table names

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    Function to find table names

    Hello, I am looking for a code to find the name of a table that contains a specific cell value. Let me explain, I have a table that lists certain cell values. These values also occur in other tables in another worksheet. In my first table I want to add the table names of the tables in the other...
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    Problem setting ListObject names using a variable ending with a number

    Hello. I am having troubles with a sub routine that selects a range and converts that range to a list object. I am able to successfully create the ListObject, but when it sets the name it appends an "_" at the end of the table name if the variable ends in a number. For example: Dim tableName...
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    nth table name in previous worksheer

    hi, I am trying to rename tables in worksheet based on table names in previous worksheet; For this, i need to obtain table names from last worksheet? Actually, i need to replace specific part of table name of previous worksheet for new name: for eg: if it was xyz_123 in previous worksheet, i...
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    Get formula to operate within table name reference

    I would like the formula below to be able to reference the cells below relative to a table named "Table1" instead of the worksheet. For example, currently B2 references the cell in the second column and second row of the active worksheet. I would like for it to reference the second column and...
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    Named ranges

    Hi there, I'm not sure why I'm getting this, but when I format my table, and try to insert a function and use table names, the formula is displayed and not the value. Why is this? before formating into a table, the result is displayed and not the formula ...:mad:
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    Select data in column by table name vba

    Hi Guys, I have two tables in a workbook (table1 and table2) I need to be able to select the visible data in the columns # and "name" in each table and copy it to a new sheet (putting all the data into the same two columns). any suggestions?:confused:
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    how to disable table names/ column names

    can anybody please help me how to disable column names/ sub names in table in excel 2007. for example: =IF(OR(Table3[[#This Row],[ISSUE / RECEIVE]]="RECEIVE",Table3[[#This Row],[ISSUE / RECEIVE]]="ISSUE"),IF(ISNUMBER(FIND("BOARD",Table3[[#This Row],[MATERIAL]])),Table3[[#This...

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