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  1. R

    Auto expand table in protected worksheet

    Hi all I have a worksheet with a table. When adding a new line in a non-protected sheet, the table expands automatically. When the file is protected - with rights to add a new line and writing on a new line - the range of the table doesn't change. e.g.: I have data in rows 1 to 10 in a...
  2. J

    Locking columns within a table in a formula

    Hi all, Reaching out to see if there's a way to lock a column from a table in a formula. Here's the backgound: I'm using SUMPRODUCT formula, my arrays contain columns within a table, and the formula works perfect. The problem is that when I go to paste/drag the formula to other cells I can't...
  3. S

    Report issue - table locked

    In order to see analytics for a small group of data from a large dataset (2M + rcds), I planned to run report with following steps 1) Create a temp table with data based on a time range (defined by user) 2) Run queries on this temp table 3) Display queries results on report I am using a macro...

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