1. G

    Summary non numeric data

    Hi Community, I´m working on a summary sheet (by date and within a time span (between 2 dates)) and all fine with numeric values, but i can´t figure out how to aproach the columns with cells/columns containing text. For some columns i have to get all disctinct values in one cell for a given...
  2. K

    VBA Help!! Splitting out worksheets macro

    I have a central tab called "Summaries". From this tab, I'd like to assign a macro to a button that separates out new worksheets based on titles starting in cell B5, with the name of the tabs matching the titles. Sometimes, the number of titles can vary but they will always begin in cell B5. In...
  3. R


    Hello all. on Sheet LOG i have a column (AD) with Peoples names and this would be the column where I want another Sheet "Summaries" that has a Table of A1 to D53, Col A has the peoples names (on Summaries sheet), Col B has number of flights and col C has Flight times. I would like the tables...
  4. J

    Creating a print button using VB

    Hi all. I have been given a small task which will require me to use VB code within an excel workbook. I have been given a workbook that contains say 10 sheets. The first sheet is a summary sheet that will contain a 'Print' button. The idea is that when the Print button is selected all the...

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