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  1. M

    Calculate Land Tax in Tasmania - seeking Excel formula

    Hi guys, I posted asking for help for a stamp duty calculator recently and received some awesome solutions from the users on here. I tried tweaking the formula for this exercise but couldn't get my head around it. This time I'm trying to calculate land tax due for properties in Tasmania using...
  2. M

    Stamp Duty Calculation formula

    Hi all, I'm creating a property investment calculator and I'm trying to automate the stamp duty calculation with a formula rather than checking the government site for each and every property analysed. Eg, Cell B2 contains the purchase price, Cell J2 needs to show the TAS Stamp Duty payable on...
  3. N

    Federal Income Tax Calculator

    I own a tax prep firm and trying to make a spreadsheet to post on my website to give my clients an idea of what they are due back or owe. I have gotten stuck. I set up match and index functions for Earned income credit and tax table, calc for exemptions, and others to tie everything in. My...
  4. Aon

    Finding tax percentage based on annual income & State

    I need for the user to be able to input there annual salary, then select there state (from a pull down, that is generated from a list) I need a formula too take that information go through and find the persons state. Then basically scan through that individual states tax brackets & return the...

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