1. M

    VBA to display records on a continuous form

    Hello all! I'm trying to display notes entered on a Subform within the body of an outlook e-mail through VBA. I'm able to get the first one displayed with the code below but not sure how to get all of them displayed as it is a continuous form and the number of entries could be different...
  2. S

    Setup a List Box to Work with a Subform in Access

    How would you setup a list box to filter in your subform using two different items in the list box?
  3. S

    Walkthrough on How to Create a Combo Box with a subform query

    Does anyone have a walkthrough on how to create a combo box with a subform query that is placed into a form please? Trying to get the combo box to search two different fields in the form but it isn't working for me and I guess I need to start from scratch on this one?
  4. B

    "subform datasheet view will only allow me to edit when first opened"

    I have added a subform to the main form so I could have some controls on the main form and the datasheet view on the subform. When I first open the main form I can edit in the subform datasheet without a problem. But if I execute the combo box "cboJobNumber" from the main form to search for a...
  5. D

    delete record

    Acess 365 I have a form called vendor (shows a list of Vendors), with a subform called VendorVariable (to add a Vendor that is in the t_Vendor table to the t_VendorVariable table. I then want the Vendor added to the t_VendorVariable table via the subform to delete the same Vendor from the...
  6. D

    filter subform using cbo box

    Access 2016 I have a form f_WorkingHours with a subform f_WorkingHoursSub. The subform has a combobox called cboDate in the form header. I want to filter the [Report Date] in the subform using cboDate. Also need the option to select all dates or unfilter to show all dates if user wants to...
  7. B

    Show all records of Main form in the subform instead of just one

    I have a main form named "frmTagEntry". The Subform is named "subTagEntry". I want to be able to view all of the records in the subform in datasheet view and have them linked with all of the records in the main form in formview. Basically mirror the form in split form view but using a subform...
  8. B

    Link from a Field in One SubForm to Another SubForm (Already Opened)

    I have a form titled "frmHomePage" which holds three subforms. ""frmReportsSubForm", frmStudentSchedule", and frmStudentBio". When I enter a new student in the "...Bio" subform I would like to go directly to the same student in the "...Schedule" subform. To this end I have a button which hold a...
  9. T

    Looking for repeat applicants in a database where an entry can have 1-4 applicants

    I've been asked to create a database for a new funding scheme at my place of work, something I've done before for a simpler funding scheme. One thing I've done in the simpler DB is add a subform that lists all proposals where the applicant name is identical, so we can quickly check whether...
  10. A

    Using results from a subform to populate the main form

    Hello I have a main form called Handyperson to log all enquires relating to this service. Each time a customer or potential customer rings up it is logged on this form. On this form there is a search button. I have a subform called search which has a search facility and the results are shown...
  11. S

    TransferSpreadsheet from Excel to Access or Vice-versa

    Hi All, I hope someone can help me.. My problem is, I have Report in MS Access with Main form and subform on which subform linked to main form. How can I export to excel the main and subform altogether, because as of now I can't export both. I have found a code below on the net but I don't know...
  12. R

    Subform Query

    Hello again! I am trying to build a form that will show the User Permissions level, uSecurityID, based off a combo box (dropdown) selection. I have a SubForm "sf_qry_UserPermissions," a Form "FrmUserPermissions," and a Query "QryUserPermissions". The subform pulls from the query just like I...
  13. P

    Access 2013 subform (show all records help)

    Hello all, I have a subform based on a query. There are only 3 data columns in the subform. The subform is not based on any other item other than the query. I am not seeing all the records generated from the query. If i run the query, I see them all, I open the form and the subform only shows 1...
  14. T

    Access 2016, many-to-many relationships and subforms

    This is a bit frustrating: I know that this is something I myself have managed to do in the past, with the help of this forum - but it's been half a dozen years since I worked with Access, so I can't remember how best to solve this. I'm currently putting together a database for work that will...
  15. J

    referencing a control on a subform list in a navigation form

    hi All, I have a navigation for 01 Main On the navigation form, I have a subform FrmSocialGraph On the FrmSocialGraph I have a Subform FrmSGUsgage - which has a list box on it. From the list box I need to pass a value to the textbox on FrmSOcialGraph. My code looks as follows: Private...
  16. R

    Button to Save subform records to new tables

    Hi, I'm newbie to access and was trying to create a database to keep track shipment movements in my office warehouse. We have thousands of shipments moving between bin/cages and bags. I have create a form with subform to allow operation staff to scan the bins and the shipments when they moving...
  17. T

    Sub Form data type as Auto Number

    Seems like I must just be missing something simple here. I have a form Order, with a subform, Order_Line, and one of the required fields in the subform is the Line #. Is there a function I can add to the default value so that this will auto number with each line for each order?
  18. B

    Delete and Open subform record from form?

    Hi Here is a link to my test project:!AnrRbil63rR_x0zxxMXkT7jVvwRY I hope someone are willing to help me with two things. If you open the form called Staff Profile Form It contains the data from table staff profile and data from contract information. I like how the subform...
  19. P

    Its been a long time...need help

    (Access 2010) Hello all, It's been a long time since I've fooled around with Access and have an issue that I could use some help with... I have a form containing a subform. The main form has 1 combo box linked to another table. The subform record set is from a query. The query criteria is from...
  20. C

    Requery not working

    I have a field called R_Cost when the cost change I what to requery the subform. Private Sub R_Cost_AfterUpdate() Forms![Food Show - Review All]![Food Show subform]![Cost Review Subform - Review All].Form.Requery End Sub This is not working?

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