1. Jyggalag

    Please help me create an IndexMatch-like formula

    Dear all, I am currently sitting with a rather large sheet of data. I have made a smaller, and more simple data sheet for simplicity's sake. Currently I have the following information: As you can see, the data for 2016 has already been filled out (through an old and more manual method)...
  2. B

    Randon test generator based on some criteria

    Hello guys, I have an Excel Spreadsheet with a specific sheet called "DB" which contains 7 different fields: Column A: Question Column B: Alternative 1 Column C: Alternative 2 Column D: Alternative 3 Column E: Alternative 4 Column F: Difficult Level Column G: Subject And basically, we have...
  3. A

    Help with IF formula

    I am trying to develop an IF formula. I have 4 cells with eother "yes" or "no" in them. I would like a formula that looks at the 4 cells and returns a message in another cell of "test" when 2 or more of the cells have "yes" in them. Can anyone assist me?
  4. K

    How do I use Index & Match to reference a separate sheet?

    I have the following test code that is working where column H is equal to what's in column B versus column D Range("H2:H17") = "=INDEX(D2:D17,MATCH(B2:B17,B2:B17,0))" Column B Column D Column H A Test1 Test1 B Test2 Test2 C Test 3 Test3 D Test 4 Test4 E Test 5 Test5 F Test 6...
  5. slave1spectre

    Scan Barcode...compare against inventory...place X in cell when matched...automated

    <a href="https://fhexcelphotos.shutterfly.com/pictures/9" target="_blank">https://fhexcelphotos.shutterfly.com/pictures/9 https://fhexcelphotos.shutterfly.com/pictures/10 Hi All, Please bear with me as I am not a programmer and therefore aren't fully competent with the terminology or...
  6. A

    Change column order

    Hello, Shown below is a simple table showing a list of students and their grades for tests they periodically take. I send the results to them so that they can see how everyone is performing without knowing each others scores. I would like to automatically anonymise the columns each time I send...
  7. I

    IF X then display Range A in Range B

    hi, I'm looking for a formula to display a range of cells if condition is met. For example IF A1 equals to "test" then display range F1:G4 in range B1:D5. Any ideas? Thank you
  8. C

    Fuzzy search of values from one column in another

    I have one column with words, and another one with sentences. I want get into knowledge, which sentences from the second column contain words from the first column, putting into the third column something like "contains / not contains". Case insensitive could it be. Example...
  9. G

    Array Formula Question - Condition An Array by Itself

    Hello! I'm trying to solve the following issue using an array formula but I'm struggling. I'm fairly versed with arrays but can't figure this out. Thank you in advance for the help! Using the example below, I'd like to pull the max number associated with each individual text in the first...
  10. K

    Search in a Cell and Return Associate Value

    Hello, I have two tabs. [TAB1] is where I want to place my results. I want the results starting in columns C and moving right, as many columns as need be. I am hoping I can limit the columns the results section will be by only returning unique results (i.e. if there are three reference IDs...
  11. E

    Searching for a formula to display highest score and last date student tested

    I have a database containing hundreds of students. That database has student ID numbers (column A), student last name (column B), students first name (column C), test scores (column D) , and test date (column E) as shown below. I want column F to display the student's ID number, column G, the...
  12. P


    I have a table with multiple columns. I am wanting to search one of those columns to find if there is a value > 0. If so, I want it to return back to a main table dashboard that value in one column and in the second column, it will return the number in the column it was searching. It would...
  13. C

    Update cell based of powerquery result

    I have a button to update a powerquery on Sheet 2 from another workbook. the number of rows of data will vary. Now i want to include VB script on the button to update data on Sheet1 based off the data imported. What I am trying to accomplish. if Sheet2 column A has an entry that MATCHES Sheet1...
  14. D

    vba to copy one cell value to another cell value

    Hi, I have this value (95551092 - ) in the activecell and I would like to add whatever value is in cell A50. I do have the following code which adds the value but it deletes the spaces and then moves the hyphen in front of the numbers. Sub test() Dim d As Double d = ActiveCell.Value...
  15. gheyman

    Using Toggle/Option Buttons

    I put two option buttons on a form and I am trying to figure out how to use them. Where is the Value stored when one of the Options are selected? I want to use these buttons in an If statement. Option246 Option248 I tired to test it: Private Sub Frame244_Click() If Option246.Value = "1" Then...
  16. G

    Countblank and If statements

    =IF(ISBLANK(Q22),"FAIL",COUNTif(C27:Q27)"=>"&$Q$22),IF(COUNTIF(C27:Q27,">"&$O$18),"FAIL","PASS") I think I got myself twisted up here. The idea is to replace one of the Pass/Fail columns on the right with a code that leaves the portion IF(COUNTIF(C27:Q27, ">"&$O$18), "FAIL", "PASS") intact...
  17. books4cars

    Test if contains a string in a list

    Hi, I have the following in D2 which contains "David & Rose Smith =iferror(LEFT($C2,(FIND(" ",$C2,1)-1)),C2) I want to test for strings listed in the named range, "NOGOOD". If none of the string are in C2, I'd like to apply above. If any of the stings in NOGOOD appear in C2, the result...
  18. L

    Variables between modules

    Hello guys, I've been having trouble getting global variables to work. Module1 code: Option Explicit Public Test As Variant Sub init() test = 2 Call testing End Sub Module2 code: Option Explicit Sub Testing() test = 3 End Sub All i want is to throw over my test variable value and update it...
  19. S

    Transpose Columns to Rows and Repeat with each Row

    Hi, I have a table of names as columns and skills matrix as rows for each name. However, I am now trying to move each column (name) to row and repeat all of the skills matrix for each name eg shown below. I have Names listed from Col B to Col W and may keep on increasing and changing and have...
  20. J

    debugging VBA code: compile error: member or member data not found

    Please help what's wrong with this code: results in compile error: member or member data not found Sub test() Dim rng1 As Range Worksheets.Sheet1.Range("D15").Value = "test" Stop End Sub Thanks

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