text based

  1. I

    User supplied path to open text file with vba

    Hello all I am having trouble with a code to let the user set a path in VBA Right now I have Dim filePathRop_Gamma As Variant filePathRop_Gamma = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Setup Tab").Range("K4").Value 'user supplied path 'code to open the file Workbooks.OpenText Filename:=filePathRop_Gamma...
  2. A

    Counting text data until change in state

    Trying to count the number of BOBs or WOWs in the BOB\WOW column before there is a switch from one to the other. It doesn't matter if the first cell is a BOB or a WOW I just need a numerical count on how many there are in a row before there is a switch. In each of the BOB\WOW columns I will do...
  3. S

    Extracting a middle word in cell without space separation

    Hello everyone, I need to extract the FirstName from cells in a particular format LastName,FirstName MiddleName1 MiddleName2 Note that LastName,FirstName has no space in between, only the comma so I adapted a formula I found on google to: =MID(A10,SEARCH(",",A10,1)+1,SEARCH(" ",A10,SEARCH("...
  4. P

    How do I get Excel to return the column header of text that appears in an array?

    I need to determine which column a specific item is located. <colgroup><col width="64" span="4" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> 1 2 3 4 water lettuce chicken ice cream cola tomato beef cake juice cucumber pork pie coffee okra lamb...
  5. B

    Formula for converting Paragraph UpperCase to Paragraph Sentence Case

    Fellow Forum Members, I have tested the five formulas listed below and none of them are able to successfully convert a paragraph of UPPERCASE text over to a paragraph of Sentence Case text. In other words, I need only the first text letter starting a sentence to be UPPERCASE for every sentence...
  6. J

    Count cells with more than 4 words in the cell

    Looking for a way to count all the cells in Column A of my spreadsheet that have more than 4 words in the cell. The cell text is variable. Is this possible with VBA?
  7. S

    VBA to Sort text output based on keywords

    I have my output in text file which contains 500+ Procedure, Select and Where statements. When I copy this data in excel the output goes to Column A, so I could read column A line by line but I need to separate the text in different sheets. I want to separate all three statements in different...
  8. Manolocs

    Transpose sequence of cells (Hard)

    Hello, I am really exhausted of trying to solve this problem. There is this spreadsheet It is a kind of questionnaire that is in different cells and I need to "transpose" cell to columns, but there are many data that must be deleted and others concatenated with spaces. Sometimes there are more...
  9. XLWiz

    CF formula needed to highlight text not containing unique format in a column

    Hello everyone, I've been racking my brain trying to figure this out. I have a census list, containing over 1000+ names. What I need, is a CF formula that will allow me to highlight text entered in a specific way. For example, if cell G2 contains the name "John B Smith", and G3 contains "Jane...
  10. H

    Conditional Formatting in Excel 2007 based on Text in another column

    Hello Everyone, I have a report that has to be sent weekly, then 4 weekly reports convert into a monthly report and then 12 monthly reports convert into 1 yearly report. Now the problem is that I need to do conditional formatting on a single column based on the Text values that another column...

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