1. brendalpzm

    Gallery.Selected not working

    I am creating a booking system with the logic of slots availability But when I select the slot from the gallery it doesn't fill the form I already input Gallery.Selected also tried with LookUp('Data Source',ID=Gallery.Selected.ID) and it doesn't work either
  2. G

    How do I submit my Excel template to Microsoft?

    I have created an Excel template to determine recommended portfolio allocation based on age and values of investment accounts. I would like to submit it to Microsoft for other users to be able to download and use. How do I do that? Thanks.
  3. M

    Not able to submit a HTML form

    Hi, The following code tries to populate the login form of my library account and submit the form. This code used to work fine until a few months ago. Now I am able to populate the account information but the submit action doesn't seem to work. On the other hand, if I stop the macro...
  4. N

    VBA - Quick question

    Hey all! I'm sure this is an easy one, but I'm not very familiar with VBA. Essentially I'm trying to hide a submit button until one of the two selections are made from a drop down in I8. The below works for one phrase, but I can't figure out how to add another phrase to it. I want it so if...
  5. Z

    SmartView Essbase Submiting data

    Hi, I am trying to find out a way to submit a data in SmartView ( (Build149)) with VBA. Here is a code i am currently using to test and it works only when the the amounts are static/values but when the amounts are generated by formulas the code does not submit anything. Any ideas...
  6. H

    Count no of Message boxes displayed.

    How can I count the number of msgbox appeared between two events. The events probably are: 1. Opening userform 2. Clicking the submit button
  7. B

    Calling multiple rows of data for input at once

    I am using a macro to link data (18,000 rows) to a website for automatic input. I've figured out how to call one line "A3" and it will go to the website, log in, input data and hit submit. I am at a loss how to get it to then input the next row of cells "B3" then hit submit, then C3... etc, I...
  8. MFish

    Going from userform1 to userform2 and then back to userform1

    I have a combobox1 in UF1 that is coded as... sub combobox1_change() end sub Once userform2 shows up, I need another combobox to select something. Code I have... Sub combobox1() Me.combobox1.List = Worksheets("Drop Down Data").Range("d3:d51").Value end sub Once...
  9. S

    VBA & Macro for Command Button

    Excel macro code for below requirement I have a sheet "Daily Report" which contains 3 Pivot tables for 3 different staff. the pivot table is populated based on the vlookup of the data from various other sheets Engineer 1 Column C - Date of the activity Column D - Name of the staff Column E -...
  10. W

    Transferring data from a user form

    Hi, I've created a userform with text boxes and check boxes but struggling to work out how to get the data transferred onto a spreadsheet via a submit button.
  11. B

    VBA - Textbox as caption

    Hi, I have a userform with several textboxes and a submit button. My goal is to show a summary box of all entered data when the submit button is clicked. Below is the code that I have but is not working. Thanks for the help! Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Summary.Show End Sub...
  12. M

    Popup Input Field When Opening Excel File

    I have the code below to open the user input fields when the sheet first opens and it works fine. Sub Auto_Open() ProjectInformation.Show End Sub My Project Information input field has info like date, quote number, location, room dimensions, system etc. It has 2 buttons on the first pop...
  13. D

    Message box VBA

    Hello, I have created a form in excel and have cells E3, E7 and E19 that are drop downs that need to require information to be selected. E3 has "Select Name", E7 has "Select Reason" and E19 has "Select Yes/No". Can I have a message box that would pop up if any of those boxes have those key...
  14. C

    VBA Userform: Sending data to specific Sheet depending on which Option Button selected

    Hi all :) I'm pretty new to all this so hope someone can help me. I have a userform set up which initially asks for ComboBox1 (Cmb1) and TextBox1 (Txt1) to be filled in. Then I have two option buttons. OptonButton1 (Opt1) brings up TextBoxes 2, 3 and 4 (Txt2, Txt3, Txt4) OptionButton2 (Opt2)...
  15. I

    Clear userform fields upon submit

    Morning, After i submit my form i would like to the have the field contents cleared so i can then start my second data input etc. My code in use is supplied below. Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() With Sheets("DATABASE") .Range("A6").Value = Me.TextBox1.Text...
  16. D


    Hi folks, Just a quick on (I hope) is there an easy way on having a dropdown list with a submit button under it and then when the button is pressed it counts up on a table in another sheet after every press of the submit button. An example of what I mean is below. Because I dont know how to...
  17. D

    submit then reset userform when max length is met

    Hello, I currently have: Private Sub textbox1_change() If Len(TextBox1.Text) = 3 Then TextBox3.SetFocus End If End Sub Once max length on last textbox is reached, I would like the form to submit automatically without clicking command button, and then to reset the form with a setfocus of...
  18. D

    Input Data From Excel to Webpage and submit.

    Hi, I am new to webscrapping. I want to transfer data of my excel into webpage form and submit it. And want this process to repeat it again and again for different cells.
  19. rhino4eva

    Developing USERFORMS

    i have seen tutorials on how to set a userform to setup a database style worksheet ... but i need to move on a little to achieve my goal. my userform consists of a combo box with 3 choices named the same as 3 worksheets with the same book. under which is a text box for the date and 2 other test...
  20. W

    If/Then Formulas

    I am trying to do a formula for: IF C5 is blank, then leave blank. If C5 has data, then subtract B5-C5. How do I do this? I have a picture, as well but don't know how to submit it on here.

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