1. T

    Running leaderboard

    Hi i’m trying to create a running leaderboard for my friends. I want to make it so once I enter points for each person there isna running tally in a table on the right.
  2. S

    Need Help on ODBC Connection

    Hello Everyone, I have connected Excel with a third party accounting software called Tally through ODBC connection. I use the connection to import data in Excel from Tally. Is it possible to send data from excel to Tally through ODBC connection. Usually i do this process manually. First i save...
  3. W

    IF statement to check for value in range and if true include adjacent value in SUM

    Hello, This seems like it would be easy, but maybe it's not. I am trying to construct a daily tally list for task completion in one sheet that would then show a running total in another sheet as a "dashboard." Here is a type of example. https://1drv.ms/x/s!Avza4YgA-BnDjCcyut2cvLSv_6ag In...
  4. J

    How do you create an invisible button that provides a user with the ability to count the number of cells that are clicked?

    My wife is a second grade teacher who needs some way to check the reading fluency level for each student. The idea is to type a story into Excel. A different word will be entered into its own cell. For example: A:1 the; A:2 dog; A:3 ran; A:4 away; A:5 . I would like to create an invisible...
  5. C

    Tally neg or pos in a row

    Hi, there. I'm stumped. I want a simple tally of a "negative run" or a "positive run" of values in a column, like this. Starting with the top row (not header), the "in a row" column is a count of how many negative or positive values occur in a row: Any ideas of how to do this? Thank you very...
  6. T

    Creating a tally chart

    I am trying to create a tally chart. I have a spreadsheet with a drop down list containing roughly 30 different selections. When the same selection has been selected multiple times, I ideally want them tallied in a separate table on the same sheet. The top 5. I want the name of the selection...
  7. A

    Tally marks in excel

    Hi, Can we count number of tally marks in excel a row or column and display the sum of all? <colgroup><col><col span="4"></colgroup><tbody> total Strongly agree <strike>||||</strike> <strike>||||</strike> ||| =???? </tbody> How to calculate the total?
  8. M

    Matching of cells in different worksheets

    Excel 2007. Same workgroup with data in different worksheets. I require a formula in Sheet2: to say "YES" if Sheet1 B21, Sheet2 C16 and sheet3 B15 tally. If all 3 cells do not tally say "NO".
  9. J

    Tallying up Columns from one sheet to another

    Good morning, In one of my excel sheets I have raw data from a likert scale with 20 questions. On another sheet I wish to tally how many of each response I received across all questions. I need help with the formula for this tallying function.
  10. J

    Continuous days tally not including weekends

    Hello, I am trying to get a continuous running tally of days that does not include weekends. I used a formula to check if the date is a weekend, if true, return 0, else, add 1: =IF(WEEKDAY(L5,2)>5,0,L7+1) I am able to get the weekend as 0. However, the tally reverts back to 1 after the...
  11. moe10134

    Tally Macro

    Hello, i am looking for a function, formula or macro that allows me to tally results of a RAND()+1 in A2. Using =MROUND(A2,1) in B2. I will either get a result of 1 or 2 in B2. I am looking for a way to give me a total/count/sum (recorded tally) of how many times I get a result of 1 or how many...
  12. K

    Copy and paste from one sheet to another based on criteria

    I need help with some vba for Excel 2010. I have a workbook with two sheets: Detail and Tally. I've attached images of each sheet. Data is entered every day on the Details sheet. Column J is auto populated with the current date when a prodno is entered in column D and the week to which the...
  13. JenniferMurphy

    Comparing tallies of different length win streaks (statistics question)

    I'm not sure of the correct terminology for explaining my question, so please bear with me. Suppose I have a random event with a binary outcome (win/lose) and I have a set of data showing how many times win streaks of various lengths occurred. Here's the data for 668 "games". #Wins 0...
  14. A

    Tally Drop Down - NOT in a range - specific cells

    I have a dropdown menu that I would like to keep a tally of - but I do not want a range - rather just specific cells. For example, I would not want C4:C15 - I would want the specific cells C4, C6, C8, etc. Is this possible? Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!
  15. J

    Calculate tally based off duplicate values in another column

    <style type="text/css"><!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--></style>I need help with a tally for "Calculated Raw Score" of "Score Point" = "1" for each "ID". I have tried SUMIF, but I am unsure how to set the criteria to filter the "ID".:confused: Thanks...
  16. D

    Help with Formula to Calculate Days Passed

    Hey everyone, Thanks for taking the time to read and help me with this Particular formula. I'm a GSM for 2 Dealerships. I created a spreadsheet to help keep a tally of sales throughout the month along with a "ON PACE" formula to help gauge where we're headed based off the number of sales...
  17. T

    Summary Sheet - Counting Total Names

    I know the title seems a little odd, I wasn't sure how to word it. So here's what I'm trying to do... I work at a salvage yard and we have to log and keep track of vehicles we buy. I have a workbook that is 24 tabs in size, two for each month. We buy vehicles from every source imaginable...
  18. C

    Keeping Tally each day

    I have a worksheet, where each day the team runs a macro and it displays data. Is there a way, in a new sheet to keep track of the data each day, for the month?
  19. C

    Spread hours/min over 15 min time intervals

    Hello, I am looking to see if it is possible to take a value representing hours/min and break it up into 15 min interval. From here, add each 15 min interval to the corresponding section (and continue to tally if there are multiples for that section). Ex. 1) Start = 19:00 End = 22:00...
  20. A

    Help creating a tally - Formula help

    Hello, I will try and explain what i'm trying to do and maybe you can help. I have designed a rota in excel. I have also created a tally of how many shifts the staff have each week. I would like a formula that if I type a shift into a box it then adds to the tally. Is this possible? Thank...

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