sum based on criteria

  1. R

    Summing values based of adjacent value

    Hi i have a table as follows and I would like to sum the values in column B based on the values in column A and place the answer in column D in order of column C. This is just an example of what i want the values are not 1, 2, 3 etc. <tbody> A B C D 1 10 1 2 50 2 3 42 3 1 82 4 1...
  2. K

    Sum with subtotals

    I am wanting to subtotal banking from a number of stores from security company receipt sheets. On the sheets column A contains a:- "L" where column C has the location name "B" where column N has the daily banking figure. I need to get the period banking subtotals for each location and then...
  3. Darkzler

    Sum a range of values depending on which month it is. (SUMIF?)

    Hello everyone, Got a new issue which I can't really get to work. I have the following: Dates in column A Repaired items in column C Damaged items in column D I want a table that summarizes repaired and damaged items depending on which month it has been added. For examples, ten entries...
  4. C

    Difficult sum query - I'm s(t)umped!

    I have a set of data which contains the following: <tbody> 2008 1 2009 2 2010 0 2011 Charge XYZ </tbody> This data repeats, so sometimes the date with the last value in will be 2011, and sometimes the only value will be in the earliest i.e. 2008. The output I need is: <tbody> 2008...
  5. M

    Sum values in one column based on unique, filtered values in another

    Please help me! I'm trying to sum filtered values from column J (course credits) based on unique values from column F (unique course ID). The desired result would return a count of 3 unique values (courses) for column F and a subtotal of 10 (credits) for column J. <tbody> A B C D E...
  6. M

    Certain criteria If function

    So if I have three adjacent cells: 0 3 0 I want to keep this data. But I also want to sum these three numbers up. The issue is that the "3" is equal to a "N/A", so I dont want to include it in the sum. How can I add these three cells up without including the 3? Note that the placement...
  7. J

    Sum duplicate names in a column VBA

    Hi everyone, I have a single column of data in Column A that looks like this: Joe Joe Joe John John Josh Josh Josh Josh Can someone please provide me with code that would sum the number of Joes, Johns, and Joshs and put the sum for each name in the adjacement column. Thank you in advance...
  8. D

    sum range, but add a value to empty cells

    I have a range, say A1:A20. Some of the cells in this range are numbers, some are text (-,NA,MN, or even an error, such as #DIV/0!). I would like to create a sum of the existent number, but also add a specific number (say 99) to the cells that are text (or error, as mentioned previously) A B...
  9. W

    Extract middle partial text then summing a range based on met criteria

    Greetings, I am trying to sum a range based on a partial middle text criteria in the adjoining range. e.g. in Column A | Column B 6300104 - Beauty | 100 6300105 - is in | 200 6300106 - the | 50 6700104 - eye of | 100 6700106 - the | 75 6800104 - beholder |...
  10. S

    Sum numbers from a text string AND in a range

    I'm working on data from b3:ac76. Most cells have a value of zero, some cells have alphanumeric values (e.g. A6, A2, B1, J2). I want to be able to sum all numbers where the first letter is "A", then all values where the first letter is "B", and so on. Based on my example above, the value of A's...
  11. A

    Sum up values based on comma separated values that reference a table

    Hi, I'm new to posting on forums like this so bare with me as I try to explain what I'm attempting to accomplish. My company has a lab and we run different tests for different samples. I'm trying to find the total time the sample will take to run based on the tests selected. We currently have...
  12. oldeirish

    Adding Separate Columns of a Table To Obtain 7% of Total

    How to calculate 7% of tax from 3 different columns? Can I input all my data then convert to a table? <tbody> New Subtotal Credit Over Due Fee Column1 HST 7% $ 365.00 $ 5.00 $...
  13. J

    Count Employees per Manager without duplicates

    Hello! I have some doubts about how to calculate this results. Without using a pivot table, I need to know how many employees each manager has. For example: If I enter the name: "Zara" on the cell G1 I'll need to get the number 5 on the cell H1, because Zara has 5 employees even though there...
  14. D

    Summing highest value in cells limited by validation.

    Good day. I have a sheet used to track scores on an assessment. I have limited the possible cell entries (using the validation function) to either full points awarded, zero points awarded, or NA. I would like to be able to sum all the cells that have either full points or zero points, BUT for...
  15. A

    Sum until?

    I have a column of daily rainfall data in, say column A. What I want to do is apply a loss to that data, so that each time a new rainfall event occurs (i.e. there was no rain the day before), it will take off say 20mm. HOWEVER, the rain on that day might be less than 20mm, and also the day...
  16. F

    Selected Sum

    Hi, I have simple table: <tbody> A1: Country B1: Value A2: Poland 10 A3: USA 5 A4: Germany 2 A5: Poland 5 A6: UK 3 A7: Germany 3 A8: Poland 2 A9: Total =Sum(B2:B8) = 30 </tbody> Now when I'm using filter and select Country = Poland, the total should be: 10+5+2=9. But always...
  17. I

    Sum total hours "when in operation" between 9:00pm and 8:00 am

    Basically, I am able to calculate the total hours in operations. Now, I need to sum the hours in Operations that fall between 9:00pm and 8:00 am. <colgroup><col width="87" style="width: 65pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 3181; mso-outline-level: 1;"> <col width="87" style="width...
  18. S

    Sum across columns based on criteria of column label

    <tbody> Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total YTD Total YE Actual Actual Actual Actual Actual Actual Actual FCST FCST FCST FCST FCST YTD All pt1 10 10 10 10 15 15 15 20 20 20 30 30 85 205 pt2 pt3...
  19. F

    Sum Based on Multiple Criteria

    First time posting... What I'm trying to do: I have a drop down box with 4 airplane tail numbers listed (Cell A). The cell next to it also has a drop down box with the prices (Cell B). (Cell C) I manually input the variable. (Cell E ) gives me my total. Cell A (Dropdown) N23241...
  20. S

    Compare two sheets and sum a range of values

    Hi, I have two sheets in a workbook. Sheet1 includes information on average monthly pocket money of students from different schools. Sheet1: <tbody> Month School1 School2 School3 School4 Jan 100 125 125 100 Feb 125 100 75 125 Mar 75 150 100 75 Apr 100 100 125 100 May 90 125 100 125...

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