sumif with 2 conditions

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    Summing two ranges but only including the positive numbers

    I have two ranges of numbers that I want to get certain numbers from. When they are summed, some come out as positive numbers, and some negative. I want to collect and sum all the positives together, and all of the negatives together. I know I can do this in multiple steps, but I want to see if...
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    Special Conditional Sum

    Column A Column B Apple-Red 10 Apple-Green 10 Apple- Yellow 10 Orange-Navel 5 Orange-Tangelo 7 Grape-Purple 30 Grape-Green 30 I want to sum Column B if Colum A contains Apple...
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    Multiple Criteria for SUMIF

    I need to write a formula that sums info where the customer in column A matches another field and the amount in column B is >0. I've found lots of variations of these types of formulas, but none of them are working. Can someone help?
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    SUMIF with 2 conditions

    I want to calculate a sumif statement in a spreadsheet but I want to have two sets of conditions. It must match what is in one cell and then another. Can you help?
  5. S

    XL07 Referencing table coloumn values in sumif statements

    Hi- I was hoping somebody would be able to help me with a problem I'm having. I want to reference a table of events that lists the dates,the event type and benefits. Currently I have a working sumif that uses dates to retrieve values from a benefit column within a table, however, I need to add...
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    SUM(IF...(IF...(IF.... question

    I am trying to sum a column based on multiple criteria... specifically a column of time (hh:mm:ss) IF the value is greater than 00:30:00 + IF the value in another column (same row) matches a specific text value in another cell + IF the value in another column matches the date... (I hope I...

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