1. M

    Remove empty rows from .txt file

    Hello all, I have created a VBA script that pulls data from one document, and exports that data into several different files. There is a blank row in my data (which I want to keep, row 17, i.e. the blank row in between the "Quad#" values and the PlateData value), but instead of showing up in...
  2. K

    Helicopter Performance Chart

    OK, here it goes. I'm a helicopter pilot and in the operator's manual of the aircraft is a performance section. What I'm trying to do is take the performance charts and convert them to excel. basically its a scatter chart with different variables. In short you take the temperature match it up to...
  3. N

    Excel2016. Return several criteria for an article as text

    Hello, I have a list with articles which have technical criteria. I would now like to have the criteria returned as text but the complicated bit for me is how I can show the different temperatures... I tried if functions but it didn't really work. Would anybody know how best to solve this? My...
  4. H

    List with 2 variables

    I have a long list with many values with object temperature and ambient temperature. I want all object temperatures to come in succession in a row and all of the ambient temperatures come in another row. ambient temperature stands on odd colonies and object tempereature stands on some columns...
  5. S

    Question for excel pro's.How to create user defined function that would sound an alarm once conditions are met.

    I have an excel spreadsheet with a streaming temperatures data in a multiple cells. I'm trying to create a user defined function that would sound an alarm when a temperature rises above specified value.This value is a parameter of this function. So far I have this code... Function...
  6. L

    multiple lookup question

    Hi I would like to find out those days that either NY temperature of 29 or higher or LA had a temperature 26 or higher. I would like to know the date that it occurred and what the Price and Nextday-prices were. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you. Sample of the data...
  7. R

    Humidity equation from Enthalpy, Temperature, and pressure

    Hello, How can calculate the Humidity with Enthalpy, Temperature, and pressure given Enthalpy= 71.4, Temperature= 32, Pressure= 1013.25 I need an equation to calculate the humidity using Enthalpy, Temperature, and pressure thanks in advance!
  8. T

    If list B is a subset of list A, each entity of list A has a value, find corresponding value of list B and then find max; all this in one step

    I have a list of nodes (List B in col A) and corresponding temperature in Col B. List B in Col D is a subset of list A. In cell E2, I used the Index+Match formula to find the corresponding temperature. The formula is =INDEX($B$2:$B$6,MATCH(D2,$A$2:$A$6,0)). I copied this formula down to cells E3...
  9. T

    Interpolation problem

    How to get an interpolation for multiple variables. CFM, Outdoor Temperature, Wet Temperature, and Dry Temperature are given. Trying to get an interpolation for Total Capacity and Sensible Ratio. So an example would be, what is the Total Capacity and Sensible ratio when CFM=1100, Wet...
  10. C

    Repeat select a group of cells

    Hello! I have a worksheet where I have every hour of the year, starting from hour 1 (Jan 01.00 AM), all the way to hour 8760 which is the last hour of December. These hours are in a row in column A. On column B, I have the outdoors temperature for each hour. So B1 contains the outdoors...
  11. M

    Averageif with 2 criterias VBA

    Hi, So I have 2 columms, columm A that is in days and hours (2017-01-01 00:00, for example is my first data in the day in cell "A2") and columm B that represent Temperature on that given time. I want to find the average temperature between 6am and 6pm and give the answer in a cell. Dim i...
  12. DragonWood

    Absolute Difference between Fixed number and Variable numbers

    Greetings, I am trying to determine the absolute difference between a reference and a number. I have a formula that I need to use to determine the specifications of a given test on temperature sensitive material. I have a meter that records a temperature mark from two different areas every...
  13. D

    Formula for manipulating temperature ranges difference

    Good Day, I'm busy with quite a complex energy savings engineering calculation in Excel. I have two columns with temperature ranges. I want to a develop a formula that will say if the difference between the two temperature ranges is less than 2 then leave the value as is and if not then...
  14. S

    Insert a predefined set of values (cells, rows) into an existing table depending in value

    <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <o:OfficeDocumentSettings> <o:AllowPNG/> </o:OfficeDocumentSettings> </xml><![endif]--> Good day everyone, I would like to insert a predefined set of values (cells, rows) into an existing table , with the location of the inserted values depending on the values of...
  15. B

    Dropdown list and condittional formatting

    hi all, quick question, is there a way to have different conditional formatting based on the dropdown list? for instance, if I had a dropdown saying "temperature inside" can I have a conditional formatting that would give me a between 21 and 30 and if I changed the dropdown to say temperature...
  16. M

    Need Help creating formula: COOLING CONCRETE USING ICE

    Hello, If anyone is up to the challenge.. I have this formula below that I need to modify but don't know how... And I really need the boards help.. What I need is instead of the formula returning: "T = final temperature of concrete mixture (deg F)" I need it to return: "Wi, Weight of the Ice...
  17. P

    Using if statement to declare range

    I have large amounts of data and would like to cut time down by not having to sift through it manually. Essentially, my the data in interest involves temperature and flow rate. I would like to be able to write a macro to create line graphs. But I want the macro to be able to sort through the...
  18. Y

    What formula do I use - need to identify instances of 3 consecutive values over a maximum value

    I have very basic excel skills but am trying to extract the number of times three consecutive cells exceed a particular value - I am trying to identify periods that temperature has exceeded a maximum value for three days or more. Also will need to include days that have not fallen below another...
  19. K

    Index match

    Based on the user's selection of enclosure types, there are 4 different tables based off of temperature and watt/ft^2. In one spread sheet, it calculates the change in temperature (delta t) and we want it to point to the watts/ft^2 on the specific enclosure type that the user has selected...
  20. S

    Temperature Convertor

    I need help writing a code that will: Ask the user for input temperature (numerical value) and temperature type (Celsius/Fahrenheit). Convert the temperature to Fahrenheit/Celsius depending on the input. If the given temperature is in Fahrenheit, convert it to Celsius and vice-versa. Display...

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