tab delimited files

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    Tab delimited text file - formatting issue

    I'm attempting to output data from Excel into a tab delimited text file. I've used this macro successfully before but in this case the users have data that displays as a percentage in Column 4. e.g. value is 73.3%. When I run this code against it the text file created displays the value as...
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    Tab Delimited File Adding Line Breaks

    Hello everyone, I have a spreadsheet that uses a macro to automatically save several tab delimited text file. It appears to be working great. The problem is, the text file has line breaks in it that are not in the data (sometimes even mid-word). I have turned off the macro and saved the file...
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    Issue with tab delimited file, text seen as formulas

    I have an application on a midrange server that generates a tab delimited file, then invokes a macro-enabled Excel file that I store on that server's integrated file system. That macro-enabled file then saves the generated tab delimited file as a formatted report to the user's client PC. This...
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    First blank column removed in csv

    Hi, When saving an Excel file as tab-delimited .txt, all blank columns up to the first column with data, do not make it to the output. Is there a way of converting blank columns into tabs so they are written into the file? Thanks.
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    Tab Delimited Problem

    Hello, I am using Excel 2004 for the Mac. I need to create a tab delimited file, the problem is that one of the columns is for a product description, which in most cases exceeds the space of the cells in the column. Excel shows those fields that exceed the space with a series of ####s. (If I...
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    tab delimited files and lsitboxes - not loading correctly.

    Hi guy's, I’ve got a mini user form that writes to a tab delimited file. I’ve been looking to then load this into a listbox (for future editing use) but the listbox doesn’t seem to see the information as separate columns, I have one piece of code that loads it all into the listbox but as if all...

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