tab name

  1. WildBurrow

    Paste Entire Row if Cell Value Matches Sheet Name - Resize(?) and Offset on Destination Sheet

    I'm having extreme difficulty figuring out how to resize (I think that is the term I'm looking for) and offset pasted information. I'm using column ("A") from the source sheet ("Summary") to match tab names in the workbook. I found code (see below) that will copy and paste accordingly...
  2. Martin_H

    Check if worksheet tab name is already in use in another workbook

    Hello folks, I have been using this pair of code to check, if worksheet tab name exists. It is based on the G2 value inside the Worksheet_One. (Worksheet_One is a part of workbook called Workbook_One). Function WorksheetExists2(WorksheetName As String, Optional wb As Workbook) As Boolean...
  3. M

    If call value in master sheet equals Tab name, copy rows with that name value into Tab

    Hi guys! I currently have a workbook that has a master tab (ACCTHX) and a tab created for every member. The ACCTHX tab has a line for each member and each month (so one member will have 12 lines- sometimes more). I need to copy and paste their 12 or more rows (columns D:H) into their...
  4. I

    Macro with multiple tabs / copy and paste

    Good Day all, long time / first time I've been on Google the previous day looking at compiling a series of macros to do the following (I will break up in to unique tasks): #1 : scroll through a workbook with 70+ tabs and find a uniquely named tab (that will change spreadsheet to spreadsheet)...
  5. H

    Formula or Macro? Referencing multiple tabs in formula, but excluding other tabs.

    Hi I have a spreadsheet where I want to do some reporting against the data. The majority of it is COUNTIF and SUMIF formulas. The spreadsheet is made up of a few home pages and the rest have the data on them. New tabs can be added and old ones removed so there is not a definite list of tabs to...
  6. E

    Tab Name based on Cell Value

    I have the following code that looks at AC1 and renames the tabs in the entire workbook based on the cell value and if there is no name or any unacceptable characters it gives an error message. I want this to happen only for the active sheet and not to loop through each sheet. I know it is just...
  7. B

    Macro that Ignores Tab/Sheet Name

    I have a macro that is written to pull data from a different tab. This macro will not work if/when a different user changes the name of the tab. How can I change my code to pull the same data regardless of what that tab name is. Portion of current macro Selection.Copy Sheets("Financial...
  8. Terminal

    Worksheet tabs named according to Index worksheet cell values.

    Hi All I have a workbook used for tracking pupil progress, each tab represents a pupil but they are named generically Pupil1 Pupil2 etc. The workbook has an index worksheet which has the students names in a column and hyperlinks next to each name linking to a worksheet. The teacher has asked if...
  9. S

    Rename 4 tabs only based on cell value with VBA

    I have a workbook that has 14 total tabs and I am looking to write VBA to rename only 4 of the 14 tabs. The tabs to be renamed will use cell values on a different tab that contain no illegal characters or length restrictions. I have researched how to write the code, but only found the cell...
  10. E

    Active sheet name to change in sequence by macro

    Hi there, I've got a workbook with two spreadsheets named "WT-1" and "CL-1" (it could be more of them with diff. names). When i.e. "WT-1" is active, I would like to be able to (by using a button with macro assigned to it) copy this current (active) spreadsheet and rename it in sequence like...
  11. J

    Auto Date Columns relative to the Worksheet Name

    Hi, I am after some help in creating an XL (2013) file which will enable me to create a Workbook with Worksheet tab names of Months of the year, also it will add the dates for that particular Month to row 2 within this worksheet. The worksheet will have Personnel Names in column A and the date...
  12. V

    How tab names are separated underneath the hood in Excel? Using FIND function

    Hello! I have found an interesting thread here, in which this formula is used: =INDEX(MID(SheetNames,FIND("]",SheetNames)+1,255),ROWS(A$1:A1)) SheetNames is the name of the whole Workbook, if I...
  13. C

    VBA to open other workbooks based on tab names

    I've been scouring the web and not finding what I need. Also "Excel 2013 Power Programming with VBA" hasn't been able to show me what I need. The code below Is intended to copy data from a range on all tabs except the first one "Skip Me" and paste it into other workbooks. The tabs in "master"...
  14. K

    Run time error 91

    I am developing a spreadsheet for analysing expenses & other costs. The data will be in one of the tabs, the full name of which is not known but we know that the name starts with a known string - in this case "statement". What I want is the end of the name: F_Nam. What have I done wrong ? I...
  15. A

    Automatic Cell name change - Tab name

    Hi guys, I've seen people post how to change a Tab name based on a cell's value/name using a macro, but what I'm looking for is the exact opposite. I need to have a cell's name/value change based on a tab's name. Would appreciate the help. Thank you
  16. R

    If tab becomes hidden then...

    So a have code written in tab 'sheet1'. And Basically if the tab becomes hidden, I want the word 'No' written in the tab 'info'. And when the tab becomes unhidden, I want the word 'Yes' written in the tab 'info'. At the moment, when i unhide/hide 'sheet1' nothing happens. Private Sub...
  17. M

    Allow tab to be renamed when sheet is protected

    Excel 2010. I have a workbook that has 12 copies of the same sheet. I have renamed the tabs 1-12. I have all the sheet protection working just fine. When I protect the sheet, it also protects the Tab Name. I want the users to be able to rename the tab to the last name of the person they are...
  18. E

    Change Tab name based on formula in cell D3 on each sheet

    In every D3 cell I have a date, formatted such as "01-Jan-16." What I want is for the name of each tab to automatically be renamed by pulling this data. The dates in cells D3 are figured by pulling the date in the previous sheet and adding 7 to get the new date (I create a new sheet each...
  19. O

    Moving worksheets to new workbook based on name

    Version: 2007 Hello Everyone, I have a workbook with a "Detail" and "Summary" worksheet. The data in each of these worksheets needs to be split up and grouped into separate tabs based on the value of a specific column (region). Then, the Summary and Detail worksheet for each region needs to be...
  20. A

    Indirect function, to link changing tab name from seperate file

    Hi there, I'm looking for a formula to link back a tab from separate file (file stays the same) but the tab name will be the changing parameter set on what is in cell A1. So for instance: In a file "Z" cell A1=YOY (that's my tab name) Therefore, I would like to link what's in a cell D1 of...

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