1. 1

    Lookup for Comma-separated values with numerical suffixes

    Hi there, I was wondering if would be possible to use a cell with comma-separated values that have suffixes (i.e. iterations or repetitions) that in turn translate into the full value in the lookup table. The dataset we use is frankly ugly, but it would be nice if there was a way to make the...
  2. S

    Define As String variably using If & ElseIf

    Hi there experts! I have a preexisting VBA code to create and submit data files into a Snowflake Data Warehouse. Now, they'd like me to change the data file names to have a version suffix, to differentiate files in case we need to resubmit them during the month. For example "..._01", "..._02"...
  3. masud8956

    Adding st, nd, rd, th to ranked values

    Hi everyone! I am using the following formula to rank 20 rows of entries at S5:S24. =IF(ISNUMBER(R5),1+COUNTIF($R$5:$R$24,">"&R5),"") What modification do I need to get the texts st, nd, rd, th as ordinal suffix? Regards
  4. N

    Separate out first and last name

    Hey all! I have a very long list of employees in which I need to extract their names into a consistent format. I'm using the below formulas with a 99% success rate, however employees with a suffix of "JR" or "II" (etc) are throwing a monkey wrench in the calculation. First...
  5. B

    Replace 3 Characters from Right in String

    Hello, I tried to find an example online, but no luck. I have a huge list of strings that some of them end with "ini" as a suffix. I would like to replace it with "not". The trick here is that the length of words is variable, it can go from 3 until 15 and more. Not all words have such suffix...
  6. H

    VBA Code - add sheet with previous sheet name and suffix

    Hi AllI'm filtering on column I and creating a new sheet to move the contents too. I need to rename the sheet as the previous sheet name with the criteria suffix. Could somebody help me please with the last part of my code? Thanks Range("I1").Select Selection.AutoFilter...
  7. S

    Vlookup to closed spreadsheet where date suffix changes each day

    Hi, I was wondering if somebody could help me work out how to do a formula to lookup data within a closed spreadsheet where the date of the file changes each day with the suffix of todays date. I have been searching and trying to do this myself with the below formula but I don't seem to be...
  8. J

    finding substring from a string with dashes

    I have parts in the following format: <tbody> ABVD-JtU5d-NR393. Where the prefix, base and suffix can be any length., but there are always two dashes. I need to add a column to show the prefix, base, and first letter only of suffix. So for the above part, i want to extract ABVD-JtU5d-N...
  9. J

    Formula to return store name with highest sales (subject to restrictions)

    Hi there, To simplify, I have 4 stores and I want to return the store name with the highest sales*. But I want to exclude store names with a numbered suffix (i.e. only store names that end with a letter suffix should be included). So in the table below, I'd want the formula to return Store C...
  10. D

    VBA replace cell strings

    Hi. My first time posting. I require help with a VBA macro. I have Range names in a workbook that I refer to in formulas in excel cells. One of the range names is “production”. The other range name is “production.cubic.feet”. I want to add a suffix ( _copy) to these names using some kind of...
  11. DougRobertson

    New Excel update causes two Templates to open when I try to open one

    Hello, As of a Microsoft update around the end of September 2017, I can't get any Templates I've made and been using for years now to open properly. Instead of just Double-Clicking on either a xltx or xltm file (in Excel 2016) and seeing 1 copy of the Template open with a suffix of "1", the...
  12. F

    Sum of numbers with different prefix

    Hello, New to the forum and have read thru the tips before posting and hope my chart was loaded correctly. I also search for an answer to my question but found nothing. Well I work out of Autocad but my tables are imported data from excel spreadsheets. So what I am trying to do is get the my...
  13. J

    Prefix/Suffix Data Validation List

    I'm finding it really difficult to understand how to prefix or suffix a set of words based on a what I have chosen in a 'Data Validation List'. CLICK HERE TO SEE/DOWNLOAD AN EXAMPLE SPREADSHEET I have a list of words in column A and a list of words in column B. In Cell C1 i have a data...
  14. F

    Generate series with suffix and prefix but middle change

    Hello i want to make a list of my products in this way upto 600: Fbtr-1-s fbtr-1-m fbtr-1-l fbtr-1-xl fbtr-2-s fbtr-2-m fbtr-2-l fbtr-2-xl now here fbtr- is prefix and there are four suffix i.e. s,m,l,xl... i want to change only numeric part 1 to 600. please guide me. Regards
  15. A

    Add serial alphabet suffix based on a constant number

    Hi, I have a data as name in 1st column and quantity in 2nd column like Sam 2 Ram 3 Madan 2 Reddy 5 I want the data to be sorted to create unique bar code values as Sam_1 Sam_2 Ram_1 Ram_2 Ram_3 Madan_1 Madan_2 Reddy_1 Reddy_2 Reddy_3 Reddy_4 Reddy_5 Kindly help. Thanks in advance
  16. J

    How to export suffixes in MS Excel to MS Word

    Hi all, I have a list of 150 lines in MS Excel that contain random six digit suffixes (the ending of a promo code). I am trying to determine how I can export these numbers to MS Word onto a business like card page so that we can print the codes off (i.e. PROMOCODE-546213). Is this possible...
  17. R

    generate plurals for a list of words

    Hello, Please help with a macro to convert a list of one or two words in a column to a combination of the same word/s with as many correctly spelt concatenated suffix synomyms possible, listed below are some examples: Fish = Fishes, Fisher.... Family Photo = Family Photos, Families Photo...
  18. S

    Separating suffixes

    Hi everyone. I have a giant list people, and am having a problem with cleaning the data and making it uniform. The issue is that there is supposed to be a column that has name suffixes (Jr, Sr, iii ect), but many of the names have the suffix after the last name. I am trying to move them over...

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