tab movement

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    Left arrow key will not behave

    Hello All, In order to make the 'Up' and 'Down' arrow keys work properly, I am using some code like the following: First, the Worksheet Selection Change event: If Target.Row = 49 Or Target.Row = 58 Then Application.OnKey "{Up}", "NextUp_toRow31" GoTo UpArrowEnd End If and then, in a...
  2. M

    Drop Down Validation cell redirecting to another Tab

    First time post so bear with me please :eeek: I have an excel worksheet 'Initial Form' that has many validation dropdowns from other worksheet using the Indirect method and Named Ranges: =INDIRECT(VLOOKUP($B$58,ItemCause2Lookup,2,0)&"List") It works fine but for some reason, only sometimes...
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    how to copy workbook's first tab to another workbook?

    Windows("2016Saving.xlsx").Activate Sheets("R2").Select Sheets("R2").Move Before:=Workbooks( _ "Saving - Final.xlsm").Sheets(6) I am trying to move workbook's first tab to the other workbook. Is there any way to dynamic way to do this? tab name could be different so I need code...
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    How do I tab WITHIN a workbook?

    I've always wondered and wish to figure out how to tab between sheets in a single workbook... Can it be done? i.e., I have 3 tabs and I want to use the keyboard to switch between them; not the mouse: very inefficient to move between the mouse and keyboard since all my work can be done by...
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    combobox transparency and tab around

    I'm working on a form. I've decided I really like the way the ActiveX combobox works. However, I would like to set it's back style to transparent and the showdropbuttonwhen to focus. When I do this, it's all good in the hood. However, when I make a selection (or go back to a blank in the...
  6. V

    Tab Key usage

    I have always been able to use the tab key to go right to the next cell. However, at this new job, new computer, same Excel 2007, the tab key goes from column A to column V. Is there a way to change this? Thank you, I am desperate!
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    Tab movement

    I do not know what I did, but now, when I press the Tab key on my keyboard while using Excel, the cursor moves ten cells over instead of the usual one cell. Please help.

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