1. T

    Skip Empty Cells With VLOOKUP or INDEX

    Hello! I am trying to use either formula above to give me the performance of a specific employee while skipping empty cells. I have VLOOKUPs and several other formulas at play for different cells but the formula I am attempting to create is calling a page that has one or more blank cells for...
  2. G

    Data Validation

    Hello all, Trying to add multiple data validations for a cell and having hard time getting conditions to work. Restrictions are numbers between 0 and 100 or just the text value of x. Any suggestions would be great! thanks!
  3. B


    I need to edit the code below so it stops counting when it hits 0. SUggestions? =COUNTIF(K5:K29,"<=30")
  4. C

    Setting a cell to be blank or a minimum value

    Hi, So the title of this thread is probably not the most helpful but I could not come up with anything better - suggestions are welcome. I have a formula like this: =IF(SUM(E9+H9+K9<=8),8,SUM(E9+H9+K9)) which basically says if the sum of the values in cells E9, H9 and K9 are less than 8 then...
  5. 1

    Positioning Subtotals to the next column on right

    Hi, I've searched through 4 pages of "Subtotal" posts in this forum but didn't see one that covers what I need. I just want to have Subtotal values appear to the right of the column being sub-totalled rather than directly below each group of numbers. The col to the right would be created just...
  6. N

    Excel Round Function

    Hello, I have an inquiry regarding round function and not sure if there is a solution or not The numbers in Column "A" are depends on some calculations What I need is to round the numbers in Column "A" to be only as the numbers in Column "D" (looks like (250, 250*2, 250*3, 250*4...)) I used...
  7. J

    Use VLookup in VBA

    Can I use vlookup to search values and ranges and two sheets and return results to a blank sheet (Sheet3)? For example, sheet2 has a value in B2. Sheet1 has the same value in E2, but I want to return the value in A2 to sheet3. I want to do this is vba. If possible, any suggestions to get me...
  8. S

    problem with VBA

    Hi everyone! I'm sort of new here,a novice.I'v had problems with the excel for some time but the online suggestions couldn't help me as I don't know a lot of stuff. here is the deal,whenever I use a vba code. I have to clean up a list of exel on Task manager otherwise when I turn on my...
  9. S

    Concatenate $ amounts

    I want to concatenate 2 $ amounts but I lose the $ and the , in between the numbers. For example: A1 = $100,000 B1 = $200,000 C1 = concatenate (a1," & ",B1) The result I get is 100000 & 200000 So I lose the $ and the commas. Any suggestions? thanks
  10. R

    SendKeys and Ctrl+a problem

    If I write sendKeys "{^a}" I get "Run-time error '5': Invalid procedure or argument". But if I write sendKeys "{HOME}" it works. Any suggestions please?
  11. B

    PDF into Excel or Access

    I have a list of addresses and other stuff in a PDF format that I need to convert to something that can import into Excel or Access. The list is proprietary so I cannot use an on line utility. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how this might be accomplished? I can do a modicum of VBA for...
  12. R

    Personal file not displaying

    My personal file appears in the project window of VBE, and accepts new coding, but the spreadsheet itself does not come onto the monitor. Any suggestions, please?
  13. S

    Compile Error - Versions

    Can anyone tell what the prob might be. Getting compile error on start up. Used to work fine. Then they upgraded to Windows 10. I suspect a 32/64 bit confliction. Any suggestions? Thanks Option ExplicitPrivate Declare Function ShowWindow _ Lib "user32" _ (ByVal hwnd As Long, _ ByVal nCmdShow...
  14. J

    Index Match help

    Hi! I have a formula (below) that is working when I use the exact term I want to look up (DEN C) but I would like to look up anything that starts with DEN. There should be three possible options, DEN S, DEN C, and DEN F. {=INDEX(E:E,MATCH(1,(Withholdings!A:A=Data!A2)*(Withholdings!F:F="DEN...
  15. U

    Format the 3 numbers in a column closest to ZERO

    Ok so here is what I'm trying to do. Here are my numbers .. I want to highlight the three lowse numbers closest to zero. Which would be numbers 0.1 , -.08 and 0.9 ... I have tried several formulas but nothing has worked. Any suggestions or the right conditional format formula would be...
  16. J

    Why does this formula take so long???

    =Countif($a$2:$a$150000,a2) So when copied down in B and pressing F9 takes litterally 10-15 mins to calculate.. I have used this before and it didnt take this long? any suggestions as to why? or an alternative to achieve the same result? thanks J
  17. R

    Divide result by 5

    I have this formula: =IFERROR(VLOOKUP($A8,[BannerAvails4.19.xlsx]Q2!$A$3:$FC$156,4,FALSE),"0") which produces the result I need. Now I need to modify it so that the resulting number will be divided by 5. Nothing I've tried seems to work. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance
  18. F

    Suggestions on where to learn the basics

    Does anyone have suggestions on where to go back to the basics of learning VBA? I've been self-taught over the past six years by reverse engineering results from the macro recorder and Google searches. I've always felt like I skipped the basics and never learned anything about the core concepts...
  19. S

    Move to first blank cell in a column upon opening workbook

    I have hopefully a pretty simple request; I just haven’tcoded anything like this request before so I was hoping you guys could help. Basically, all I need is some coding that will run uponopening a an excel workbook that will take the user to the first blank cell incolumn A. That’s all. Any...
  20. T

    Need Help Nesting If/Then Argument

    Hello - I need some help with my GoT pool Scorecard. In Cell F9 I have no value entered, so I want cell G9 to Show no value as well (not -1). Any suggestions?

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