subscript out of range

  1. R

    Subscript out of range error when opening another workbook

    Hi, For my job I made a pretty big workbook doing a whole lot of calculations and everything is working as it should but I run into a problem when I try opening other workbooks alongside it. For some reason, when I open another workbook with or without any VBA-code in it, the private...
  2. N

    How to copy a range from 1 workbook to a new workbook and avoid subscript out of range error

    I am trying to copy a range from 1 workbook to a new workbook, but I keep getting subscript out of range and I don't know how to fix it. The workbook still has no name, since I still have not saved it, since I am going to save it until all my code executes. Any help will be greatly apperciated...
  3. A

    Subscript out of Range Error when opening Excel 97-2003 Workbook

    I am trying to open a Excel 97-2003 file that contains macros. For some reason when I do so, it opens it but immediately says "subscript out of range". I know my syntax is correct because it works perfectly fine when I open any other macro filled excel file. I have double checked my Trust Center...
  4. A

    Run time error 9: subscript out of range when opening a workbook in VBA

    I am trying to open a new workbook in VBA. I have pasted the relevant part of my code below. I'm new to VBA so bare with me :) I have tried various .open formats, but each time I get the same run time error. The file I am trying to open is a Excel 97-2003 file (contains macros). Any help would...
  5. M

    "Subscript out of range" error when using variables as worksheet reference

    Hi. I have been using excel macro as below and experiencing "Runtime error 9: Subscript out of range" error. It happens only when I use a variable to reference a worksheet within a workbook.
  6. S

    Why is windows.activate subscript out of range (error 9)?

    I am trying to activate a window that I have just opened. My code is as follows: Dim quarter As Integer Dim yr As Integer yr = InputBox("Enter the year:", "Year") quarter = InputBox("Enter the quarter (just the number):", "Quarter") If quarter <> 1 Then...
  7. I

    Macro Runtime Error 9: subscript out of range

    Hi, Disclaimer: I am using Excel 365 and I have zero programming knowledge or experience. Today I used Macros for the first time and recorded a Macro to pull bank fixed deposit rates from a bank website and input data from this table to another one. But when I run this Macro, I get a Runtime...
  8. I

    VBA code to identify one open workbook only working when certain workbook is open in a specific order?

    Hello. So I have this VBA code to identify two open workbooks and match data across them. One is Routing. One is Pickorder. This one is a unique name daily but always has PickOrder in it along with the current date. When this code is run a third workbook is open (not part of code). However when...
  9. T

    VBA Code Error

    Hello, Let me start by saying that I am very new to VBA coding, so I'm sure I am making a simple mistake. I found similar questions to this on the forum, but none had exactly what I'm looking for. I have a document that is updated daily to track certain progress in my work team. I have...
  10. Rymare

    Subscript out of Range Error

    I keep getting a subscript out of range error when I run this code Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim file_path As String Dim xlApp As Excel.Application Set xlApp = CreateObject("Excel.Application") file_path = FileSelectBox("*.xlsx") xlApp.Visible = True 'xlApp.Workbooks.Open...
  11. S

    Subscript of our range

    Hi, Im writing some code to calculate daily, monthly and annual realised volatlity. ( I know i can do this with stdev but for what i want to use it for i want a manual calc.) I keep getting "subscript out of range" error once it goes beyond my last cell in the monthly calcluation Any ideas...
  12. R


    Hello all, I am trying to import data from a network file to update a dashboard. My VBA retreives the data a brings it into a new workbook but then when my code attempts to copy and paste in into my forecasting model i receive a runtime error 9 "subscript out of range". I want to declare the...
  13. C

    How to set another workbook as a variable

    I am trying to set an open workbook as variable book2 but keep getting a 'Subscript out of range' error. Below is the code I am working with. It errors at 'Set book2'. It's completely random and will work sometimes but most of the time it doesn't. Could someone help? Set book1 = ActiveWorkbook...
  14. J

    Sub prompts to Open File but get Run Time Error 9 - Subscript out of Range

    Hi Team Amazing, I need some help. I have a sub that allows users to select a workbook and then open it. I then prompt them to select the tab that contains the data required. I then want to copy all of the data from this tab and paste it into the workbook where the Sub is located...
  15. 3

    "Subscript out of range", in VBA function?

    Happy sunday everybody! I am new to vba and I am trying to create a deck of 40 cards (mazzo2), with suits (seme) and values (valore): Function NtoCarta40() As String Dim seme(1 To 40) As String, valore(1 To 40) As Long, i As Long, mazzo2(1 To 40) As String For i = 1 To 40 Select Case i...
  16. E

    Run-time error ”9”:Subscript Out of Range VBA - Excel 2016

    Thank you for your time. I am a real beginner in the VBA and I am asking for your help for the next issue. I have A sheet called "START" in which an ActiveX ComboBox named ”CLIENTI” is inserted, and A sheet called "CLIENT" in which the Range ”B3:B100” contain hyperlink addresses to various...
  17. J

    HPageBreaks.Location Error

    Hello, I have a piece of code designed to place horizontal page breaks so the heading for a group of data isn't by itself at the bottom of a page. However, it throws a run-time error 9 - subscript out of range. This appears to be a known issue, but Microsoft's solution, to select the last cell...
  18. M

    Subscript out of Range Run-time error 9

    Hi, I am getting a script out of range error message. I am trying to look up the text in cell B4 on Sheet “Specs.” My table array is a named range call “ContinueWithTask”. ContinueWithTask is columns A:X on a sheet called “Task Names”. If the vlookup finds the cells is empty, I want it...
  19. M

    VBA - Subscript Out of Range

    Good Afternoon, been racking my brain on this one for awhile and cannot figure it out. I keep getting a subscript out of range on the second line of code listed below. When I run this code on a regular table it works great, but when ran on a pivot table it wont work. Any help would be greatly...
  20. C

    Subscript Error when using Split

    Hey all, I'm working on this code but everytime I run it, I get a subscript error on the .Value lines. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Private Sub ComboBox2_Change() Range("F3:PO3").Clear Dim SDates() As String Dim CDates As String Dim c As Range Select Case ComboBox2 Case Is =...

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