1. C

    Removing text from a column

    Hello I have a long column of text with some gaps; here's an example of what I mean: <tbody> A 1 Monday 2 3 Friday 4 Saturday 5 6 Sunday 7 8 etc etc </tbody> If there a formula I can place in column B which just shows <tbody> B 1 Monday 2 Friday 3 Saturday 4...
  2. K

    Check if date is Sunday

    Hi Everyone. I have a UserForm where the user must update the Public Holidays (South African) for the year. Basically the user must only change the year and then the date of Easter Friday. All the other dates will auto update in the relevant Table ("tblPPH") In this UserForm, there will be a...
  3. T

    AVERAGEIF question

    I want to average all cells in a row based on the day of the week in another row and I only want it to include cells greater then 0. Essentially for the average returned in R2, the range is A2:N2, if A1:N1 is Sunday, return average for sundays and only include in the average if cell in row 2 is...
  4. V

    Miuns Non Working Hours

    I have this problem, here. Now in a column A I have the End time and in column C in have the start time. Am bit confused with the non working hours From Sun to Thu it is 13:00:00 hrs -- Non working hours On Friday it is 15:00:00 hrs -- Non working hours On Saturday it is 12:00:00 hrs -- Non...
  5. G

    Week to date ( Sunday to Saturday)

    Hi, I need to create a dynamic bar chart that shows data from Sunday to Saturday for current week. If column A contains dates, column B contains values to be displayed in bar chart. I want the bar chart to always start from the most recent Sunday and chart each day of the week until Saturday...
  6. Z

    Add coding to check day of the week

    Hello all, I have a coding that adds appointments to the outlook calendar. The situation is that i have a date in a cell. The coding would then make an appointment 90 days from the date entered. The issue is, what do i add to the coding so in case the 90 days falls on a Saturday or Sunday, it...
  7. R

    Query changing dates to numbers and pulling data incorrectly

    Currently I am trying to figure out why Query is changing the information and pulling on cells it shouldn't be? I have a table setup which is this: <style type="text/css"><!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--></style> <colgroup><col style="width: 100px"><col...
  8. B

    Prevent anything but a Sunday date from being selected

    Hi so I am wondering if there is any feature or other that I can utilize in an excel sheet that will make it so that employees when filling out a particular field in the excel form, have to put a Sunday date in a particular cell. I want it to prevent them from putting any other date in that week...
  9. A

    SumIF date is certain day of month to next month day.

    Hi, This is my code which works for the month but I want it to go from the 4th Sunday to the 4th Sunday of the next month. =SUMIFS($C$14:$C$1000,$A$14:$A$1000,">="&DATE($A$1,8,1),$A$14:$A$1000,"<"&DATE($A$1,9,1),$F$14:$F$1000,$AA1) Thank you AlanS.
  10. A

    Formula for yielding 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month and every Friday.

    I need a formula to find the dates for the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month, and a formula for finding the date for every Friday for every month. So I can input the month in A1 and get the results in another cell. Thank You
  11. P

    Workdays Formula for GANTT CHART

    Hey All, Can any one please help me out with the Workdays formula for attached excel Sheet. I don't want the weekdays. Like you can see the attached file that it says weekdays in =E2-WEEKDAY(E2,1)+2+7*(E4-1) Can any one please help.
  12. E

    Filter condition "Last Week" - considering week from Monday to Sunday

    Hi guys, I have a question I was not able to find an answer anywhere so I need to ask your advice, hope you can help me :) When I use Filter condition "Last week" it always considering the week from Sunday to next Saturday, is there an option to setup this to consider the week from Monday to...
  13. S

    Print more than one copy VBA

    Hi, I have the following code to print, but would like to add a number from a cell so that it prints more copies if required. Can anyone help ? Sub Sunday() Range("Sunday").PrintOut Range("Sunday2").PrintOut End Sub Thanks...
  14. A

    Using Monday, Friday or Sunday dates to find relating month, If last week of a month has a Wednesday, then that week is part of same month

    I'm currently trying to using Monday, Friday or Sunday dates to find relating month, to show week X is part of month Y. <tbody> A B C D 1 Week Commencing Monday 30-Jan-17 29-Jan-18 28-Jan-19 2 Week Ending Friday 03-Feb-17 02-Feb-18 01-Feb-19 3 Week Ending Sunday 05-Feb-17 04-Feb-18...
  15. L

    Sum Week To Date Sales

    Hi I have a 26 week daily sales data dump that I need to sum X week week to date I have my week number (1, 2.. 26) along row 1, split out by Sunday, Monday... Saturday in row 2 with sales data below Below is required output, how can I go about this? <tbody> 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3...
  16. L

    next date but not equal to saturday or sunday

    Hi I have table like below. The start date of Task2 is the End date of task1 +1 So B3 = D2 +1 But I want to avoid the date to be Saturday or sunday! So how can I do that so the start date of task2 wont be sat or sunday. Thank you so much. <colgroup><col span="3"><col></colgroup><tbody>...
  17. K

    VBA to rename file to last sunday to saturday

    Hi everyone, i've had luck getting VBA to rename a file based on the current date. However, every Monday I work on a file that's dated from Last Sunday to Last Saturday. When I rename this file I name it "POS 20190120-20190126" YY-MM-DD Can anyone help me have VBA automatically name/save the...
  18. Z

    Need to return dates not sure either formula or macro

    I need to return dates as i have to look back on stuff. I need to return every Monday to Sunday Dates on excel sheet doesnt matter where from 2018 and on. Example Starting January 2018 i need to return like this 1-7 8-14 15-21 22-28 I need to retunr in cells all the way down if i can like...
  19. K

    Count Based On Date Range

    Hi, I have a data input sheet as follows: <!-- Please do not remove this header --> <!-- Table easily created from Excel with ASAP Utilities ( --> <table border="1" bordercolor="#C0C0C0" bordercolordark="#FFFFFF" cellpadding="0"> <tr><td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"...
  20. Trevor3007

    sunday date

    hi, Is there a formula that if I put a date in a cell a1 , b1 will then return that weeks sunday date? Example:- a1 - 17/12/18 b1 = 23/12/18? many thanks in advance. Trevor3007

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