1. R

    Count only cells where formula returns a number

    I've got a table where I need to count a number of cells that are numbers. The numbers are returned by formulas and it might be any number of years as well as text headings. I tried something like =SUMPRODUCT((1:1)*ISNUMBER(1:1)) But it does not work.
  2. S

    Sumproducts with return of text

    Hello, I've been using this formula: =SUMPRODUCT(SUMIF(INDIRECT("'"&Buyplan&"'!$A$1:$A$10600"),$A7,INDIRECT("'"&Buyplan&"'!F$1:F$10600"))) and notice that doesn't return any text, I still need to get the summation across different sheet, but there are instances it has a text, text contains...
  3. M

    Simple sumproduct question

    Pretty simple question - in the yellow cell I need to have a count of all of the "P"s for that week. I haven't used sumproducts in forever and am super rusty Thank you!!
  4. S

    Subtotal all the sumproducts in cells above.

    In cell E88 I have the formula =SUMPRODUCT(B84:B86,E84:E86) In cell E121 I have the formula =SUMPRODUCT(B92:B119,E92:E119) and so on for many other subtotal cells in the E column. I would like to incorporate all the Sumproducts into Subtotals so I can add up all instances of the Sumproducts...
  5. M

    count how many times certain text appears in one column while meeting criteria from another cell

    Hello, I have this data for example. In column A I have country names in column B key words: <tbody> Country Key words Lithuania tableware; cutlery; pan;pot Germany bag; backpack; pan Germany pan; pot; backpack Estonia bag; backpack; France cutlery France pan; pot; backpack...
  6. A

    Sum Across Multiple Sheets with Look Up Function

    Hi there, I am new to this forum, and I am looking for help to create a formula that sums values in the same column across three sheets on a summary tab (sheet four). However, each sheet has a different number of rows, but each row has a unique identification code. Is there a way to sum the...
  7. E

    Sumproduct by criteria, need help.

    Hi all, I have tables like this And i need to sum all rows for the Item 1, where status are Ready. Price and quantity is always different eaven for the same items, and somtimes the same items how more status, and i need to sum only ready items. Please help. This is for my work. Regards...
  8. L

    Rank Cheapest Product by Location and Supplier

    I am new to the forum and have been struggling to figure out how to rank the cheapest price by location and product. Essentially, I am trying to identify which supplier has the cheapest price for a specific location and product and rank that grouping by the cheapest price. I am not good at VB...
  9. D

    Average cells in one column if corresponds with value in another column

    What would be the formula if I'd like to average all the cells in column B that correspond to a value in column A? Column A has a rank from 1-10 and column B has a percentage. I think it will be a sumproduct or averageifs but not sure. Example: <tbody> A B Solution written out in plain...
  10. S

    SUMPRODUCT for Incremental SUM

    Hey Panel! Basically here is an example of my simplified problem: I have a row A that has a Special IDs, What I want to do it complete a sum product for each special ID. So D1 = B1*C1, D2 = B1*C2+B2*C2... Then D4 = B4*C4, D5 = B4*C5+B5*C4...Then D7 = B7*C7, D5 = B7*C8+B8*C7 Visually is kinda...
  11. F


    Hi, In sheet I have two coulmn columns: A = applications B = sector I set "define name" for the column: A = "prod_web" (range: $A$2:$A$1000) B = "sec" (range: $B$2:$B$10000) When I want to sum how many specific applications have specific sector I did: =SUMPRODUCT((PROD_WEB="ABC")*(SEC=A2))...
  12. J

    SUMPRODUCT/COUNTIFS multuiple criteria into a multi dimensional array

    Hi I have a worksheet called Fixtures that includes basic fixture details of matches (columns A to E), the result (Column F) and players that played in that match (Columns H, J, L, N...etc) including if they scored (Columns I, K, M, O...etc). The Result Column F contains Win, Lose, Draw. The...
  13. O

    Sumproduct: outcome differs from same entry

    Hello, I am using sumproducts for the first time and dont know what i do wrong.. I have one field with months and when i am using the following entry: =SUMPRODUCT(--(month=B11);--(region=$B$2)) This formula works well for the months january and february, but not for the month march. I dont...

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