1. F

    Formula Help: Summing numbers from text cells, that occur before/after specific characters

    Hi all, I need help creating different formula strings that can return a sum from text cells that contain multiple different numbers. Not the best way to collect data, I know, but until our org develops skills in Microsoft Access this is a direction we're trying (need to make it easy for many...
  2. M

    Sum Values Above Based on Adjacent Value

    I am looking to see if this can be done as a formula but if it has to be VBA code then I can try and get it to work. Basically, This file will track the Ins ( Column E) and Outs (Column F) of Totes. The outs will go out every day but the ins will only be delivered if the route is scheduled for...
  3. R

    Loop trough list by year and month and sum value into textbox

    Hi all! Stucked with adjusting a code that sums my hours. I use two codes to get the value of the sum hours. The first one checks if both cBoxes are set, the second one is called after the check for making the sum of the hours. The looped list is on the second worksheet. The dates I'd like to...
  4. B

    Index Match with zeros and duplicate data.

    Hey all, Thanks for taking the time to review my question. I must be missing something simple but for whatever reason I am missing something. In "Tab A" I have a list of "A" names, "B" dates and "C" total hours, In "Tab B" I have "A9:A39" each date of the selected month, "A1" the name I want to...
  5. D

    Excel Indirect function ; refer to call rather than "hard code" reference

    Hi, In the following formula I have type in the "A2:A6"; SUMIF(INDIRECT("'"&Sheets&"'!"&"A2:A6"),"a",INDIRECT("'"&Sheets&"'!"&"B2:B6")) Sheet = named range is there a way to have the reference to A2 to A6 in other cells so a cell A1 = "A1", A2 = "A6" and then just select those two...
  6. E

    Replace Subtotal to Sum Formula with VBA Code

    Hi everyone, Is there an excel VBA code that allow you to replace part of a formula after cells selection ? For example, after selecting multiple cells, select the code to replace SUBTOTAL(9, with SUM( Some formulas examples: =SUBTOTAL(9,EA10:EA12) change to =SUM(EA10:EA12)...
  7. LearningByDoing

    total (weight) per shift and date calculated in every row of 1st trip

    Hello together, I have the following problem. I want the total weight of the tonnage per shift (Column shift - 1 or 2) and by date. The total weight should be added in each row of the 1st trip. As can be seen in the column "My incomplete result", I have succeeded for the 1st shift. The...
  8. C

    Vlookup & If & SUM Formula

    Hi there, I have a sheet where I want to sum up hours for a person per month. Tasks are entered on a row basis where the user enters the name in column C, hours per task for each month column H contains Jul, column H contains Aug, etc On a separate sheet I want to sum all the hours for...
  9. J

    Need to sum the bottom 5 cells that have values....

    A B 100 1 100 2 500 3 400 4 100 5 200 6 7 200 8 100 9 100 10 I want to sum a maximum of the bottom five rows that have values. I want to skip the blank rows. So the results of the formula in B10 should be 100+100+200+200+100 = 700 I will use this formula in an adjacent...
  10. R

    Count average grounds of a selection of towns

    Hi all, Hope you can help me with the following issue. I want to calculate the average number of grounds in a selection of cities (E2:E4). In this example, the number of grounds per city are given in column C. However, I don't succeed in getting the correct number, because it takes into...
  11. E

    Rolling Count

    Hello, I have a dataset that contains pay period starting and ending dates as well as the shift. I am trying to figure out how to identify instances where an employee has worked a minimum of ten shifts within a 6 month period. The challenge seems to be in calculating a rolling total of sorts...
  12. ukbulldog001

    Concatenate and Sum VBA Macro

    Please help in providing macro to concatenate and sum as below table. Below table starts from A2 to C9 (i'm leaving first row blank to write main header.) Customer Part Number Reference Designator Count 91814232 C339 1 91832745 MN28 1 91832745 MN7 1 91835171 MA2 1 91835171...
  13. S

    SUM numbers in row with leading string character

    I want to SUM the numbers in a row which represent the worked hours in a month. The numbers in the cells have a leading string character like V8 or S8 or H7,2. How can I do that. See the mini sheet below for layout and desired results. Thank you very much...
  14. ibmy

    SUM/COUNT of Value 1 at the Start of Set

    Hi Experts, How to get result in Column L (Start) ? GIL1DataEndStart2315415161715891111011121213121415161111718191220122122132312413252627 For Column I ( End) , I use this code : Sub End2() Dim a As Variant, b As Variant Dim i As Long, k As Long a = Range("G2", Range("G" &...
  15. nectarynes

    Get sum of above rows based on condition

    I am trying to get dynamically the sum of Column E values if the corresponding F row value is empty. Any ideas what formula I should have on column G? Here is the live document link:!AkrCelEpjATAltgb8XshYXFVhjGaGA?e=VlNhyT
  16. S

    SUMIFS Statement

    I need a formula that is using the data from the table named "Costs". I need to sum the Hours column IF the Concatenate column has any of these values...162FOL, 392FAL, 392FGL, 392FFL, 392PFL, or 452FGL AND the date is before 6/1/2023. This is what I currently have and it is returning a result...
  17. J

    Sum values in column O until empty cell is reached whilst excluding "NO" values

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help me with this query. I have a workbook I am working on that currently sums all the values in column "O" if the value on the same row in column "L" is "WP" or "BS" until an empty cell is reached. I would like to expand upon this formula so that it still sums like I...
  18. J

    Countif value is not blank and less than 70% of adjacent cell"s value

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help me with this. I'm guessing it super simple, but I can't find a solution anywhere online. Basically, what I'm trying to do is count the number of times each cell in a range (G4:G9) is not blank and is less than 70% of the value of the cell that is 2 columns...
  19. C

    Complicated SUMIFS/COUNTIFS Formulas Required

    Hello, I have two sheets, named: 1. Master Data - This sheet will be updated daily by pasting a system report over the existing data 2. 2022 - I want to calculate some stats from the master data sheet on this sheet The gist of this is, I need to report on people who leave between 0 and 5...
  20. J

    How to sum values in column D until a blank cell is reached and if values in column C equals "WP" or "BS"

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping you can help me with an excel formula to solve a problem I'm stuck on. I think I am pretty close to solution but just can't crack what it is I need to make the formula work how I would like. Basically, the problem is this: My formula is pasted all down column B. I need to...

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