1. D

    VBA code not working anymore?

    Hello everybody, I am currently managing a stock tracking file, which is edited manually to a large extent. Currently, the four significant columns look like this: Here, column I is the actual quantity in stock. If my code was functioning, which it was as of yesterday (and I have made no...
  2. S

    Formula to get data from a tab that is identified in another cell

    I'm having a difficult time writing a formula to copy the data into one worksheet from another worksheet. My file has 3 worksheets: (1) Data, (2) Communications (3) Supply Chain Data Worksheet: Cell B1: Communications Data Worksheet: Cell B4: This should populate with line 2, cell A2 from the...
  3. C

    Calculate if any part of a time range is within another time range.

    Hi, I have a time window for what is considered a night shift, e.g. 0000 - 0559. These times can change wither before or after midnight. I want to supply a start and end time of a numbers of shifts and see if any part of those shifts falls within the hours above. I had tried this formula...
  4. T

    Dynamic update of the database when you change the linked cell?

    Hi, all I am a new user and novice without VBA knowledge. The hardest formula I can use is about Index/Match so please be nice :). I am looking for a solution which does below; 1. A cell which looks up a value from a separate tab. I currently do this by index match. (ROW10 SUPPLY FCST key...
  5. Welsh Mark3


    I have a list of 8000 Company names and a list of 100 keys words. I want to the company names that contain a key word. For example, if 'Supply' was a keyword and Company name was "Mark Edwards Supply Co" the result should say yes
  6. Welsh Mark3

    Common Words in Excel

    I have a list of about 8000 company names, I am trying to identify the keywords that appear in this list. Does anyone have any recommendations? For Example Mark Edwards Supply incRick Cook Supply America Engineering LLCAllentown Engineering
  7. J

    Extracting data in a table to populate a graphic portrayal of battery cells

    Hi, looking for a shove in the right direction. I would like to have a graphical representation of a battery (224 individual cells) and what I would like to do is map the readings that will be in a separate table onto the cells so you can see for example "If an area of the battery is hot...
  8. D

    How to Supply Username and Password in SQL query in data connection between excel and SQL server.

    Hello, I have made a data connection between Excel and SQL server and it doesn't work on another PC. It works only on my PC in which i have created. However, I would like to run the file in another PC. I think I need to supply username and password via SQL query. Any idea how to solve it...
  9. F

    Carry Over Data from Previous Row

    I have an inventory spreadsheet where the supply item name is in Column D, Receipt Quantity in Column E, Issuance Quantity in Column F, Return Quantity in Column G, and Balance Quantity in Column N. What I would like to do is when I enter a supply item name in Column D and its balances, that...
  10. mrsphxbabe

    Move Quickbooks data to Excel

    Hello, we use quickbooks for our accounting needs. The problem is that quickbooks (qbs) wont allow certain information to be displayed on some reports. We can pull a YTD sales report that shows a comparison from last year, but it will not display who the sales rep is for that company. Is...
  11. D

    Source Selection based on multiple criteria in a Cycle Time calculation

    I am trying to write some VBA to solve a distribution hub to destination resupply problem. I have over 20 potential destination locations but calculate resupply one location at a time. The destination location can be supported from 30 different supply locations. I built a formula that looks up...
  12. K

    Down and dirty where do I put it?

    I have 2 spread sheets that I need to have all entries on in uppercase. I did have one working but it quit. If I supply the sheets can someone please tell me where to put the VBA code? Thank you in advance.
  13. S

    Weeks of Supply Formula

    Im trying to figure out a formula for a weeks of supply report. data i have. Last weeks sales units Last 13 weeks sales units Sales units year to Date Shipment Average units last 13 weeks Total units shipped last 13 weeks On hand units Work in progress units anyone have any recommendations
  14. P

    "SUM" Based on Description

    Hi all, i would like to "SUM" the below numbers using a VBA code which should base on description in col. "AK". In F.1. are the original data and in Sch.2. is the expected result. Therefore that the rows are not stably and are change due to accounts which have movement for each month...
  15. M

    Prevent Negative Numbers in a column

    Greetings to all! I just joined this forum so that I can learn from the experts and contribute as much as I can. I have a situation for which I am looking a solution for: I have three sheets in my excel file to manage inventory, namely, Demand, Supply, Inventory. Let us say that an article in...
  16. S

    Days supply in excel - formula

    Hi, Need advise from the experts in this forum. Data is below <colgroup><col><col span="10"></colgroup><tbody> W1 W2 W3 W4 W5 W6 W7 W8 W9 W10 Forecast 10 20 20 10 10 20 10 20 10 10 Closing stock 40 20 40 20 20 20 10 40 10 10 Week supply 2 1 3 1.5 1 1.5 0.5 </tbody> I would...
  17. M

    Calculating days of supply using DAX...

    Hi Team, I'm wondering if it's possible to create a DAX formula that will calculate days of supply, as shown in the example below: <tbody> Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Demand 10 15 12 5 8 20 15 21 Supply 0 0 0 50 0 0 0 30 Opening Stock 50 40 25 13 58 50 30...
  18. O

    How to condition format Datafields in Pivot with VBA?

    I have a Pivot table that looks like below. I need to conditional format just the WOS row to highlight cells that are less than 0 in red, 0.1 to 1.5 in yellow and anything above 1.5 in green. The pivot must keep the formatting when I move the pivot fields around. I have made various attempts on...
  19. L

    IF formula not working

    I saw where you can have up to 64 nested formulas. I only have 15 and am getting an error. I'm pretty sure I did it correctly. Formula as follows: =IF(C1="Abbott","2.75",IF(C1="Calabrio","2.75",IF(C1="Cellcom Repair","2.75",IF(C1="Cellcom Retail","2.75",IF(C1="Cellcom...
  20. S

    If and Statement

    I have 2 columns of Data, G8 and H8. I am trying to say if G8 > 25% than Supply Review or if H8 > 100% than Demand Review, or if G8 is >25% AND H8 >100% then "Demand and Supply Review", Else "No review Needed" and can't seem to capture the whole formula. Please help =IF(H8>100%,"Demand...

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