temp files

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    Accessing macros from temp file

    Hi everybody, I am having an issue when opening (not downloading) my file from the website version of my company's email server, or from my company's actual corporate server itself. When I open the file, the private sub macros work. Any macros that are stored within the workbook or modules...
  2. C

    Cause/fix for extra .TMP files generated

    I have a problem where several users since they upgraded from Windows Vista with Excel 2007 to Windows 7 with Excel 2007 now get 2 temporary (.TMP) files generated each time after modifying an Excel document (.xlsx) and they DON'T GO AWAY! As an example. You have test.xlsx saved on 10-29-11...
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    Turn off temporaty file saves

    I am exporting a .csv file from Excel in a MAC, to a Microsoft based server. When the file is transferred, it creates a temporary file in the destination folder, starting with a period then an underscore. I want to prevent the creation of this temporary file. How do I switch of the option to...

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