surface chart

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    Surface Chart In VBA 2013

    S0 ive been looking online for various example on how to make a surface chart in vba by taking values in one worksheet and displaying it in another but havent really found anything to help. The code I used(which I will display below) displayed the chart but in the increments in the axis were...
  2. C

    Showing grid lines on the surface of a Surface Chart?

    I've dug through the chart options, but didn't find a way to show the major grid lines on the Surface Chart itself. Anyone know how to do this? THX Chad
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    Charting color map

    Ok, so this has probably been posted before, but I can't find it on any google searches because I'm not entirely sure what you would call it... I need the end user to see a chart of at least 400,000 values (1000x400) simultaneously (and potentially 4M :eek:). This has perplexed me for quite...
  4. S

    surface charts: changing legend color of values above/below range

    Hi All, I'm working with surface charts for the first time. I've set my legend color range for the z-axis to something that does not include all values in the data (eg, data is 0-40, but i want a 0-30 range displayed), but this leaves me without the ability to change the color for areas...
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    contour (surface) chart and gradient series colors

    OK, complicated question. I'm trying to create a contour plot (one of the 2D surface charts) that shows a gradient of colors in the plot. As in, I want 100 different colors used in the plot area. BUT... I only want 10 basic colors shown in the legend as a reference. I got the 10 colors in the...
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    Using color as a 4th variable in surface charts

    I am wondering if it is possible to use color as a 4th variable in surface charts. I have a standard 3-dimensional surface chart, with x, y, and z values. Further, for each (x,y) value I have a 4th dimension (call it u), ranging from 0 to 1. I would love to be able to set the color (or...

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