Ladies and Gents First of all apologies if in wrong forum but donno if anyone can help. I know you can do macros for Excel and Word but can you do macros that run on the PC? I’m trying to get the PC to open “S:\CCTV Downloads\Downloads” and then sort the subfolders into date order. After...
  17. J

    Gather data from different workbooks

    Hey, I have multiple files in multiple subfolders that have data in them that I would like placed into rows along in the workbook the macro is run from. A couple points to note are: -The files are all going to be xls files of some sort -The folders and subfolders will contain various other...
  18. P

    Check if file exist within a hardrive (folder and subfolders)

    I have an excel table with a large amount of file names (PDFs) and their description, as part of a list of documents that had to be delivered. All those files are in a folder (hard drive) organized within many subfolders, and I would like to check whether the documents they presented as...
  19. C

    vba to rename specific files in folder and it's subfolders

    Hi, I have a folder located at 'C:\Users\Steve\Desktop\2018 Data' and it has lots of subfolders and sub-sub folders. Throughout all the folders there are lots of .pptx files that I want to rename. The target files have a mixture of names but they all end in 'v1.0(A3)', eg. 'London v1.0(A3)'...
  20. Z

    Recursive Loop won't end (keeps re-pulling files)

    Hey Everyone! I've been trying to get an excel VBA macro to work by it keeps messing up. The goal is for the macro to open every specific file in all the sub-folders of the main folders. Example: If Main folder has 3 sub-folders called 1, 2, and 3, it'll go into each of those folders and pull...

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