sum across sheets

  1. L

    combine two sheets, summing the matching column/row quantities and adding in new any columns and rows that only appear on one of the sheets

    Hi, I have been frantically trying different methods and searching for help for a while to complete this, but unable to find a solution that allows you to combine sheets if column headers do not remain constant. I need a macro that will produce a summary sheet combining an initial despatch log...
  2. W

    Search for like values in several worksheets and sum them in a totals worksheet

    I have a workbook that contains 53 sheets (one for every week of the year and a Totals sheet) where I am downloading production data each week by operator and want to keep a running total in my totals sheet. There are a varying number of operators each week. I want to look for an operator and...
  3. N

    VBA Code Help to SUM Cells Across Worksheets

    Hi folks, I am putting together an Exit Interview workbook and need a lot of help. I have a summary tab which should total the same cells across multiple exit interview worksheets, as they are added. I have one Exit Worksheet 1 tab, and more will be added as needed. I have a macro button at...
  4. J

    Compute and populate the chart from date range

    Hi all, I hope you can help me with what I would like to do. I've searched and searched and not come up with anything yet!! I have one sheet which is my 'data' sheet with a number of columns according to date. And I have another sheet which is the chart sheet. I want to populate the chart...
  5. A

    Paste a SUM from Sheet 2 into Sheet 1

    I am trying to build a macro to make some calculations from Sheet 2 and paste the values into Sheet one The button I have runs the macro from Sheet 1 Sub MonthlyMacro() Sheets("Sheet 1").Range("M6") = "=SUM(Sheet 2!U:U)" End Sub
  6. zakasnak

    Sum across workbooks, same cell, same tab name

    I know I can use an indirect formula to sum across sheets in the same workbook, but is there a way to sum across workbooks, using the same tab name and same cell?
  7. D

    Help Please - Modification of SUM formula - same cell across multiple tabs

    Hi All -- I've run across something I can use your help with. I know the formula to add the same cell across multiple contiguous sheets is: =SUM('Sheet1:Sheet5'!B5) which addes the value in B5 across all sheets between 1 and 5 I'd like to be able to have the user select the 1st sheet in the...
  8. D

    Sum Across Worksheets

    Following up on a similar post regarding summing scores across multiple sheets, I need to modify the formula that Aladin was so kind to provide to fit a different summary sheet. This time I need to split out the different skill levels within a category. Aladin used a way to concatenate the...
  9. S

    Compare two sheets and sum a range of values

    Hi, I have two sheets in a workbook. Sheet1 includes information on average monthly pocket money of students from different schools. Sheet1: <tbody> Month School1 School2 School3 School4 Jan 100 125 125 100 Feb 125 100 75 125 Mar 75 150 100 75 Apr 100 100 125 100 May 90 125 100 125...
  10. E

    Sum in different sheet in Excel 2013

    Hi all, Hopefully there is an easy fix for this! I 'upgraded' to Excel 2013 today and I have noticed that when I am doing a SUM or SUMIF etc in one sheet or workbook where the array is in a different tab or workbook, Excel no longer highlights the cells I am selecting, so it is relatively...
  11. J

    Summing across multiple worksheets in the same workbook

    Hi I am pulling my hair out with this. I am sure there is a simple answer. I am trying to sum cell AM4 across multiple worksheets labelled months APRIL-MARCH (financial year). The Cell AM4 in each worksheet currently has the following formula =SUM(AD4,U4,L4,C4) (yes i selected the cells...
  12. D

    Display cell reference based on the data in a cell that is part of a sum record

    I used Excel to figure the payroll commission that we pay our salespeople. I have an individual worksheet for each person that totals in the same manner for everyone. At the end, I have a page that totals all of the individual totals. We use a "draw system" for paying our employees, which...
  13. R

    Trying to link 2 pages into a formula

    Does anyone know if it is possible to link into a cell the sum of a line of figures? I was trying to press an "=" into the cell that I want the answer in, and then highlight the row I need the sum of (which is on a different sheet) It is returning with a 0 value every time, even though there are...
  14. J

    External reference inside function INDIRECT

    I have a workbook with data in 84 separate sheets, all of which have the same format. The data sheets represent different projects. The data I am interested in, a type of expenditure, is in column D, rows 22 – 61 of the sheets. The corresponding row in column B contains an identifier which...
  15. D

    Rolling 12 Month Totals from Different Worksheets

    Looking for a way to create a 12-month rolling total in which the totals are not only in the current worksheet but from other worksheets. The worksheets are setup identical and the tab names have a name and year (i.e., AS0904-2012). Each worksheet represents a calendar year. The totals are in...
  16. D

    Sum Across Worksheets with Two Criteria

    I am in need of a formula that can sum ranges across worksheets with more than one criteria. The following works but looking for a way to simplify: =SUMPRODUCT(--('Jan 2012'!$B$9:$B$55=K$8),--('Jan 2012'!$C$9:$C$55=D$16),'Jan 2012'!$H$9:$H$55)+SUMPRODUCT(--('Feb 2012'!$B$9:$B$55=K$8),--('Feb...
  17. J

    48 worksheets to summarize

    So far, I have been able to create formulas to track $ by employee and total by contract; however, tracking unbilled hours (my final goal) has proven to be a challenge. The first two summaries draw the information from one worksheet; whereas, the unbilled data come from many (eventually 48...
  18. S

    Use Cell Value Sheet Reference for sum function

    I'm trying to write a formula to sum numbers from different sheets. The formula will be used to total values from different report sheets, but the last report number is not known. I have already set up macro to rename each sheet "REPORT X" where X is the number of the report. On the totals...
  19. B

    Trying to add up Data from Several Excel Files

    Hello, I am using XL07 and trying to add up totals from several expense reports in one worksheet summary. Each expense report is a separate file. Cells A14 - A27 are the expense description, like Airfare, breakfast, lunch, etc. Cells I14 - I27 are the totals for each row. Example of the...
  20. K

    Looping Macro Help!

    <TABLE width="100%"><TBODY><TR><TD> I have a spreadsheet that has multiple rows for the same date (Col A), each with different product data in cols B-M. I need to be able to read through each row until the date changes (the number of rows changes each day). Whilst the date matches I need to add...

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