1. R


    How to sum different criteria in a singal cell
  2. M

    VBA to sum for each row

    I'm fairly new to vba and am trying to figure out how to get the sum for each row. Right now I'm stuck either getting the sum for just the 1st row or all the rows combined. can someone explain to me how to do the code to get the sum for each row please <tbody> 1 B C D E Total 2 75 71 68 67...
  3. N

    Sum values from columns to a seperate sheet

    Hi I have a Column A with values - John,Mike, Sara , Tim etc Column B contains timesheet hours which are repetitive values against each of the the names ,like John- 10 Mike-20 John-50 Sara-30 Sara-25 Tim-80 John-50 I want to get the sum of the values for each of these names in a separate...
  4. S

    Sum every nth cell

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet with values from D3 up to AB3 and I would like to sum every 4th cell beginning from D3 (D3,H3,L3 etc..). I've tried a lot of formulas including SUMPRODUCT, MOD, OFFSET but I always get errors and I believe the reason is because all my cells from D3 up to AB3 contain...
  5. B

    Count consecutive occurrences when sum of two consecutive numbers below 3

    Hello, I have a column of numbers : 3 0 4 2 1 0 5 0 3 2 0 2 I am trying to get the number of times the sum of two consecutive rows is below 3. In this example 4 (i.e. 2+1,1+0,2+0 and 0+2). I tried a way around with this formula : =SUMPRODUCT(--(FREQUENCY(IF(C5:C16<2, ROW(C5:C16))...
  6. B

    Sum a fixed range

    Hopefully somebody can help me out a bit here. I have a range I need to sum =SUM(F5:F3000) But I need to allow the users to be able to delete rows within this range once they are completed, this then has the effect of changing the formula even if it absolute =SUM(F$5:F$3000) How do I fix this...
  7. E

    sumif with the criterion of what to sum in a different cell

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to ask questions of the experts (I hope my Q wont be too primitive ). I am summing a column of numbers, using sumif, to only sum the pay of the hourly workers. I typed in the function to do that, and believe it or not it works. But I need the user to be...
  8. B

    Fixed running total

    Hi I know how to total sum cells together but- I need for example, if f5,f6,f7 = 1 (f5 has 1 in it) and i change the value in f5 back to 0 the sum total stay fixed at 1, so if f6 was to show 3 it would =4 and keep an ongoing total regardless of numbers changing back to 0 in above cells, make sense?
  9. N

    Sum Values in Column

    Hi, I have different tabs in a sheet , namely , A, B,C etc. Tab A has multiple rows with values in a column H ,labeled as 'John" and the same with other tabs. I now want to display total of the values from the tab A and other tabs. Eg:- A = Sum of Row H B= Sum of Row H etc. Please help
  10. C

    Grouping together data from specific months with VBA

    So this problem might be a bit complicated and I have been trying to concieve of ways to orchestrate a solution to this issue and have come up blank. Essentially, every week on Monday my branch managers report a specific number to me. It can be realistically any number. And its given a time...
  11. M

    Summing across if condition is met

    Hi. I have a table with data and column D of the table has dates and some of the cells in that column are blank. For all the blank cells in column D I would like to get the sum of E through M in one cell. For example, D5, D7 and D12 have blanks the formula should bring the sum of E5:M2...
  12. M

    Formula for Summing A Streak and Restart The Sum after Streak Ends

    Hello, I want to try and sum a streak for both positive and negative numbers, but once the streak stops, it will restart a new sum. As you can see in row B2, If I input a positive number, I want a formula to sum it in B3, if it is a negative number, it will sum it in B4. In cell D3, it sums a...
  13. W

    Combining Duplicates

    I have a sheet downloaded from a website. Column A is the product IDs. For some reason the site splits the data for some products into 2+ separate rows. I already formatted the duplicates and sorted them but I still need to combine all the data for each product into one row (sum). I need the...
  14. M

    Sum A Streak and Restart Sum after Streak Ends Question

    Hello, I want to try and sum a streak for both positive and negative numbers, but once the streak stops, it will restart a new sum. As you can see in row B2, If I input a positive number, I want a formula to sum it in B3, if it is a negative number, it will sum it in B4. In cell D3, it sums a...
  15. VBE313

    UDF to sum until certain column is not blank again

    Is there a UDF that someone can think of that can sum the column "A" UNTIL column "B" says "Yes" again and put the formula in column C? I have seen similar UDFs but I cannot wrap my head around this one. <colgroup><col span="3"></colgroup><tbody> Yes $ 1.76...
  16. M

    sum rows in range change column

    Hi all, I´m trying to sum some rows with the same criteria in column "A", the criteria that changes, changes by month, i mean this month use march, next april and so on the criteria changes in the report, obviously the report is in another sheet <tbody> Cód. Aux./Dpto. Balances AIFRS (AUD)...
  17. U

    Macro Create Sum and Separate Zeroes

    Hi Guys, Can you possibly help me clean up below codes? The range of cells with data is from A:AD 1. Basically starting in AG5, I will create a sum formula from E5:T5 which will be copied down to the last non blank cell (not just till range 681). 2. The macro will hardcode the sum column and...
  18. S

    Address formula

    Hello. I have the following table: Line1: Product | Minutes1 | Minutes2 | KAPPA Line2: Oranges | Africa | | 2 | 1 | 15 Line3: Oranges | Africa | 3 | 1 | 15 Line4: Oranges | Africa | 2 | 1 | 15 Line5: Oranges | S. America | 3 | 1 | 15 Line6: Oranges | S. America | 5 | 1 | 15 Line7: Oranges | S...
  19. T

    Convert cell containing time to number

    I have cells that contain sums of time and I need them to show as 00.00 and not The problem occurs when I have a sum of hours over 24 [for instance the sum of hours for an employee = 50:00 shows as 2.08 if I was to customise to a number] I know I can do it by adding another cell an...

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