1. M

    Formatting Finance Tables in Excel for Mac - need advice!

    Hi Everyone, I hope I can find an answer in this forum :) I'm working on formatting 20 finance tables in Excel for Mac and want to create a system for future use. The goal is to make it easy for our finance team to format tables consistently. So I've formatted a table with various styles...
  2. P

    Word create or open with VBA functionality?

    If I am thinking about this in the wrong way do not hesitate to say. I am new to VBA but I am not new to programming. I want to be able to automate the creation of Word documents. That is when the document does not exist already. If the document exists, I would like just to open it. Where I am...
  3. B

    Automating Outlook Using Custom Tags in Email Templates

    I'm trying to create a userform dashboard in Outlook that utilizes several templates (.oft) with custom tags in them. For many of us, our emails are quite redundant: open a template or recycle a previous email, change some stuff, and send. What I'm hoping to achieve is eliminate as much...
  4. A

    Crypto Currency Simulator

    Hello dear community, I am trying to do a Multi-level crypto platform in Excel. It doesn't need any Macros, just a template. I am trying it, but I am not getting the right things. I was wondering if you could help me with a hint or a clue. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks. A platform...
  5. V

    Populating Timsheet template from Excel Data Source

    Hello, I work for a company that has several employees clocking in and out electronically from home. All this information gets logged into our system which then generates an excel file with fields such as member name, date, task they are working, pay period, and clock in and clock out times...
  6. I

    Excel VBA: Trying to refine code to Create Worksheets from a Template from a list of names

    Hello, I've copied some samples from multiple locations and trying to piece together a workable sample that I can use... I've gotten lost along the way and need some assistance. What I'm trying to accomplish is having a Template I've created be copied with Values inserted from a table on...
  7. A

    Editing Auto-populated Text

    Hi! I've just been Googling excel forums trying to find a way to do this. I just want to make a cell auto-populate a body of text based on a dropdown menu selection. I know how to do that, though... However, I want to be able to EDIT the text that populates...and I DON'T know how to do that...
  8. C

    VBA: How to suppress external data dialog when saving to a template?

    I'm saving my updates in my workbook automatically to a new template: Application.ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs fileToSave, xlOpenXMLTemplateMacroEnabled However, Excel always asks me if I want to clear external data and refresh it after template is opened: I don't want Excel to clear external data...
  9. O

    How to load template in excel

    Hey everyone, hope all of you guys are fine. I have a question: I am picking a template from different websites but don't know how to edit them in Excel. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance! :) for refence see this website Printable Motorcycle Bill of Sale Form Template
  10. G

    How to lock Newly created Command Bar to use macros, without adding button on the sheet it self.

    Hello 🤕, To facilitate the use of macros by an average user, I created and rename a Command Bar "Toulouse Macro" on the tape on Excel and place my macro button on it. When I open this Excel file on my own computer I do have the section "Toulouse Macro" .But to test the macros I sent the Excel...
  11. R

    VBA to Open a Template workbook and insert value from active worksheet

    Hello! Hope you all are doing alright. I wonder if anyone could help me to acomplish a task thru VBA. For starters I cannot right code, but i am pretty good at combining different solutions found on the internet and apply them to my need. 1 - I need a macro that looks in C column and macthes...
  12. N

    Kickstarter template

    Is there an experienced Kickstarter user on this forum? I am looking for a reliable Excel template to calculate my pledge goal and BEP. Can somebody supply me with that? Look forward to any help/suggestions. Kickstarter has one on GoogleSheets but I have not been able to access it so far...
  13. R

    Creating multiple excel files from a template - renaming and saving them based on list

    Hello Guys! I am really new with VBA, i hope You can help me with this. My girlfriend got a task at her workplace, to create 400+ excel files. I think this could be easily done with VBA. I tried many codes, but unfortunately i don't have the knowlege to modify them at the moment, but i really...
  14. H

    Need to automatically extract 10~12columns of values onto a fixed template for consecutive printing on another sheet.

    Heya :S I'm trying to use excel to automatically fill in my Journal vouchers for transaction recording. What I would like to figure out is how I can type in a list of values on one sheet (let's call it 'Journal Input'), roughly 10~12 columns in total and contains both words and numbers, and have...
  15. J

    HELP.. Combined table by adding each date to fixed header line on seperate sheet by using VBA

    Hello Brave Excel Lovers and Helpers I have an Excel File in which there are three Nos. Sheets and a Userform (File is attached) RawDatabase ReportTemplate MyReport I can only generate report for single selected row from Userform Listbox1 (see MyReport) But this is not what I need. I then...
  16. A

    Can I create a changeable table template for multiple workbooks that automatically update when I update the template?

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to create a Master Excel sheet that stacks up multiple children spreadsheets that have the same set of columns. I can easily do that using power query or the Data tab in Office 365. However, the problem is I may want to add or remove columns of the children sheets later...
  17. C

    Help merging database with template

    Help me merge these please? Template: First Name Last Name Email* Mobile Phone* Country Block Communication Employee Email Contact Tag 1 Example: John Example: Doe Required Example: johndoe@yahoo.com Required Example: (123) 456-7890 (Only if Email column is blank) Example: US (Select from...
  18. Jaafar Tribak

    Which template is the current workbook based on ?

    I can't find a workbook Property or Document Property that return the template the workbook is based on. Any ideas? Regards.
  19. B

    Advice on updating templates

    Hi, I have developed a range of Excel tools which are combined together into a core sheet periodically. Multiple users input into the child templates and there can be 50+ of these live at any one time. The child templates must all be exactly the same so that when the combination takes place...
  20. S

    Copy worksheet from template

    Hello, I have played with this and still can't figure it out. I have connected this macro to a check box: Sub copy_Sheet() Dim wb As Workbook Dim activeWB As Workbook Dim FilePath As String Application.ScreenUpdating = False Application.DisplayAlerts = False...

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