1. J

    Add a link in the body of an Outlook task created from Excel VBA

    I currently have a worksheet that creates Outlook tasks based on line data from a table. Works like a charm however i need to create a link in the body of the task. I can get the file extension in the body but i would like to hyperlink it. I have done some research but have become confused...
  2. H

    Pull results from a defined column region and list one instance of each in another cell

    Hi. I've got a list of names in Col G from row 14 down. Users add the name or names of the owner/s of the associated task described on that row. VBA allows the user to enter more than one name in the cell as sometimes two people are involved on a single task. What I'd like is to have a...
  3. T

    Grab rows if meets criteria, and put them in body of Outlook appointment.

    I have the vba worked out to create the appointment with no issues. Sub Makeapt() Dim warning warning = MsgBox("You are about to create Outlook appointments for " & ActiveCell.Value & " " & Cells(ActiveCell.Row, 10) & ". Is that right?", vbOKCancel) If warning = vbCancel Then Exit Sub Set...
  4. N

    How to convert hours worked on a task into percentage

    I'm working on a time study. I need the formula to convert numbers of hours worked on a task in an 8 hour day into a percentage.
  5. L

    VBA Question - I need a macro to move rows of data that meet 1 criteria from one table to another.

    Question/Request I'd like to have a macro on a button that searches the TaskList table for any rows marked as "Complete" then copies those rows into the CompletedTask table. After that I'd like to remove the rows marked as "Complete" from my TaskList table. So that after I've hit the button to...
  6. P

    i need to run macro in some other workbook, how can i do that

    hi'' I hv two workbooks open, one has macro code but anothr simple xlsx workbook I want to run the macro in anther workbook which has no macro how can I achieve this task Thanks
  7. A

    Resource Management and Planning Software

    Hello, I hope everyone is doing good. I am looking for some recommendations regrading the Resource Management and Planning Software. Is there a software, where I can manage and plan my organizational resources (Like a resource planning calendar). Also, everyone should have access to this...
  8. FuNeS13

    get time between two rows, rows are not continuous.

    I have a spreadsheet that logs the start and finish of a task... I want to get the total time between the start and finish row, the thing is that the rows are not continuous, column A/B and F would be my triggers I guess as column A/B are the employee ID and Column F is the "Start/Finish"...
  9. J

    Formula to Conditionally Format Cells where Planned Finish Date < Today's Date AND % Complete is < 100%

    I am doing project management and schedule planning and am looking for method of easily highlighting cells when something is overdue or soon-to-be-due. To simplify my question, say I have two columns, one with date's (expected task finish date) and one with % complete: (Example: D2...
  10. M

    Organizing tasks and schedules with forulas

    Hello everyone, I am trying to make a spreadsheet that includes a calendar for task scheduling and the project details in another tab. Columns B and C in the calendar look something like this: <tbody> B C proj.1 task 1 (blank) task 2 (blank) task 3 proj 2 task 1...
  11. W

    Stepping through a series of check boxes

    I've inserted a Form control check box in sheet "Start sheet". This check box is made up of 9 rows & 2 columns ( cells K26:L34) with the names of continents [column K] so that a user can select one or more [tick boxes in column L]. I would like to use vba to step through these check boxes and...
  12. V

    Identifying last time a person did a task

    Hi everyone, I need to find out when was the last time a person did a task. It sounds easy but due to the way the data is displayed, I am unable to sort it out. Here you have an example of it: <tbody> Name 23/09 24/09 25/09 26/09 27/09 28/09 29/09 Worker 1 A B B A C D A Worker 2 B B C D...
  13. S

    problem with VBA

    Hi everyone! I'm sort of new here,a novice.I'v had problems with the excel for some time but the online suggestions couldn't help me as I don't know a lot of stuff. here is the deal,whenever I use a vba code. I have to clean up a list of exel on Task manager otherwise when I turn on my...
  14. H

    If cell contains data then format

    <tbody> I need help with borders on this spreadsheet. This is a combination of several spreadsheets which I didn't build. This has 6 set columns. Each numbered task may contain 1 to 6 rows. I need to place a border around EACH task. There is data in column A for each task. Is it possible to...
  15. E

    Workday formula required based on depending dates

    Hi Team :) I have below data and im using formula =WORKDAY(C2,1) to calculate the workdate based on the received date. However, I have 3 depending activities for which the workday should calculate only after the depending task is completed. and it will be next workday after the depending task...
  16. E

    Highlight Partial Duplicates

    Hi, I am trying to create a schedule, and want the cell to highlight when there is a duplicate. My problem is that sometimes the cell has one person, and sometimes it has multiple people, and I want to highlight when a person has been put into more than one task. e.g. <tbody> Task Person...
  17. H

    Show progress on a 'gantt' style spreadsheet

    Hi. I've got a worksheet with dates populated across multiple columns between col P thru col IN. In E14 is the start date, in F14 is the due date and in I14 is the '% complete' - manually entered based on how far through with that task the person thinks they actually are. My s/sheet already...
  18. H

    Special options on userform

    this is a very special settings I need for this task ... but it requires many setups i only have 1 Userform for a Main Matchlist but i know there will Be 127 Match's in my Knock Out system "CUPGAME" The Main Matchlist is Take action from the combobox'1 to set Players in to the Game and Referee...
  19. S

    Assigning Heading to New Column

    Hi, I export some date from project that is in the following format. What I want to do is take the priority number of the heading and assign it to a new column <tbody> A B C 1 Project Name Priority 2 C1 Priority 1 3 C1 Task 7 1 4 C1 Task 9 1 5 C1 Task 12 1 6 C1 Priority 2 7 C1...
  20. S

    VBA Script Error - Run Time Error 1004

    Hi I am trying to work out the above error on the attached workbook and have spent hours but to no avail. ContentsSheet.Protect DrawingObjects:=True, Contents:=False, Scenarios:=True Could someone please point me in the right direction as I am no expert in VBA and I have been given this task...

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