1. S

    LINKS TO Templates

    How do I remove all these links to external templates? I've cleared names, broken links, gone through all my conditional formatting, and I cannot find the source of these templates to clear. They are associated with 365 login from my former employer and I no longer have access. Thanks
  2. S

    Auto fill Excel Template with data

    Hello, I have a large excel file with over 50 columns that is out of order when i downloaded from web. So web content management system scrambled all the columns, and when export to excel, all columns are out of order. Original data is a Form responses that exported out to excel...
  3. M

    Macro to save file based on series of numbers

    Hello, I am a little rusty on my macro skills and need some pointers on where to get started on a project I have undertaken at a new job. We have a excel file template we created for purchase orders that I have to manually go into and change the PO# in a cell, protect the worksheet, and then...
  4. B

    Use a Worksheet Template in VBA

    Hello, I've been using VBA created by Ron De Bruin (Sub Copy_To_Worksheets()), and have managed to amend it to my needs save for one part. I can't seem to be able to use a worksheet template? This is the original code that works... Else 'Add a new worksheet...
  5. C

    Excel Crashes inserting Templates

    Excel 365 kept crashing on inserting a template. I think i have tracked it down that you can no longer have more than 2-3 folders in templates. Soon as you have more it crashes Anyone know of fix or workaround
  6. G

    Can you update links on templates

    Hi I have templates and im going to insert them into a workbook. Thing is the templates once inserted need to be linked to another workbook. Is there anyway I can do that without having to create links manually.
  7. L

    VBA open populate and save word doc

    Hi all! I am having a problem with code to open several word template, populate and save the to a new folder. The folder that holds the templates is shared so that a lot of people can access the form templates. The code runs fine if nobody has any of the templates open but hangs up with an OLE...
  8. S

    Most useful Excel templates for the home user

    I am interested to know which are the most useful Excel templates for such tasks as menu planning and managing household accounts and finances.
  9. M

    Displaying Custom Templates

    Hi there! I noticed that when starting up Excel, along with the Blank Workbook option, there is a plethora of pre-made templates to choose from along with the option to search for more online. I was curious if it is possible to display and Pin your own custom-made templates on this screen as...
  10. E

    Consolidating worksheets

    Hi, I have a number of worksheets that are all identical in terms of format, structure, etc. They are templates and have numbers in them. I have created a summer sheet so I can sum all the numbers in to totals. This summary shee is simply one of the templates but blank. I there a easier way...
  11. V

    Hyperlink Template Excel Office 365

    I am trying to create a hyperlink to templates that I have created in Excel Office 365. However, when I create the link, I can only see documents, no templates to hyperlink.
  12. H

    Excel Report Templates

    Good afternoon All, Was just wondering if there are any good sites with excel report templates that I could "borrow". Looking to create some eye catching but simple reports, but cutting on the design time. Interested in both tabular formats as well as graphical presentations. Many Thanks...
  13. Y

    Drop down list within VBA

    Hi all, hope someone can assist. I have a blank template which I add to the workbook as a new event is created. I have now noticed there are three other circumstances which require different templates. So I will have Blank1, Blank2, Blank3 and Blank4 templates. Currently i just have a piece...
  14. A

    Userform Data to Populate Word Documents and Email Templates

    Afternoon All Hoping I can get some help here. I manage a team of call handlers, and want to get a process whereby they can use a userform in excel to then populate two word documents. And also based on some answers on the userform to then fire off some email templates which are partly...
  15. L

    sum() empty cells not = 0

    Hi I have seen some invoices template (File-->New--> Office Templates), in these templates they have function like this =sum(A1*B1) and both cell A1 and B1 are empty but the sum() does not return 0!! I check the cell, no other function except sum(), I thought they used iferror() or if() zero...
  16. J

    Loan amortization template-Add one time deposit amount

    Hello! So I have found a 'loan amortization schedule' template in the Excel templates section which has just about everything I need on it. What I can't work out is how to add a one time deposit amount to the template. It has an optional extra payments section, but that adds the amount to each...
  17. J

    Dependent drop down lists selection outputs filtered data

    Hello, I work in the IT department at my job and we have these large excel spreadsheets that our are "employee templates." These are to help us know which employees in which departments are to get what applications, access, etc. I am currently working on making these templates more user...
  18. C

    Force stop automatic color variance in charts

    Hi, We are trying to create a color theme to restrict the colors Excel to just our branded colors. I know how to change the first 6 colors in a series, but I don't know how to get Excel to stop auto formatting the rest of the colors and just force it to use our branded colors instead. I was...
  19. P

    Quickest access to your chart templates

    Hi i have a job to do which involves creating a large number of charts from a series of Excel 2016 data sheets and pivot tables built on this data. The process requires judgement on what to chart and so i don’t really want to get into writing macros I don’t think. I have set set up a series...
  20. S

    XL2013 Protect Sheet 'Edit Objects'

    Hi, in my work I have used .xlt templates without issues, since the business moved to xl2013 I now use .xltm templates, the edit objects check box under protect sheet will not stay set. Has anyone come across this? are you able to advise? Thank you.

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