1. A

    Extract formulas two sheets by name and date

    Hi https://www.dropbox.com/s/lbmx4uus4481zgq/Extract%20Formula.xlsx?dl=0 The above link sheet has a product formula in sheet temporary and permanent. In the sheet, Master data Column A and B are the dates and product name. Each product has different formulations by 12 types of raw...
  2. George J

    Temporary files now being 'read'

    We have changed to a cloud server recently, which may be causing the problem, but has anyone come across this before? I have a folder with a "- Fees" workbook and a workbook for each member of staff. When the fee workbook is opened, it takes data from each of the workbooks in the folder, apart...
  3. T

    loading .net framework

    I have a workbook, which when OI open it, I see a temporary message: loading .net framework What is that for?
  4. W

    Run-time error for different users

    Hi, I added a Macro to my workbook which, when run, takes the current worksheet, saves it as a temporary file, emails it out and then deletes the file. It works fine for me but when another user tries to run it, they get the error message: Run-time error '1004': Method 'SaveAs' of...
  5. N

    Solve for Min Sum and Full Scope

    Hello, I'm working on building an analysis tool and have hit a bit of a roadblock. I have a data set for a list of vendors in rows and type of scope across the columns. I also have a "Preliminary" vendor in the uppermost row of values which represents a budget. Both the count of vendors and...
  6. W

    Colour Distortion when Macro Run

    Hi, I have a VBA which takes the current worksheet and emails it out (code shown below). However in the new file it creates and attaches to the email, the colours are distorted and not the same as the original worksheet. Does anybody know how to prevent this from happening. Many thanks Sub...
  7. J

    VBA Mac 2016 I need a substitute for making a temporary commandbar

    In previous versions of Excel I could make a temporary commandbar that held a control that I could "click" programmatically. Here's an example: 'Make a temporary commandbar with the button that fires the flag for followup dialog Set TempBar = CommandBars.Add(Name:="FlagDialog")...
  8. J

    How to copy and past from a temp workbook to another vba

    I need help coming up with a formula in vba to copy and paste sheets from a temp workbook toanother work book. These are the methods I have come up with and tried but don't work or don't know how to so if any one can help or has ideas that would be great! 1) Solution:Search the names of the...
  9. L

    highlighting a row and column

    Hello Quick question: I was wondering if it was possible either via hotkey or some other setting or option so that if I click on a cell the row and column containing that cell are highlighted. I have a lot of information to sift through and I would love if I could click on say A47 and have A...

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