1. masud8956

    Adding st, nd, rd, th to ranked values

    Hi everyone! I am using the following formula to rank 20 rows of entries at S5:S24. =IF(ISNUMBER(R5),1+COUNTIF($R$5:$R$24,">"&R5),"") What modification do I need to get the texts st, nd, rd, th as ordinal suffix? Regards
  2. N

    Separate out first and last name

    Hey all! I have a very long list of employees in which I need to extract their names into a consistent format. I'm using the below formulas with a 99% success rate, however employees with a suffix of "JR" or "II" (etc) are throwing a monkey wrench in the calculation. First...
  3. B

    Replace 3 Characters from Right in String

    Hello, I tried to find an example online, but no luck. I have a huge list of strings that some of them end with "ini" as a suffix. I would like to replace it with "not". The trick here is that the length of words is variable, it can go from 3 until 15 and more. Not all words have such suffix...
  4. H

    VBA Code - add sheet with previous sheet name and suffix

    Hi AllI'm filtering on column I and creating a new sheet to move the contents too. I need to rename the sheet as the previous sheet name with the criteria suffix. Could somebody help me please with the last part of my code? Thanks Range("I1").Select Selection.AutoFilter...
  5. S

    Vlookup to closed spreadsheet where date suffix changes each day

    Hi, I was wondering if somebody could help me work out how to do a formula to lookup data within a closed spreadsheet where the date of the file changes each day with the suffix of todays date. I have been searching and trying to do this myself with the below formula but I don't seem to be...
  6. J

    finding substring from a string with dashes

    I have parts in the following format: <tbody> ABVD-JtU5d-NR393. Where the prefix, base and suffix can be any length., but there are always two dashes. I need to add a column to show the prefix, base, and first letter only of suffix. So for the above part, i want to extract ABVD-JtU5d-N...
  7. J

    Formula to return store name with highest sales (subject to restrictions)

    Hi there, To simplify, I have 4 stores and I want to return the store name with the highest sales*. But I want to exclude store names with a numbered suffix (i.e. only store names that end with a letter suffix should be included). So in the table below, I'd want the formula to return Store C...
  8. D

    VBA replace cell strings

    Hi. My first time posting. I require help with a VBA macro. I have Range names in a workbook that I refer to in formulas in excel cells. One of the range names is “production”. The other range name is “production.cubic.feet”. I want to add a suffix ( _copy) to these names using some kind of...
  9. D

    New Excel update causes two Templates to open when I try to open one

    Hello, As of a Microsoft update around the end of September 2017, I can't get any Templates I've made and been using for years now to open properly. Instead of just Double-Clicking on either a xltx or xltm file (in Excel 2016) and seeing 1 copy of the Template open with a suffix of "1", the...
  10. F

    Sum of numbers with different prefix

    Hello, New to the forum and have read thru the tips before posting and hope my chart was loaded correctly. I also search for an answer to my question but found nothing. Well I work out of Autocad but my tables are imported data from excel spreadsheets. So what I am trying to do is get the my...
  11. J

    Prefix/Suffix Data Validation List

    I'm finding it really difficult to understand how to prefix or suffix a set of words based on a what I have chosen in a 'Data Validation List'. CLICK HERE TO SEE/DOWNLOAD AN EXAMPLE SPREADSHEET I have a list of words in column A and a list of words in column B. In Cell C1 i have a data...
  12. F

    Generate series with suffix and prefix but middle change

    Hello i want to make a list of my products in this way upto 600: Fbtr-1-s fbtr-1-m fbtr-1-l fbtr-1-xl fbtr-2-s fbtr-2-m fbtr-2-l fbtr-2-xl now here fbtr- is prefix and there are four suffix i.e. s,m,l,xl... i want to change only numeric part 1 to 600. please guide me. Regards
  13. A

    Add serial alphabet suffix based on a constant number

    Hi, I have a data as name in 1st column and quantity in 2nd column like Sam 2 Ram 3 Madan 2 Reddy 5 I want the data to be sorted to create unique bar code values as Sam_1 Sam_2 Ram_1 Ram_2 Ram_3 Madan_1 Madan_2 Reddy_1 Reddy_2 Reddy_3 Reddy_4 Reddy_5 Kindly help. Thanks in advance
  14. J

    How to export suffixes in MS Excel to MS Word

    Hi all, I have a list of 150 lines in MS Excel that contain random six digit suffixes (the ending of a promo code). I am trying to determine how I can export these numbers to MS Word onto a business like card page so that we can print the codes off (i.e. PROMOCODE-546213). Is this possible...
  15. R

    generate plurals for a list of words

    Hello, Please help with a macro to convert a list of one or two words in a column to a combination of the same word/s with as many correctly spelt concatenated suffix synomyms possible, listed below are some examples: Fish = Fishes, Fisher.... Family Photo = Family Photos, Families Photo...
  16. S

    Separating suffixes

    Hi everyone. I have a giant list people, and am having a problem with cleaning the data and making it uniform. The issue is that there is supposed to be a column that has name suffixes (Jr, Sr, iii ect), but many of the names have the suffix after the last name. I am trying to move them over...

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