1. airforceone

    countifs not working in macro

    Sorry but I'm back again.... I hope everyone is well and good... anyway I have 2 Sheet (Dummy and Updated) from Sheet Dummy my code would supposedly insert my Sum and CountIfs formula in the designated cell in my Sheet Updated, although it runs but the problem is the total value does not...
  2. Jyggalag

    Make VBA code that posts a cells formula as a value

    Hi all, I currently have the following setup: I have some numbers in column C and D, and I use a simple sum() formula in column B. However, I also want to be able to click on the cells in column B and see the value in the formula bar. But I want to keep the formulas in the meantime. What I...
  3. S

    Help with SUM formula

    Hi there, Can anyone advise if there is a formula I could use here in cell C2. I'm looking for a formula to sum the values in column but only if they have been 'ticked' here in column B. So for example I would need Option 1 to return 1000, and Option 3 would be 3000. Any help would be greatly...
  4. A

    Calculate number of sickness days with rolling shift patterns

    I am looking to find out if there is a way to use excel formula to work out the cumulative number of working days a employee has been absent for when they work shift patterns So if the shift patterns are 4 on 4off, 2 days week one and 5 days week day two and the last shift pattern we have is 2...
  5. K

    sum of 2 variables and keeping them

    Hi Like many others,i have a simple problem with excel/VB. I would like to calculate the sum of each dish ordered in one evening. To this point i have each order added up to an amount and then emptied again with a button. I had that cell copied to another cell so that it can be added with...
  6. L

    VBA Formula to Calculate a Range between blank rows and loop

    Please see attached image for sample sheet! I have data sorted by row H and I have a blank row in between each different group. In that blank row, I need to total the values in that group for columns I through O. I want to be able to run a macro do to this. I know I'll need to set the range...
  7. L

    Macro Creation - Sort Rows, Add blank row, conditional format text

    I'm looking for assistance in setting up a macro to do the following. 1. Add a blank row in between each set of value from Column G. Column G is named "Handler (Job)" and may have different values on different tabs. Let's say it comes looking like this - Bob Susie Susie Lauren Bob Lauren...
  8. M

    Sumproduct & Indirect returning 0 or incorrect

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help me with this formula: {=SUMPRODUCT(INDIRECT("'"&"2010_Sold.xlsx"&"'!"&{"January","February","March"}&"["&"Current Price"&"]"))} Which is returning 0 Or, =SUMPRODUCT(SUM(INDIRECT("'"&"2010_Sold.xlsx"&"'!"&{"January","February","March"}&"["&"Current Price"&"]")))...
  9. A

    Use of LARGE, SMALL, MAX, MIN, SUM Functions in spilled arrays

    Hi all, I would like to use functions like LARGE, SMALL, MAX, MIN and SUM in spilled arrays and get the values PER row instead of the total. For Example: x y =MAX(A2:B2) dragged down =MAX(A2:B5) 1 2 2 8 3 4 4 5 6 6 7 8 8 The only solution I...
  10. R

    Let and SUM values

    Hi, I previously received some support on the following link Formula Support - Top 10 list using Index and Match, where i was directed to changing my formula to a LET function. The formula worked fine, but i noticed that it was pulling back multiple values with the same name, Is there anyway...
  11. 7

    SUM numbers on cells containing specific text.

    Hello, I am trying to SUM only the value (in USD) of a cell that also contains a specific text. Please help, I ran out of ideas :) Here below a screen-shot of my cells.
  12. R

    VBA - Find sum of 31st - 50th even numbers

    This is my homework : find sum of 31st - 50th even numbers between 1-100 by using either do-while or do-until loop. Pls help me
  13. S

    Sum values based on their 'code'

    Hi all, I'm trying to find a way of adding a total value based on the selection of two different cells. These two cells have a drop down list, each of the options on that drop down list has a value: The first image shows the drop list on the cells, and the second is a different sheet with...
  14. M

    Replacing OFFSET to sum up to max value from specific cell

    Hello everyone, I am new to the board & thank you all in advance for the help. I have data for the time it takes each step in a manufacturing process & each step has a unique name that never repeats, as seen below, pasted in A1 corner. Steps time Start Point Sum of Steps Count 2800N1 5...
  15. I

    Calculating From A Range

    Help! Maybe I am overthinking this. D5 has an =sum calculation. If it returns between 1 and 20 I need D6 to show 1. If it returns between 21-30 then D6 returns 2 and so on with different ranges. Only about 5 total with the last being greater then 100 returns 5.
  16. R

    Generating Number Range Value - (INDEX SUMPRODUCT ROW?)

    Hello - I have lines of data (about 7,000) that contain a dollar value ranging from $0.00 to over $1,000. I was hoping to create a formula that calculate the $range the value is in. Example, if the cell value was $13.50, the formula would return $.01 - $25. $350, would return $300 - $400, $0...
  17. A

    How to sum values and remove duplicates rows

    Hi All, I'm trying to remove duplicates and sum values. I have table which is looks like that. item number client Date Quantity 167 C10000038 28/01/2022 00:00 3 600831 C10008630 27/01/2022 00:00 1 600831 C10008630 27/01/2022 00:00 48 600827 C10008630 28/01/2022 00:00 1 950114...
  18. D

    Sum dataset by month and year separately

    I have a dataset of product sales by period and customer. Every new period data for that period is added to the dataset (i.e. the dataset has cumulative information in it). Every period a report is prepared for each customer showing product sales for the period and the year to date. So period...
  19. T

    how to take only the first sheet on every workbook and sum specific cells

    Hi, I totally new at VBA Macro and I just got the task from my work to do some. There are 2 commands that I need to solve: 1. I need to merge / copy as value only the first sheet of every workbook 2. The next thing is that I need to sum for specific cells of the worksheet, whenever I need to...
  20. M

    Return salesperson with maximum sales per client

    Hi, thanks for reading this post! (1) I have a table with the data, like this: Client Salesperson Sales ($) Google Mike 1,000 Apple Jim 5,000 Apple George 4,000 Apple George 3,000 ... ... ... (2) On another sheet, I'm creating a report, like this: Client Frequent/Max...
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