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    Hourly TAT Age Bucket

    Dear All, We tracking our order shipment progress on hourly TAT ( Turn Around Time). Example TAT Bucket 20:54 <24Hrs 23:59 <24Hrs 38:03 >24Hrs <48Hrs These times can be starting with 00:01hrs till 8736:30hrs ( 364 days) , currently i am applying these buckets manually ( by...
  2. D

    8 Hours TAT Calculations

    Hi Experts, i want to calculate 8 hour TAT Senerio:-Working Hours 8:00:00 Am to 5:00:00 PM and Sat and Sunday Week off if i received one file at May/30/2018 9:30:00 AM for this we should calculate 8 hours TAT (Ex:-i have received one file at May/30/2018 9:30:00 AM for this file tat is next...
  3. D

    End time calculation with working hours

    Hi Experts, Please help this senerio Received time : 12/may/2017 8:40:00 AM I want to calculate 8 hours Tat with working hours ( 8:00:00 Am to 5:00:00 PM). sat and sun week off..please help
  4. V

    Calculate TAT

    Start date End date Want to calculate TAT, exclude holiday..??
  5. Q

    Networkdays between 2 dates in different format

    I'm trying to get the difference in hours between two dates which are displayed in a different format (one is in mm/dd/yyyy and the other is in dd/mm/yyyy). Changing the format cell doesn't help. I'm trying different solutions without being able to succeed. Basically I would like to format the...
  6. C

    How to create TAT including weekends??

    Hello All, I'm trying to figure out how to create a TAT formula that includes weekends. We have the following columns: A1 - Shows what date and time we were working on emails at the end of the day (5:30PM) B1 - Simply lists "5:30 PM" to illustrate that is when we worked on the time in A1 C1 -...
  7. R

    turn around time calculation

    hi, i want to calculate the TAT between two times. the TAT target is <= 2 hours. i used the following formula a1 has 3/13/2009 (received date) b1 has 7:08 AM (received time) c1 has 3/13/2009 (completed date) d1 has 9:08 AM (completed time) e1 has TAT formula :- '=IF((D1-B1)*1440<=120,"Met...

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