1. J

    Making a Merged cell autofit with using wraptext

    I have an issue I'm hoping you guys can help with. Basically, I would like excel to wrap within a dynamic merged box, kind of like you would get if you were typing into a word document. Does that make sense? I know if you just use wrap text, the system automatically adjusts the height of the...
  2. K

    Connecting to Oracle DB without oracle client

    Hi All, Kindly provide an example to connect oracle database without oracle client installed in system. TIA
  3. O

    Need help - cant figure out the right formula

    Hi, I'm having Excel issues and I'm stranded after multiple hours of googling. Question: How can I perform a VLOOKUP when the value is included in several rows (I want the highest number) Context: I have one overview where I wish list to various type of Information. This information have...
  4. M

    How to create a macro add-in with customized ribbon?

    Please Help! Hello, I have a VBA module with 50 + macros located inside of personal.xlsb. I have customized an elaborate ribbon that links to all of these macros. I am trying to port this setup into a new workstation. I just made a copy of the personal.xlsb and put it in the xlstart folder...
  5. M

    How to transport Customized Ribbon Linked to Macros to another system

    Hello, I have a VBA module with 50 + macros located inside of personal.xlsb. I have customized an elaborate ribbon that links to all of these macros. I am trying to port this setup into a new workstation. I just made a copy of the personal.xlsb and put it in the xlstart folder of the new...
  6. Johnny Thunder

    Formula Help - Converting Date String into an Actual Date

    Hello All, Working on a weird issue here. Look on the interwebs and found nothing for my specific issue. The DateValue syntax doesn't seem to work in the event the data string makes no sense. So here is how some of the dates come in; <tbody> Date as it comes in Converted to General...
  7. C

    Binary Data

    I have exported a card database(600 cards) into excel from a security system to upgrade to a newer card reader system. However, the proper and new card reader system reads the card data in reverse. So I have dumped the data in an excel spreadsheet to sort the data around and import to new...
  8. S

    How to get excel to accept input from a barcode scanner and add "+1" to a column

    Hey friends. Not sure if this can be done but here is what I want to accomplish. Our store's inventory will happen soon. Our old style of doing inventory is slow and I want to streamline this process. Our point of sale system allows me to export all of our inventory items, which includes the...
  9. T

    #NA error on one System.

    The below is a perfectly fine hyperlink formula. On one system it works fine.. however on another system it throws an error. I believe there is some setting in EXCEL OPTIONS or WIN10 that I need to check or uncheck. The below Hyperlink takes the cursor the last row containing data (TEXT or...
  10. S

    Label All Fields Under a Header

    Hi, I am extracting data from a Microsoft Project file into Excel and need to write a formula to grab some data. It has a header called "Build" and then another header called "System Build". I want all the rows in between those to be labelled "Build". ex. <tbody> A B C D 1 Name Start End...
  11. J

    Broken system.. Need help.

    need help for those who are willing to help me .. thanks in advance
  12. G

    Custom Dynamic Tool Tips Excel Userform

    So, I already know how to add a control tip to buttons in userforms, but I need to have it pull info from a particular cell instead, and change when the cell changes. I do not want to have to click the button to show a message box, i already know how to do that. Also side note, any code I will...
  13. P

    Write a help desk system in Excel

    HI I am sorry if this is the wrong forum. But just wanted to hear have you seen or perhaps have a help desk system entirely in excel? We need the users to enter their issues, track it and assign to a tech, time lines, status. Perhaps could have alerts. If we could have email features for...
  14. A

    Excel Leave validation

    Hello Everyone , I am trying to create an excel application for leave, I have got the template online and its perfect for me. I want to create a validation while applying leave and need your help for this. While applying for leave the system checks the employee column (Employee are divided...
  15. V

    1904 date system

    Hi Experts, In Excel when i go file - option - advanced - When calculating this workbook option-- check box - Use 1904 date system.. Can i know what is that and use?
  16. L

    Excel Version Compatibility Issues in VBA

    I developed an Excel VBA application on my Windows 10 Office 365 platform. My client is using Windows 8, Office 2016. Additional info: their PC language is English, with Japanese as a secondary language. My application crashed on their system. Symptoms: A formula...
  17. 6

    do an *action* when any key or mouse movement is detected

    Is it possible in VBA to detect a system wide key or mouse movement? I need to trigger an *action* when any key or mouse movement is detected system (Windows) wide
  18. M

    Auto generating a table based on a single number...

    I am looking to auto-generate a table containing a variable number of columns with each column containing the same values... For example, if I have a single column with values: System 1 40 40 60 80 120 160 40 40 And I enter the number of systems: Systems = 10... Is there a way to create a...
  19. E

    Error message - "The workbook you are pasting to uses a different date system"

    I am getting an error message when trying to copy a large amount of data and paste special values from one workbook to another. Help! Is there a work-around? The body of the text reads as follows: "The source workbook uses a different date system than the target workbook. Copying and pasting...
  20. I

    IsEmpty VBA

    hello I'm looking at a scenario such as the below; I've defined names; A2:A6 = System B2:B6 = OpenTime C2:C6 = Checked The current time is 08:15 I would like to perform an "EmptyCheck" based on the time (08:00) but ignoring empty cells whereby the check would be completed after 08:00 i.e...

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